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Weekly News for the week of February 27, 2017
We go back to a Nightly Reading Log Homework this week.  It will be checked each morning.  PLEASE spend 20 - 30 minutes listening to and helping your child read each night.  Incomplete reading logs will result in a child staying in at recess to read.
 We also change our Writing Homework.  It is now a Book Summary about either the paper book sent home each night or a book from home that the child has read to someone.   PLEASE help your child with their Book Summary each night.  Many children have been handing in writing homework that was obviously not done with parent help;  many misspellings, no capitals and periods, and sentences that don't even make sense.   
 This Week's Spelling Words.  The Test is Friday.
look    book    good    hook    brook    took    foot    shook    wood    hood


 This Week's Rainbow Words.  The Test is Friday.
again    along    began    boy    father    house    nothing   together
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Teacher is   jdunaway2

Dates to Remember
Week of 2/27 - Dr. Seuss Weeklong Celebration - note came home 2/23
3/6 - 120th Day of School - note coming home soon
Each Friday, wear a school shirt OR the color of the month to show your school spirit and positive character!  
Jan./Feb........RED for Caring 
March/April.....GREEN for Responsibility
May/June.......BLUE for Trustworthiness
Aug./Sept......PURPLE for Citizenship
October........ORANGE for Fairness 
Nov./Dec. .....YELLOW for Respect 
"It comes down to simple arithmetic:  the child spends 900 hours a year in school and 7,800 hours outside school.  Which teacher has the biggest influence? Where is more time available for change?"  - Jim Trelease, author of The Read Aloud Handbook
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