2008-2009 Adopted Budget

The 2008/09 budget adopted at the June 2008 Board meeting includes $3.4M in deficit spending as a result of the Governor’s proposed cuts to K-12 education programs. These cuts are detailed in the Governor’s May Revision and they are the basis for our budget assumptions.

The following major adjustments are included in the 2008-2009 budget.  These adjustments have been made in response to the over $8M in cuts proposed by the Governor: 

  • Utilizing $2.4M of restricted balances,

  • 50% reductions to site and department discretionary budgets

  • Reduction of approximately $2M in lottery expenditures.

Upon completion of the state budget, district staff will prepare the 45 day budget revision to note any significant changes from current assumptions.

2008/09 Budget Assumptions 

Revenue SourceContributionPercent of Total Budget
Revenue Limit Sources$120,385,78778.52%
Federal Revenues$4,352,6062.84%
Other State Revenues$16,387,77910.68%
Other Local Revenues$12,203,3877.96%
Total Revenues$153,329,559100%
Expenditure TypeAmountPercent of Total Budget
Certificated Salaries$79,841,63751.78%
Classified Salaries$23,981,77815.55%
Employee Benefits$29,027,36018.82%
Books & Supplies$7,316,4264.74%
Services & Other Operating$12,193,5997.91%
Capital Outlay$316,6750.21%
Other Outgo / Direct Support / Indirect Costs$771,5300.50%
Transfers Out / Uses$761,2430.49%
Total Expenditures$154,210,248100%
Last Modified on August 25, 2012