• Nighthawk Solar Team Soars at Shell Eco Marathon

    Posted by Sean McCarthy at 4/23/2012
    The Murrieta Valley High School Nighthawk Solar Team competed against 177 colleges and high schools from North and South America at this year's Shell Eco-Marathon.  The team experienced some tremendous success and powerful learning experiences at this event, including being one of only 5 teams to finish the first race of the event, which virtually never happens with first-time competitors.  They also earned a second place finish in the Solar Urban Concept competition, but the vehicle was then determined to be over-weight and the team was unable to claim their $1000 prize.  
    Please visit the team's website for more details about this exciting event:
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  • MVHS Virtual Enterprise team at New York International Trade Show

    Posted by Sean McCarthy at 4/16/2012

    The MVHS Virtual Enterprise team “Play by Play Productions” went to New York for the International Trade Show the last week of March.  In the business plan competition, which had teams from various states throughout the country, the team finished in the top 6 in the country.  They made it through two preliminary rounds, and then were selected for the final.  After the 6 teams presented their plans in front of about 500 people at the McGraw-Hill headquarters, the top 3 were selected, but the MVHS team didn’t make the top 3.  However, this means they did finish somewhere between 4th and 6th in the nation.  The MVHS team was the only team from this elite group that was competing in the National Finals for the first time!

    In addition to the Business plan competition, four MVHS students competed in the Global Business Challenge, which brought together students from all over the world to compete in an “Apprentice”-like competition where they were assigned a Harvard business school case and given 3 hours to put together a presentation to solve the problem.  The students got an invaluable experience with this, not only in trying to solve the problem, but having the opportunity to work with students from countries such as Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, and Hong Kong.

    Also, the team's website was given an honorable mention award, which in this New York competition means the website ranks somewhere between 3rd and 10th place in the world.

    In addition to their success, team members were also able to see many sites, including taking a tour of Wall Street, the 911 Memorial, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Museums, etc. 

    Congratulations to the MVHS Virtual Enterprise team for its success in New York!


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  • Murrieta Valley High School Robotics Club News

    Posted by Sean McCarthy at 2/27/2012

    The NightHawk Robotics Club would like to invite everyone to the Village Walk Plaza this Thursay March 1st at 4pm to the Murrieta State of the City address.  The focus will be on technology, and Murrieta Valley's Robotics Club has been asked to be part of the festivities. 


    The club will be showing off:

    ·        3 amazing tournament robots from teams 569, 569B, 569C

    ·        A giant tank robot with a rotating nerf gun that fires nerf darts

    ·        A very impressive robot using multiple sensors to follow a line, sense a wall, and shoot a ping pong ball over the wall



    Exciting Tournament News


    Saturday at The Golden State Championships at Cal State Dominguez Hills, 3 MVHS robotics teams competed in a 60 team tournament (our biggest tournament to date that was not a world championship event).  The event was so big that there were two 30 team divisions.  The results were nothing short of amazing:


    Team 569 -Vinayak Pillai, Jordan Niell, Erik Ruiz, Kevin Cruz, Harrison Chea, Matthew DeNava, Grady Quinn, Eric Jimenez, Roger Scherer, Jordan Petersen, Vishakh Pillai

    Team 569 WON THEIR DIVISION and then proceeded to WIN THE TOURNAMENT by beating the winners of the other division.  Their 2nd tournament win of the year.  They were a dominant force to be reckoned with throughout their division and then again in the tournament finals.  They also WON the Cooperate Award for their ability to work with one another and the other teams at our school.  Another well deserved award.  You will be hearing much more about this team as they prepare for the World Championships coming up in mid April.


    Team 569B -Serenity Waits, Taj Bryan, Bryce Longacre, Michael Berna, Jon Johnson, Vana Doakes, Zack Bowman, Mason Coram, Michael Riewer

    Team 569B was missing a few key members, but still dominated their division finishing in 4th out of 30 teams.  They ended up being part of the 2nd seeded alliance but were unfortunately knocked out in the semifinals of their division in a nail biter.  This team rose to the challenge battling robot issues all day and overcame it all to put on their best performance yet.  If there was an award for perserverance Team 569B was certainly deserving.  Definitely one the highlights of the day!


    Team 569C -Devin Catron, Devin Bailey, Jenna Patton, Peter Cerbu, Ryan Cadiz, Ryan Berger, Dylan DaPra, Taylor Catron, Matt Cadiz

    Team 569C performed well all day long and ended up on the 3rd seeded alliance in theirdivision for the playoffs. They cruised through the quarterfinals, but were just edged out in the semi's.  Team C's highlight of the day was scoring 19 points in the programming skills challenge which puts them in the top 25 in the world.  If this score remains in the top 30 of the world through March 4th, they will have earned themselves a spot in the World Championships as well...fingers crossed.  


    It was a very rewarding day for the NightHawk Robotics Club as it really showcased all of the hard work and dedication these students have been putting in since September.  Lastly, please keep in mind that the World Championships are in Anaheim this year, so feel free to come check us out from April 19-21 at the Anaheim Convention Center.  It has always been out of state, so this would be a great time to see some of Murrieta’s best and brightest competing against the world’s best and brightest.  Until then, thank you for your support.


    Check out more pics and videos at


    Please like our Facebook Page and check out more pics and videos of our robots in action.  Thanks for the support!!!


