Antelope Hills Elementary

Working together for student success

        Here are some other activities to help you practice your Spelling Words each week
     1.  Make flashcards and hang them in your house

     2.  Put words in ABC order

     3.  Write words with glue and sprinkle with glitter
     4.  Write words in the dirt
     5.  Write a word that rhymes with each spelling word (use words not on the spelling list)
     6.  Write the words 2x each on cards to play concentration/fish

     7.  Write the words and highlight the vowels

     8.  Cut out the words from a magazine/newspaper

     9.  Write words on someone‚Äôs back

     10. Write words in pudding/whip cream/shaving cream or ???

     11.  Put words into sentences

     12. Write words in puffy cloud-like letters:  STUDY

     13. Paint your spelling words

     14. Write words in a tray of salt or sugar

     15. Write words forming them out of playdough or cookie dough

     16. Write vowels in one color and consonants in another

     17. Make words using alphabet stickers or stamps

     18. Figure out the price of each word:  a,f,k,p,h          = 1 cent

     b,g,l,q,v,         = 2 cents      

     c,h,m,r,w        = 3 cents

     d,i,n,s,x          = 4 cents      

     e,j,o,t,y,z       = 5 cents

     19. Make a pyramid:        m




More Challenging

20.  Look up words in the dictionary and write their definition

21.  Write a story using at least 6 of your spelling words

22.  Make a word search with your spelling words

23.  Write words 5x each

24.  Take a practice test

25.  Make a song using 6 of your spelling words

Last Modified on May 30, 2011