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    VMHS Choral Department Syllabus  

    Course Descriptions:


    The VMHS Choral Department is dedicated to training singers in developing their musical skills for both personal and public enjoyment. The department consists of beginning, intermediate and advanced groups.  Placement into groups is determined by the student’s audition, achieved prerequisites, recommendations, and previous commitments to the program. Placement in advanced classes means a student has achieved a high degree of technique and performance, a history of commitment to the program, as well as an attitude of teamwork and dedication. Throughout the year each group will have the opportunity to prepare for community and school concerts, competitions, and other activities. Choir students will be exposed to various styles of music and will have the opportunity to raise the level of their musicianship skills. VMHS choirs consistently achieve “Superior” rankings at festivals throughout California and have had the opportunity to tour nationwide. 

    Course Objectives: 

    Students will:
    • Learn about the vocal process through warm ups and proper singing techniques. 
    • Experience choral literature from many styles and musical periods 
    • Increase musicianship skills through notation and sight singing 
    • Perform in and around the community sharing the gift of music 
    • Develop a “team” spirit and approach to music


    Course Outline:

    A typical rehearsal will begin with a combination of listening exercises, announcements, warm ups, theory work and sight singing. The majority of the class is spent rehearsing the choir’s repertoire, both as a group and in sectionals.


    Class Conduct and Expectations:

    • Attend all classes regularly and on time 
    • Attend all scheduled performances and rehearsals 
    • Cooperate with and respect those in authority as well as those around you 
    • No gum, food, or drink in the classroom at any time 
    • No phone or ipad use during rehearsal unless otherwise authorized 
    • Let’s have fun and be a team!

    General Grading Policy:

    Primarily, students are graded on their overall contribution to the group. Students are required to actively participate in all rehearsals and performances. They are expected to make reasonable progress in their own musicianship, theory, and vocal skills. Students are expected to contribute to the general welfare of the group by striving to achieve the highest ideals of teamwork and musicianship. Most importantly, a student cannot learn the music or contribute to the group if they are not present. Attendance at all choir functions (in and out of school) is heavily graded. Excused absences for illness, injury, or other matters must be cleared by the director 2 weeks BEFORE the event (if possible). Unexcused absences will result in a severely lowered grade. In order to achieve an “A” in choir 1- 2 projects per semester (depending on the class) must be completed. These projects consist of viewing a musical performance of some kind (approved by the director) or participating in various musical activities outside of the individual’s choir class. A one page paper must be turned in for both activities.


    General Grading Breakdown







    Semester Projects 



    *Advanced groups will have additional categories for festivals, outside concerts, rehearsal logs, etc.



    • Citizenship will be based on several factors:
    • Classroom behavior and attitude
    • Cooperation with other students, volunteers, and instructors
    • Attendance
    • Class participation 


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