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  • MVHS Virtual Enterprise Takes 5th place in State Business Plan Competition

    Posted by Sean McCarthy at 12/5/2011

    The MVHS Virtual Enterprise “Play by Play Productions” came in 5thplace in the State Business Plan Competition in Bakersfield last week to qualify to go to the National Competition in New York City in March.  This is quite an accomplishment, as the team had to beat out several high powered programs who previously have qualified to go for many years.  The team is excited about this opportunity, and a special congratulations goes to the Business Plan team of Kristen Wolf (CEO), Brooke Morrison (CFO), Jonathan Grosdidier (CBO), and Kaitlyn Jones (VP Marketing). 


    In addition to the Business Plan Team’s accomplishments, the team also placed in a few other categories.  With over 100 teams from all over California, it was extremely competitive.  MVHS received awards in the following categories:

    Website Design – 3rd Place (Kevin Ullyott, King Sovanna, and Eli Padilla)

    Human Resource Scenario – 8th place (Emily Leech and Alexis Villanueva)

    Booth Design (Elise Brandt, Jordan Figgins, Katie Ignelis, Ariel Seaton, Tanner Mott)

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  • Murrieta Robotics Teams Win Robotics Competition

    Posted by Sean McCarthy at 1/21/2011 2:00:00 PM
    Team Picture
    On Sunday, December 12, 3 MVHS robotics teams traveled to Poway High School to compete in their second Robotics Tournament of the year. There were 33 teams and over 200 students competing at this tournament. The goal once again was to get as many of your color rings on the posts around the field as possible. Below are the results as well as the members of each team:

    Team 569, which included Derek Wang, Serenity Waits, Taj Bryan, Vinayak Pillai, Jordan Niell, Erik Ruiz, Kevin Cruz, Harrison Chea, Matthew DeNava, Matt Turner, and Josh Turner, had one of the most dominant robots in the tournament and easily cruised into the playoffs undefeated and in 5th place overall. Team 569B ended up choosing them as an alliance partner, and they went undefeated through the playoffs and WON the tournament. Team 569 also won the AMAZE Award for having one of the best-built robots at the tournament. Their performance was truly AMAZING!

    Team 569 B, which consisted of John Rivera, Ryan Barron, Scott Anderson, Spencer Hamilton, Justin Jordan, Alex Block, Bryce Longacre, and Graeme Crawford, finished the morning rounds undefeated but in 3rd place. They chose fellow MVHS team 569 as an alliance partner for the playoffs, as mentioned above, and they went undefeated to WIN the tournament. It was inspiring to watch these teams work together to achieve their goal of qualifying for the World Championships.

    Final Score

    Jerry Walden, Michael Berna, Masha Polyakova, Devin Catron, Devin Bailey, Jason Garrido, and Adam Ayoub of Team 569 C had a rough morning, but pulled it together to get into the playoffs as the #8 seed. Their alliance knocked off the #1 seed in the quarterfinals, but fell just short in the semifinals. They had a great day, and I’m proud of how they kept working throughout the day to improve their robot.

    Not only was it a great day for MVHS Robotics, but also for Murrieta Mesa Robotics. Out of the 6 teams in the finals, 4 of them were from Murrieta (2 from MVHS and 2 from MMHS). MVHS triumphed yesterday, but Mr. Matus and Mr. Lerossignol are doing a great job building the program at Mesa. To be in the finals in only their second tournament is a HUGE accomplishment. It was nice to see all of the teams from Murrieta perform so well.


      --Submitted by Kevin Bradley, MVHS Robotics

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  • MVHS Virtual Enterprise Excels at State Trade Fair

    Posted by Sean McCarthy at 12/13/2010 6:00:00 PM

    The MVHS Virtual Enterprise team "Twisted Image" competed in the 10th Annual California State Virtual Enterprise Trade Fair last week and did extremely well. There were over 100 teams competing in 12 categories. Our Business Plan team came in 6th place, one away from qualifying to go to New York to the National competition. It is possible to be selected as a "wild card", but we will not know that for a little while yet. Here are the results:

    Business Plan - 6th place (Alyssa Lowie, Graeme Crawford, Josh Lam, Matt Turner)

    *This is the highest we have finished in the 3 years we've been participating

    Commercial - 2nd place (Josh Daniels)

    *First ever 2nd place award

    Sales Catalog - 3rd place (Christina Calhoun, Austin Hoffman)

    Website - 5th place (Josh Lam)

    *First ever award in the Website category

    Human Resource Scenario - 7th place (Dallas Butler, Jamie DeCastro)

    Catalog Sales Presentation - Honorable Mention (Christina Calhoun, Austin Hoffman)

    The rest of the team who competed well in various events and have helped with all aspects of putting the Business together are:

    Tami Tamjid

    Marcos Uriostegui

    Becca DeRoest

    Adam Caruso

    Daniel Neverman

    Chelsey Lerma

    Nick Rosa

    Mercedes Moreno

    Henry Craig

    John Okada

    Thank you to everybody for your tremendous support. We will now plan for the Bay Area Trade Fair in March, and hopefully get the call to New York.

    Thank you also to all of our Business Partners who have helped us with our project.

    Lenore Johnson

    Paul Nolta

    Karen Robertson

    Rex Oliver

    Lori Maruffo

    Brandon Sherman

    Brian Connors

    Scott Carpenter

    Pat Kelley

    Pam Wilson

    Joe Gisis

    Cheryl Lam

    A big thank you to Ed Hoffman for making the photo booth for our booth.

    Thank you to Brett Lowie and Karen Caruso who helped drive and Chaperoned.
    --from Joel Levin, MVHS
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