Antelope Hills Elementary

Weekly News for the week of February 1, 2016
This week's Spelling Words
1.  low
2.  row
3.  show
4.  grow
5.  blow
6.  snow
7.  boat
8.  coat
9.  road
10. toad
This week's Rainbow Words
1.  done
2.  great
3.  laugh
4.  paper
5.  soon
6.  talk
7.  were
8.  work

Dates to Remember
Feb 2 - Bring in baggie of 100 little items for 100th Day of School.  
Feb 4 - All first grade teachers at district math training
Feb 5  -  PTA Valentine's Day Dance  MPR  6:00 - 8:00 pm
Feb 5 - School Spirit Day - Dress up as your "Future Self"  What do you want to be when you grow up?
Feb 11 -  Kids can bring in Valentine's Cards to pass out to friends.  We have 25 students.
I will not be sending home a list of names, just have your child write their name as the FROM person on each card.  :)
Feb 12 and 15 - NO SCHOOL
box tops  Put them in a Ziploc Baggie with "Mrs. Dunaway" on the front.

Each Friday, wear a school shirt OR the color of the month to show your school spirit and positive character!  
Jan./Feb........RED for Caring  
March/April.....GREEN for Responsibility 
May/June.......BLUE for Trustworthiness 
Aug./Sept......PURPLE for Citizenship  
October........ORANGE for Fairness  
Nov./Dec. .....YELLOW for Respect  
*Must use Google Chrome    
This week we are doing Lesson 19.  You will need to scroll down to find it. 
Click here to log in to Raz Kids. 
Username and password same as FastMath.
"It comes down to simple arithmetic:  the child spends 900 hours a year in school and 7,800 hours outside school.  Which teacher has the biggest influence? Where is more time available for change?"  - Jim Trelease, author of The Read Aloud Handbook
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