Murrieta Valley Unified partners with the Santa Rosa Plateau

Santa Rosa Plateau Murrieta Valley Unified School District supports the Santa Rosa Plateau Foundation outdoor education program which provides outdoor education at the plateau for district students. The Foundation's mission is to fund education, research and preservation of the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve.
Parents and community members are encouraged to visit the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve or visit the Santa Rosa Plateau Foundation website to learn more about their upcoming events and hiking and visitor information.

Santa Rosa Plateau
As part of the non-profit's strategic planning process, the Foundation is soliciting input from teachers, students, members, funders, sponsors and community members to garner their opinions on a range of topics.
A series of focus group sessions are being held during the month of October. Anyone interested may join in these focus group sessions or provide input via other planned opportunities. Please contact the Foundation's strategic plan facilitator, Dr. Ronald Stewart (626) 644-0619 or Ginger Greaves, SRPF Executive Director.
Since 1994 the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve has introduced approximately 80,000 third graders to the natural environment, local history and beauty of the 8,300 acre Santa Rosa Plateau. Each year third graders from Murrieta Valley Unified School District head up to the Santa Rosa Plateau where docents lead the young explorers on the trails in search of coyotes, lizard, squirrel, and woodpeckers, prairies, wetlands and native flora and fauna. A visit to the Santa Rosa Plateau makes Science, History and Geology come alive as students see, touch, smell, and feel the plants, rocks, streams and animals and they learn about local history and the Native American influence on the Ecological Reserve.
For many of the children, the Santa Rosa Plateau Outdoor Education Program is their first exposure to the wonders of the plateau's prairies and wetlands. Were it not for the fundraising efforts of the Santa Rosa Foundation that provides for the transportation, curriculum and staffing for the Outdoor Education Program, third graders would miss out on this unique California treasure of wind-rippled grasses, swaying poppies, statuesque oak trees, trickling streams, vernal pools, and a dazzling assortment of native plants and animals. As educators prepare students for becoming responsible citizens in a global economy, this valuable exposure to the Santa Rosa plateau will ensure that they understand and appreciate the importance of conserving the Earths natural resources and the role they can play in those efforts.
Family Wildlife Day on the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve
Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.