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Mr. Wallace’s Monthly Herald:


Dear Parents,  

Having now reached mid-year, I am revisiting personal and academic goals with my students, while reminding them that their choices, attitude, and commitment to academic excellence in the coming months will largely determine the level of success they reach as fourth graders.  As we move closer to 3rd quarter report cards, students realize just how important it is to continue developing their organization and study skills.  

My language arts students are continuing to improve writing skills as we launch a biography research report and work on summarization and response to literature genres. Emphasis in being placed on careful proofreading and revision to produce better writing. Along with the continued study of grammar and parts of speech, we are also exploring the concepts of higher and lower level questioning through reading theme stories and small group skill centers.  

Math students are continuing to investigate fractions and will soon be learning about decimals. Students are reminded to ask questions whenever they are unsure of a concept.  In science we will begin studying electricity and magnetism while in social studies we are learning about the Spanish settlement of California as we prepare for our annual field trip to Mission San Luis Rey.

Field trip update: (Parents are welcome to attend)

  • Murrieta Mesa’s “Cinderella” Weds., March 4th (parent admission $1)

  • Mission San Luis Rey Tues., May 19th (parent admission $4)

Congratulations to our 4th graders who made strong gains on the most recent math (SMI) and reading (SRI) assessments.  These scores will be reported on the next report card.    

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Thank you for stopping by!  


Mr. Wallace

Last Modified on February 9, 2015