Antelope Hills Elementary

Weekly News for the week of: August 18, 2014
 We are off and running!   I will be sending this home with your child each Monday in their green Antelope Hills Folder.  It is ESSENTIAL that you read it closely each week.  
1.   Please be sure your child knows if they are buying lunch from the cafeteria or not each day.  I have to send a count to the office immediately and do not have time to wait for children to check their backpack to see what is in there. Also, some children are eating all of their food at morning snack and then have nothing for lunch.  I must allow these kids to get school lunch and you may have money due to the cafeteria.   
2.  Likewise, be sure your child knows what to eat for snack and what to eat for lunch.  There is one of me and 25 of them, I do not have time to help each child figure that out.  They need to be responsible for this themselves.
3.  Back to School Night is Thursday August 21, 2014.   This is a night for adults only so please find a babysitter or send only one parent.  The night begins in the Multi-Purpose Room at 5:15 for Teacher Introductions.  After that, you may come to our classroom for my first presentation from 5:30- 6:10 pm.   If that is too early for you, or you have to attend another child's class, there will be a second presentation from 6:20 - 7:00.   I will be explaining our classroom routines and procedures and talking about homework and what you need to do to help their child do their very best this year.
4.  Thank you so much for the donations of watermelon on Friday.  According to the children they were juicy, sticky, and tasty! 
Each Friday, wear the color of the month to show your school spirit and positive character!
 Aug./Sept......PURPLE for Citizenship
 October........GREEN for Responsibility
 Nov./Dec. .....YELLOW for Respect
 Jan./Feb........RED for Caring
 March/April..ORANGE for Fairness
 May/June.......BLUE for Trustworthiness
 Curricular Notes
In math we are practicing orally counting to 120.  You may want to help your child practice this at home.
Click here for a Number Chart your child can study.

They will also need to write their numbers from 1 to 120.

How are you doing with helping your child learn their 100 Popcorn Sight Words this year?
Click here to practice the 100 sight words as a Powerpoint presentation.

Click here for the iPhone/iPad APP for all 100 sight words your child
needs to know!

Weekly Schedule
Every Day - Computer Lab 12:00 - 12:30
Friday - Library 10:30 - 11:00 
Friday - Motor Skills 9:00  - 9:45 

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