Shivela Middle

Shivela Middle

Supply List for Success                                                               
Each Student should have the
following by the first full week!
Baber -  Language Arts 7 & 8:
2 - regular sized
spiral notebooks - one for each semester
*We will use this all year as an interactive notebook!
Pencil Pouch for binder
Grading tools (colored pens okay)
Lined paper (throughout the year)
Quality pencils and erasers WITH a hand held pencil sharpener with a lid
Coloring Materials--thin markers, colored pencils or crayons (kept in a case)
These items are normally provided throughout the year, but sometimes they grow legs and walk away.
Their safety cannot be guaranteed! It's best to provide your own!

Items not necessary

Personal staplers, tape

Optional Supplies

Water bottle with a tight lid!
Please no milk, juice, punch or energy drinks...but, they may be stored on the counter by the sink.

Wish List

Kleenex Tissue

White and/or Colored copy paper

Disinfectant Wipes
Expo black whiteboard markers



Last Modified on August 1, 2013