Class of 2018

Counselor - Mrs. Candyce Julian 

Julian - Phone: 696-1408 ext. 5266

 Welcome Freshmen - MVHS Class of 2018
We want your high school experience to be filled with new friendships, athletic and social activities, challenging classes, and preparation for your future.  Follow these tips from Woodburn Press to help you "Get the MOST OUT of your HIGH SCHOOL"... 
  1. Understand your academic record - Get to know your Counselor!
  2. Know your school (handbook, website, etc.)
  3. Be in school EVERYDAY - good attendance is crucial!!
  4. Know how to get good grades...see me for some resources
  5. Set goals for yourself
  6. Get involved!!
  7. Make good choices and decisions
  8. Know how to handle stress
  9. Use available services
The next four years is the perfect time to research, plan, and prepare for your future.  Check out the MVHS Counseling Department website for helpful publications, websites, and links to assist you and your family in your planning for high school and beyond!
I look forward to getting to know each of you this year...come in and say "Hello".  The CLASS of 2018 HAIKU page will be working soon! 

Last Modified on September 25, 2014