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Breakthrough serves all district students and their families. The Breakthrough Student Assistance Program responds to all student and family concerns with respectful dialogue, individualized service, ongoing staff and parent training, community support and referrals to appropriate school or community based services as needed.  
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Breakthrough is proud to be a founding member of the Temecula-Murrieta Interagency Council.  This group of non-profit agencies meets once every other month during the school year.  Meetings focus on improving awareness of community resources, becoming aware of current trends in the community, and developing new partnerships between council members.  If you are interested in becoming a member of this group, please send an email to  

Assistance Program Key Activities

  • Family Conferences for students in all grades
  • K-12 School Counseling
  • Support for Military Families
  • Support for Foster Youth and Foster Parents
  • Tobacco, Prevention, Intervention Cessation
  • School Achievement: Assessment and planning
  • Members District Crisis Team
  • Suicide Intervention
  • Insight 2014/15 Drug/Alcohol Prevention Group

The Breakthrough Family Conference is an "indicated prevention" (educational intervention) strategy that incorporates one staff person facilitating a family conference using a specific interview instrument and developing a Family Service Plan in collaboration with the student and their parent/guardian. This plan is based upon willingness without coercion and utilizes resources within the family, school district and community to address identified barriers to learning and other student needs. The Breakthrough Family Service Plan includes four areas: 1) student responsibilities; 2) parent responsibilities; 3) Breakthrough staff responsibilities; and 4) Breakthrough staff recommendations and referrals.

The Breakthrough Model of Student Assistance is similar to site-based models of Student Assistance Programs (SAP): it addresses Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) education and has a variety of educational and support services, such as, small support groups for “at risk” students and a variety of parent support and education groups and provides referrals to community-based agencies as appropriate.

There are four important differences from other SAP's: 1) it is centralized and provides direct service to all students and families within a school district from pre-school through high school graduation and beyond; 2) it addresses any and all barriers to learning; 3) it is supported by district policy; and 4) it incorporates a structured 90-minute Family Conference that is the “heart” of this strategy.

This Breakthrough Family Conference intends to increase school bonding for the student and their parents and emphasizes the concept that there can be 100% support for the student and 100% support for the school system.

We believe in early intervention and prevention.  Our work is intended to support all students and families as they navigate their way through our school system. You will find PowerPoint Presentations made at local, and state conferences below:

Indicated Prevention: Bridging the Gap One Person at a Time (Journal Article describing intervention process)

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