• These are the Assignments, Labs, Notes, Homework and Quick Checks (QC), Problem Sets(PS), Quizzes, Exams, and Handouts for the Momentum and Force Unit. Future Assignment Dates and Due Dates will be filled in as the year progresses. Some assingments may be modified/updated from the previous year, so do not print them out until you see an assignment date from the current school year. To see if an assignment has been collected, look to the far right of the Information Table (Depending on your internet browser, you may need to scroll over to view this) 
    Assignment (Word)
    Date Assigned
    Date Due
    Packet #
    Collision Lab Instructions and data11/5/1311/7/13QC7dyes
    Collision Lab Data Tables Printout11/5/1311/7/13QC7eyes
    Rock and Cliff Activity review11/18/1311/18/13reviewyes
    Collision Lab Data (Tables 4, 5, 6, 7)11/18/1311/20/13Labyes
    Collision Lab (Tables 7,8)11/20/1311/20/13Labyes
    Experimentally Develop Conservation Law11/20/1311/20/13QC9ayes
    Collision Lab Final Requirements11/20/1311/22/13Labyes
    Momentum Problem Set 1 Printout11/20/1311/22/13QC9byes
    "Ph"ocus on Physics Momentum Problem Solving Techniques (PoPpPST) printout11/20/1311/22/13QC9cyes
    Balloon Toss Lab  Printout11/22/1312/3/13QC9dyes
    Egg and Sheet Demonstration12/3/1312/3/13demo
    Balloon Toss Lab activity12/3/1312/3/13Labyes
    Egg Drop Video12/3/1312/3/13demo
    Egg Drop Physics12/3/1312/3/13notes
    start Balloon Toss Lab Data table 1 calculations 12/3/1312/3/13Labyes
    Egg Drop Project12/5/1312/5/13Labyes
    Impulse Box Notes  printout12/5/1312/9/13QC9eyes
    Create Implusle Tool Box12/9/1312/9/13labyes
    Final requirements for Balloon Toss Lab12/9/1312/13/13labyes
    Finish Balloon Toss Lab Data Table 1 and calculations12/9/1312/9/13labyes
    Review questions for momentum Problem Set 112/9/1312/11/13PSyes
    RCN pages 229-235 in the textbook12/9/1312/11/13QC10ayes
    Egg Drop Tutorial  Printout12/9/1312/11/13QC10byes
    Impulse Problem Set 1  Prinout12/9/1312/11/13QC10cyes
    Momentum Problem Set 2 12/9/13?Extra Credit
    Egg Drop Tutorial12/11/13Midterm ExamLabyes
    Impulse Problem Set 1 Part 112/11/13Midterm ExamPSyes
    Fall Final Exam (Midterm)Midterm ExamMidterm ExamTestyes
    RCN pages 238-245 in the textbookMidterm Exam1/14/14QC11ayes
    Discuss Force Notes1/14/141/14/14notes
    Tug-of-War demo1/14/141/14/14demo
    Force Notes printout1/14/141/15/14QC11byes
    Horse and Cart Force Diagram1/15/141/15/14QC11cyes
    Creating a Freebody Diagram1/15/141/15/14Notes
    Force Tutorial 1 (Free Body Diagrams for different rocks)1/15/141/15/14QC14byes
    Freebody Computer Lab Printout1/15/141/17/14QC11dyes
    Freebody Computer Lab Reflection Sheet Printout1/15/141/17/14QC11eyes
    Freebody Computer Lab 2 (Extra Credit) Printout


    ?Lab Extra Credit
    Freebody Computer Lab 2 Reflection Sheet (Extra Credit) Printout1/15/14?QC Extra Credit
    Force Problem Set 1  Printout1/15/141/17/14QC12ayes
    Draw a Free Body Diagram for problems # 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 on the Force Problem Set 11/15/141/17/14PSyes
    Net Force Discussion1/17/141/17/14Notes
    Free Body Computer Lab1/17/141/24/14Labyes
    Free Body Computer Lab Reflection Sheet1/17/141/24/14QC12byes
    Force Tutorial 1 (LM 2 - 9) Whiteboard Activity (Topics Discussed include Balanced Forces and Zero Net Force, Difference between Balanced Forces and Newton's 3rd law, Introduce Forces with 2 jobs)1/22/141/22/14QC12cyes
    FINISH: Freebody Computer Lab, FBCL Reflection Sheet1/22/141/24/14
    "Ph"ocus on Physics Force Problem Solving Techniques1/22/141/24/14QC12dyes
    Download "Cut the Rope" app on your phone or tablet1/24/141/28/14
    Bathroom Pass Slips1/14/14Final ExamExtra Creditno
    Discuss Similarities, Differences and Connections between Exercise 3 and 6 on FBCL1/24/141/24/14Warm up

