Staff Development

Our Mission

The goal of the Murrieta Valley Unified School District Staff Development Program is to improve the quality of classroom instruction by increasing the skills and competence of all teachers, thereby improving educational opportunities for the district's students.

Staff Development Opportunities and Resources

Educational Services is pleased to provide both face-to-face and online staff development opportunities and resources for MVUSD teachers. All face-to-face staff development opportunities are dependent upon budget and enrollment. Please enroll knowing that the schedule may need to be altered. If you have any questions regarding face-to-face Staff Development, please contact Sean McCarthy at 951-696-1600 Ext. 1028 or Gertie Lewis at Ext. 1178. Substitute request forms for district training sessions should be sent directly to Gertie Lewis by email or by fax at 951-304-1525.

Most staff development opportunities take place at the site level based on requests made by site leadership teams or from individual Professional Learning Communities. It is our hope that this approach will ensure that staff development offerings are directed toward the specific needs of teachers. At the bottom of this page is a menu of additional mini-workshops. Teachers may choose to enroll individually in these workshops, or leadership teams/PLCs may request these workshops be delivered at the school site (see link at the bottom of this page for a listing of mini-workshops currently available).

Online resources and opportunities include the Staff Development Resources website, which includes curriculum, assessment, and instructional resources, as well as online workshops (see link at the bottom of this page for a listing of online workshops currently available). For questions about online staff development, or to enroll in an online workshop, please contact Erica Franklin by email, or at Ext. 1028.

You may also access our extensive online Staff Development Resources section on the district website at any time. This section includes a wide variety of resources for teachers designed to support their professional development. This area includes an Instructional Resources section that includes material and support for the implementation of Professional Learning Communities, Marzano Strategies, and other areas of instruction. The Curriculum Resource section includes content-specific resources and strategies. This area is sign in only, as it includes writing prompts, DBQs, and other assessments that teachers can access. Please follow the instructions below to access the Staff Development Resources pages.

How to Access the Staff Development Resource Pages

You must sign in to access these pages. Follow the steps below to sign in:

1. Sign in to the MVUSD website clicking on the "Sign-In" tab located at the top right side of the web page in the grey bar.

2. When you get to the sign in page, enter the username and password you use to log on to your district computer.

3. After you have successfully signed in, move your cursor over the "Staff" link at the top right of the district website. You will then see a drop down menu with several options.

4. From the drop down menu, select "Staff Development Resources."

5. Choose from the list of sections to the left. The "Instructional Resources" link takes you to the general professional development resources, such as support for Professional Learning Communities, using Marzano strategies, technology links and other areas of instruction. The "Curriculum Resources" link takes you to the section with content-specific resources and strategies organized by grade level and subject.

Watch the Accessing and Navigating the Staff Development Resources Website tutorial for assistance.


How to Access and Navigate the Haiku Learning Management System (LMS):

To access the Haiku LMS, click on the link below:
Enter your username, which is your first initial and last name (e.g. smccarthy) *Note--there are some exceptions to this username combination.  Email Greg Nicholas if your username is not working.
If you have not previously accessed the system, enter the initial password.  You will be required to create a unique password upon your initial log in.
If you have previously accessed the system and are unable to log in, click the "Forgot Password" link and use your username or email address to retrieve it.  Please note this will only work if you have confirmed your email address via the email request from haiku.  If you continue to have difficulty, or if you do not know the initial password, please email Greg Nicholas to have your password re-set.
You will see that you are already a member of at least one class, How to Use the Haiku LMS.  This class is accessible from the the "My Active Classes" list on the left side of the home page, or from the "My Classes" dropdown menu at the top of each page.  
For additional help, please view the tutorial below:

Online Staff Development Workshops

We have started the implementation of online staff development workshops, and are hoping to expand these offerings throughout the year. Please see the Online Staff Development Opportunities page for a listing of these workshops and information on how to enroll.

Staff Development Mini-Workshops

Educational Services will host a series of mini-workshops throughout the year. Most of these take place from 4-6pm at either the District Support Center or Shivela Middle School. Check out the Staff Development Mini-Workshop page for a listing of these workshops and information on how to enroll.

Programs Designed to Support New Teachers

  • Intern
  • Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) Induction

Programs Designed to Support Experienced Teachers

  • Peer Assistance and Review (PAR)
  • National Board Certification

These programs operate under the auspices of the Peer Assistance and Review Joint Committee, a seven-member panel composed of three district administrators and four Murrieta Teacher Association representatives.

MTA representatives

  • Virginia Cavasos - Thompson Middle School
  • Joe Freiberg - Murrieta Elementary School
  • Miranda Sather - Murrieta Mesa High School
  • Susan Johnson - Lisa J Mails Elementary School

District panel members

  • Char Gollogly - Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Services
  • Estelle Jaurequi - Principal, Murrieta Elementary School
  • Daniel Baldwin - Special Education Program Specialist

BTSA Induction Advisory Committee

The Peer Assistance and Review Committee is expanded to thirteen members quarterly and serves as the district’s BTSA Induction Advisory Committee. The committee’s purpose is to oversee the district’s state accredited Induction program. The California Commission for Teacher Credentialing has approved the district’s plan, enabling new teachers with a preliminary 2042 credential to clear their credential over a two-year period.

In addition to the identified Peer Assistance and Review Joint Committee members, the BTSA Induction Advisory Committee non-voting members include:

  • Dr. Raymond Hurst- Assistant Professor, Brandman University
  • Robert Kleppe - BTSA Participating Teacher
  • Girlie Ebuen- BTSA Support Provider
  • Sean McCarthy - BTSA Induction Program Director / Coordinator of Instructional Support
  • Sue Hall - BTSA Induction Program Coordinator / TOSA
  • Rae Adams - Director, National University Professional Teaching Development Center
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