Welcome to the Mosaic Club !
Name:Jaime Zarate
Email Address: 
Phone number: 951-696-1408 ext. 5810

The Mosaic's Club objective is for students to be able to explore the diverse cultures and ideals here at MVHS while being exposed to model speakers from the community to help motivate.  The club meets once a week in room 810 during lunch.  For more information please contact Mr. Jaime Zarate at the email address or phone number above.
Our Mission Statement
Mosaic Club is a fun, new, diverse multicultural awareness club offered on the MVHS campus. We the students are devoted to teaching others about the many different cultures in our society. We view ourselves as open-minded individuals inspired by the beauty of the many cultures that help make up our nation. Our goal is to expand and share our knowledge from what we have learned and continue to learn with all of our fellow students.
Mosaic's Club way of celebrating Black History Month !
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