Shane Anderson

Book Reports Due November 3rd (B-Day) & 4th (A-Day)



Choice 1:  Character Comparison

Select one character from the book and answer the following questions:

a.      What traits does this character have that I do not have (at least 3)?

b.     What traits do I have that the character does not have (at least 3)?

c.      What traits do the two of us share (at least 2)?

Do this in a Venn diagram and make the diagram look good…if you do not know what a Venn diagram is, but would like to do this report, then see me in my office hours.  Be prepared to present this information to the class in 3-5 minutes—where you also share with the class what the book was about, why you did or did not enjoy reading it, and if you would recommend it to others…


Choice 2:  Sales Presentation

Prepare a sales presentation for the class where you will come in to sell your book to the class.  You will need to present information about the setting, characters, plot (plot mountain), etc…but not too much information, so as to give the book away, where others may get excited to go out and get this book.  If your book is nonfiction or educational, then share the pertinent information you need to, in order to peek the audiences interest to want to go buy this book.  You may use a poster board, power point, etc in order to have a visual for your presentation.   The parameters are loose on this one, so that you have room for creativity…


Both options require an individual presentation, which we will discuss the expectations of in class on October 24th & 25th …If you miss this, and would like the information directly from me, then please see me in my office hours…

Last Modified on November 18, 2011