Hyun Teddy Ko

Hello all! May THOR bless you in the 2013-2014 school year!

classroom : monument hall room 357  (2nd floor)
email address : 
phone : 951.677.0568  ext.6357

Mathematics  < Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra 1b >
Class of 2014 Co-Advisor
Dear students, parents, and other random people,
Welcome to my page.  On this page are links that can help you.  Please contact me w/ questions and concerns and I will do my best to address them.
If you need to get homework problems, see the links on this page. If hmwk is not updated, contact me via email to get the latest hmwk problems, as this site may not be updated as quickly as hmwk is given.
I will be sending text messages to students via Remind101. 
Students, hard work now will pay off later.
The Almighty THOR
aka Mr. Ko



per 1 : ALGEBRA 1B


per 3 : ALGEBRA 1 10-12

per 4 : GEOMETRY

per 5 : ALGEBRA 1B

per 6 : PREP

per 7 : ALGEBRA 1 10-12

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