Alta Murrieta Elementary

Weekly Homework 

I believe homework is very important and it is required. It will be reviewed and graded each week. I do not believe your child can work to his/her potential unless homework is done completely and consistently.   
Homework runs from Thursday to Wednesday night. On Thursday, your child will be given an empty folder to take home and fill with study evidence! What does this mean? You and your child will need to study, as needed ,to score 80% or above on our weekly tests. 
There are six areas of homework study:
  1. Multiplication Facts
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Spelling
  4. Reading Comprehension/Ticket to Read
  5. Math/
  6. Daily Reading/AR Independent Reading Program   
The “study evidence” for each category and each child will be different.  For example, your child may choose to write a realistice story using the week’s vocabulary words while another may create a cross word puzzle and then solve it using  These pieces of study evidence need to be placed in the homework folder as “evidence of study”. 
Another example of "study evidence" for spelling may be incorrect words from the pre-test written in different colors to highlight the phonics patterns found in each word. Or, perhaps, a family member will write a short note explaining that the spelling words or vocabulary words were studied orally and sign it for verification. 
Finally, “study evidence” for multiplication facts may be writing out the fact table as many times as needed, then skip counting the answers (include note for evidence), followed by making and playing with homemade flash cards, or completed multiplication worksheets printed from my site.  The point is I want to reduce busy work without sacrificing your child’s education. I want your child to have a choice in how he/she studies. I need proof of study and most importantly I need to see your child progressing at school. 

Your child and I have spent several days learning about the six study areas and practicing activities to do and include as study evidence.  Do the same things each week or change it up.  It's entirely up to you.  The most important factor is that your child is enjoying the learning, he/she is learning how best to learn, and it is effective based on classroom scores.  A sample homework packet was reviewed at Bacl to School.  Your child did the work with me and included it in his/her homework packlet.  Please use it as a sample until you begin to feel comfortable making creative changes.  You will find more specifc study examples under each area of study.  Look for thier pages under "Homework". 

Last Modified on August 20, 2013