Child Development Center

 Located next to Avaxat Elementary School, 24300 Las Brisas Road North

The Child Development Center opened in Fall, 2007, to serve the needs of families with children three and  four years old. Rates are comparable to other local child care centers and there are spaces for low-income families subsidized by the State of California, Child Development Division through Riverside County Office of Education-Children's Services Unit. Family Services Association of Riverside County operates infant and toddler services at the Child Development Center.

The Child Development Center The goals of the Child Development Center are:

  • To provide children with a learning environment appropriate to their age and stage of development, assisting children in successful physical, emotional, cognitive and social development;
  • To provide a planned program of experiences and activities which support and enhance the parental role as the principle influence in their child's development and education;
  • To provide medical, dental, developmental, social, and mental health referrals as needed; and
  • To assist the family in their own life journey by offering community services and resources.

The Child Development Center is open year-round Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.; closed major holidays.

Julie Hoang - Child Development Lead, phone (951) 304-1623 ext 2189
Annette Dolan - Office Clerk III, phone 304-1623 ext 2147

Last Modified on June 3, 2015