Murrieta Elementary

 Would you like to get involved in our PTC? Just contact to get more information.

We are in need of volunteers and new members.  Many of our current members will be leaving at the end of this school year! We could use your help...a few hours or at an event, if you have some time we would love your help!

Murrieta Elementary Parent Teacher Club Office and Chairs

2013 - 2014


Jessica Chavez

Vice President

Holly Swift


Tamara Johansson


Sharyl Vicino


 Michelle Shipley


Heather Clardy

Popsicle/Snack Sales 

Beckie Hawkins

See's Candy

Michelle Shipley


Coldstone Fundraiser 

Sarah Davila


Tamara Johansson

Silent Auction

Melissa Rocha

Holiday Boutique

Jessica Chavez

Fall Fundraiser

Tamara Johnansson

Book Fair

Sharyl Vicino

Family Fun/Restaurant Nights 

Holly Swift

Box Tops

Holly Swift

Student Store 

 Laura Tushinski

Smart Card Fundraiser

Jessica Chavez 

Father/Daughter Dance
Mother/Son Night
Erin Weeks
 5th Grade Promotion     
Jessica Chavez
Tile Fundraiser

Melissa Rocha

Teacher Rep.

Barbara Rosales


Bingo Night

Heather Miller

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