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 K -2 Kindergarten Class
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Ponce's Corner
Dear Parents,
Ms. Ponce


Homework/Class links
A is for apple               Homework week 1                    Clue bag worksheet
B is for baby                    Homework week 2
C is for clown                  Homework week 3
D is for dot                     Homework week 4
E is for exercise              Homework week 5
F is for fruit                  Homework week 6
G is for Garage              Homework week 7
H is for house                Homework week 8
I is for Icecream             Homework week 9
Review Week                Homework Week 10
No Homework this week  due to parent conferences
J is for Junk               Homework week 11
Kpage                          Homework week 12
L is for Lines              Homework week 13
M for Me                    Homework week 14
N is for Net               Homework week 15
Pp It can Pop              Homework week 17
Q is for Quiet              Homework week 18
R is for red rope          Homework week 19
Homework week 22-23 Review week page sent home
V is for Violet                Homework week 25
W it WAS big               Homework week 26
X for Six                        Homework week 27
Y it is You                     Homework week 28
My friends                    Homework week 30
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