    Connections between Net Force and Motion Change
    Summary Data Table

    Introduce Newtons 2nd Law1/24/141/24/14Notes
    Newtons 2nd Law Disguise 1 and 21/24/141/24/14Notes
    Problems 1, 2,and 3 on Force problem Set 11/24/141/24/14PSyes
    "Ph"ocus on Physics Force Problem Solving Techniques1/24/141/24/14Notes
    Elevator Example1/24/141/24/14Notes
    Review PoPFPST and Example Elevator problem1/28/141/28/14Notes
    Do problem 4-10 on Forces Problem Set 11/28/141/30/14PSyes
    Question 9 on Physics Classroom Module1/28/141/28/14warm upyes
    Discuss Inertia1/28/141/28/14Notes
    Inertia Water relay activity1/28/141/28/14QC12eyes
    Friction Lab Data Tables  printout1/28/141/30/14QC13ayes
    Connection between the Water Relay and Inertia Discussion1/30/14


    Warm Up

    Design Friction Lab Procedure1/30/141/30/14QC13byes
    Friction Lab Data1/30/141/30/14Labyes

    Excel Graph 5-1 (Sandpaper on Wood)-Linear
    Friction (y-axis) vs Normal (x-axis)

    Graphical Analysis Friction Lab2/3/142/3/14Labyes
    Force Problem Set 2     do problem 22/3/142/3/14Problem Setyes
    Example Solution to problem 22/3/142/3/14PSyes
    Finish Friction Lab Data 

    Force Problem Set 2 printout
    2/3/14 2/5/14
    QC13d yes
    Excel Graph 5-22/3/142/5/14Labyes
    Excel Graph 5-32/3/142/5/14Labyes
    Friction Lab Final Requirements2/5/142/13/14Labyes
    Hoop and Penny demo2/5/142/5/14Lab
     Finish Force Problem Set  1 2/5/142/13/14Problem Setyes
    RCN Pages126-135 in the textbook2/5/142/13/14QC13eyes
    Terminal Velocity Notes2/5/142/5/14notes
    RCN pages 94-101 in the textbook2/7/142/13/14QC14ayes
    Finish back side of Force Tutorial 12/7/142/7/14QC14byes
    Continue Work on Force Problem Set 22/7/142/13/14PSyes
    Newtons laws Video notes2/7/142/7/14QC14cyes
    2nd Law Lab Pre-lab Concept Development 5-2 Page 1 (Printout)2/7/142/11/14
    2nd Law Lab Pre-lab Concept Development Page 2 (Printout)
    2nd Law Lab Data Table 4-1 (Part I)
    2nd Law Lab Data Table 4-2 (Part 2) 2/11/14 2/11/14 Lab  
    Second Law Lab Computer Procedures


    Spring Final Exam Problem Set

    (Worth 4 assignments at the end of the year)


    Final Exam
    Problem setno
    FBDs for Situations Involving Inertia2/11/142/11/4Warm upyes
    Inertia Doesn't Go on a Freebody Diagram notes2/11/142/11/14notes
    Solution for Problem 6 on Force Problem Set 22/11/142/11/14notes
    Force Tutorial 1 (Back Side) Whiteboard review2/11/142/11/14QC15ayes
    Last Chance to Finish Force problem Set 1 and 22/11/142/13/14PSyes
    Car Stopping Problem and Solution 2/13/14 2/13/14 Warm up yes
    Force Benchmark Quiz 12/13/142/13/14Quizyes
    Force Tutorial 2  2/13/14 2/27/14 QC16a yes
    Apple and Moon Video notes 2/13/14 2/13/14 Extra Credit 
    Concept Development 5-2 Page 1 and 2 2/19/14 2/19/14 Warm up yes
    2nd Law Lab Data Taking Practice 2/19/14 2/19/14 Lab yes
    2nd Law Lab Data Part I 2/19/142/19/14Labyes
    Excel Graph 4-1  
    Average Acceleration (y-axis) vs Inverse of Total Mass (x-axis) 
    2/19/14 2/21/14 QC15b yes
    Design Procedure for Part 2 of 2nd Law Lab 2/21/14 2/21/14 Warm Up yes
    2nd Law Lab Data Part 2 2/21/14 2/21/14  Labyes
    Modified Atwood Machine notes2/21/142/21/14QC15cyes
    Discuss Concept Development 5-2 Pages 1 and 2 2/21/142/21/14  QC15dyes
    Excel Graph 4-2  
    Weight of Hanger vs Average Acceleration
    Graphical Analysis Graph 4-1 2/25/14 2/25/14 Lab yes
    Graphical Analysis Graph 4-22/25/142/25/14Labyes
    Calculations Section 2nd Law Lab2/25/142/27/14Labyes
    AOE Data Table 4-3 2nd Law Lab (can not be done on computer)2/25/142/27/14Labyes
    Finish Force Tutorial 22/25/142/27/14QC16ayes
    2nd Law Lab Final Requirements2/25/142/27/14Labyes
    Tape and Table Electrostatic Activity 2/27/14 2/27/14 activity  
    Fundamental Forces discussion2/27/142/27/14notes
    Newton's Law of Gravitation vs. Coulombs Law notes2/27/14 2/27/14 notes  
    Fundamental Forces Video notes 2/27/14 2/27/14  QC16byes 

