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Mission Statement
Murrieta Valley High School’s Track and Field program is designed to produce highly skilled athletes of all abilities along with a well-earned sense of individual and team pride.  An Athlete’s success is directly related to the amount of effort and work put into preparing to meet the challenges of competing.  A sequential approach throughout the program clearly defines and articulates standards of behavior, academic achievement, and skill development and will serve as the foundation for the Nighthawk Track and Field Program.
The information on this page is for the track and field program. Always look back for updates and information about the track and field program. At anytime you have questions please see Coach Munn in room 708 or e-mail at dmunn@murrieta.k12.ca.us .
If you are considering competing in the short sprinting events: 100m, 200m, or 400m, or in field events: long jump, triple jump, or high jump, see below for the pre-season schedule that will begin on November 10th and will run through January. If you have questions please e-mail Coach Munn or see him in room 708.
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 2015 Calendar  
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League Dual Meets 2014 
School Records and Freshman Top Ten List
Directions to Away Meets
Click on the link to mapquest. Put in Murrieta Valley High School's address 42200 Nighthawk Way, Murrieta, CA. 92562 and then the address of the meet you are going to go to.
Pictures from recent Meets 
Michelle Campa  
Checking Things Out   Getting Ready  Jelena
Gorton and Thigpen  Austin
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