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Shivela Middle School

Welcome to the Shivela Library!

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Library Hours:

8:30am - 4pm
The Library is open before and after school and during all breaks and lunches unless reserved for use by a teacher with their class or other school/district function requiring the library to be closed.  There will be signs posted so students know if the library is unavailable. 

Computer Use:

Students may use the library computers before and after school and/or during breaks and lunches for classwork/homework only.  They may also use the computers during class time with a note from their teacher.

Student ID:

Students MUST have their ID card in order to check out books from the library.  This includes all library books, audio books, core novels and textbooks.  ID cards are issued at the time of Registration or Enrollment.  If at any time during the school year a student loses their ID card, a replacement may be purchased from Student Services for $5.

Library Books:

Students may check out three (3) library books at a time for a two (2) week period.  Books may be renewed for an additional two (2) weeks.  ID cards are NOT needed for renewal.  If a book is lost or damaged, any fee(s) will need to be paid before another book will be checked out to the student.  Overdue notices are sent regularly via email as a reminder to students if they have a book that needs to be returned.


Textbooks are issued during Registration/Enrollment and are to be kept at home until the end of the school year or withdrawl.  All teachers have a class set for student use in the classroom.  The library also has textbooks available for student use before, during and after school.  Please check your books for any damage within the first week of issuance and, if any damage is found, return for an exchange promptly.  Any student who returns thier book(s) at the end of the school year with damage that has not been notated will be subject to a fine. 

Destiny Quest Access 

Use the following link to learn how to use Destiny Quest.

Destiny Quest


Click the Destiny Quest icon below to access the card catalog. 



Destiny Quest

destiny quest
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Available from the library web page every hour, every day!

  • One Search: can search multiple sources, including the collection of library books + databases such as Searchasaurus and Encyclopedia Britannica Online with one easy and time-saving search.
  • Students are able to view a complete list of search results at one glance.Book Covers are visible in catalog.
  • Shelf Browse - virtuallySearch Limiters: In addition to searching the traditional author, title subject searches, you can search by genre, lexile level, format and length (# of pages) MLA citation and formatting is included
  • Personalize your library experience with the individual Student Login: User name: Your 9 digit student number 
    • Password: Your first name and grade level 
    • EXAMPLE: User name: 012345678 Password: suzie11

 The Destiny Quest Mobile app makes our catalog a touch away from your device. While the interface is more simple than the web-based version, it allows you to search, place holds, view Resource Lists, get citation information, see our most popular titles and see new books as they arrive.

Click on the links below to download from iTunes and Google Play -free! When asked for library

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