Monte Vista Elementary

Mrs. Rodriguez

8th Grade Pre-Algebra & Physical Science

I am available Monday - Friday from 8:30-8:50 am if you need extra help.  Please come in if you didn't understand a homework problem, need to finish copying notes, have assignments to make up due to an absence, have missing assignments, need to make up or finish tests or quizzes or really just need anything at all.
   Students are responsible for all missing work due to an absence.  You can check the agenda page to see what we did and what homework was assigned or if there was a test, quiz or lab.  There are also calendars in the classroom with agenda information for the month. You have the number of days equal to your absence to turn in missing work for full credit, otherwise it is late and subject to the late work policy deduction.
Missing tests, quizzes and labs need to be made up, students are responsible for scheduling a time to make them up.
JUNE 6th is the absolute LAST DAY to turn in any missing, late, or extra credit work 

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns

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