    Gravitational and Electrostatic Problem Set 1

    printout only


    printout the Spring Final Exam Review Problem Set

    (31 rows above) - printout only
    Force Problem Set 33/3/14  ?Extra Credit 
    Vectors, Sin and Cos notes3/3/143/3/14PSyes
    Gravitational and Electrostatic Force Problem Set3/3/143/7/14Problem Setyes
    Fluids Discussion and Demonstrations 3/3/14 3/3/14 demo  
    Crushing Can Explanation3/5/143/5/14demo
    Final Help with Gravitational and Electrostatic Problem Set  3/5/14 3/7/14 PS yes 
     Lawnmower Problem notes3/5/14 3/5/14  PSyes
    Millikan Experiment Video notes 3/5/14 3/5/14 QC16eyes 
    Circular Motion Problem Set 1 printout3/5/143/7/14PSyes
    Force Benchmark 1 Review 3/7/14 3/7/14 review yes 
    Gravitational Forces, Moon Phases and Tides Discussion 3/7/14  3/7/14 notes 
    Ropes with 2 Jobs notes 3/7/14 3/7/14 PSyes
    Circular Motion discussion and notes 3/7/14 3/7/14  notes 
     Start Circular Motion Problem Set  3/7/14 3/17/14PS yes
    RCN pages 153-156 in the textbook 3/7/14 Extra Credit 
    Circular Motion Lab Data Table 6-13/7/14 3/11/14 QC17a yes
    Circular Motion Lab data 3/11/14 3/11/14 lab  yes
     Weight has 2 Jobs notes3/11/14 3/11/14 PSyes
    Circular motion Problem Set (problems 1-4) 3/11/14 3/13/14 PS yes
     Circular Motion Lab notes3/13/14 3/13/14 lab yes
    Calculations Section for Circular Motion Lab  3/13/14 3/21/14lab yes
    AOE Data Table 6-23/13/143/21/14labyes
    Finish Circular Motion Problem Set 3/13/14  3/17/14PS yes
    Moving in Circles Video notes3/13/143/13/14QC17byes
     Warm up Sheet 1 semester 23/13/14 3/13/14  QC17cyes 
    Fill in NEW Data Table 6-1  
    (you can get a new printout 9 rows above) 
    3/13/14 3/17/14 lab yes
    Bring a 3 x 5 Notecard to class next class 3/13/14 3/17/14  QC20 a and b yes
     Excel Graph 6-1 (Centripetal Acceleration actual on y-axis vs Square of Tangential Velocity on x-axis)3/17/14 3/19/14 lab yes
    Water in Rotating Pail problem (Compare to rollercoaster ride) 3/17/14 3/17/14  notes 
    Force Benchmark 2 Quiz 3/17/14 3/17/14 quiz yes 
    RCN pages 171-178 in the textbook 3/17/14 3/19/14 QC17d yes
    Circular Motion Lab Final Requirements3/19/144/10/14Labyes
    Forces Unit Exam 3/19/14 3/19/14 Exam yes
    RCN pages 375 -386 in the textbook 3/19/14 3/21/14  QC17eyes
    Sound Lab Data Table3/19/14 3/21/14 QC18ayes
    Resonance Demonstration 3/21/14 3/21/14  Demo 
    Sound Lab Notes  3/21/143/21/14 lab yes
    Sound Lab 3/21/14 4/10/14 lab yes
    Sound Lab Final Requirements4/8/144/10/14labyes
    Concept Development 25-14/8/144/10/14labyes
    Graphical Analysis Graph 6-14/8/144/8/14labyes
    Circular Motion Lab Final Requirements4/8/144/10/14labyes
    Sound Video notes 4/8/14 Extra Credit 
    Wave Interference/Duality of Light notes4/10/14 4/10/14 notes  
    Concept Development 25-34/10/144/14/14CD Packetno
    Concept Development 27-14/10/144/14/14CD Packetno
    Finish utube videos for Waves and Resonance4/10/144/10/14notes
    Data Table for Lab next class (printout only)4/10/144/14/14labyes
    RCN pages 257-265 in the textbook4/14/144/16/14QC18byes
    RCN pages 266 - 273 in the textbookQC19d
    Kepler's Laws Video Notes

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