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    Assignment (Word)
    Date Assigned
    Date Due
    RCN Pages 257-265 in the textbook 4/14/14 4/16/14 QC18b yes
    Potential Energy notes (Coconuts vs Sharks)4/14/144/14/14notes
    Energy of a Pendulum Lab Data4/14/144/14/14Labyes
    Excel Graph 11-1 for Energy of a Pendulum Lab
    (PE on y-axis vs Square of Velocity on x-axis) 
    Energy of a Pendulum Lab Data Table 11-14/14/144/14/14Labyes
    G.A. for Energy of Pendulum Lab4/16/144/16/14Labyes
    Work on Energy of a Pendulum Lab 4/16/14 4/16/14 Lab yes
    U Tube - Bowling Ball Pendulums4/16/14 4/16/14 Demo  
    Printout only
    4/16/14 4/18/14 QC18d yes
    "PH"ocus on Physics Energy Problem Solving Techniques printout4/16/144/18/14QC18eyes
    PoPEPST Notes4/18/144/18/14Notes
    Energy of a Pendulum Lab Final Requirements4/18/14 4/22/14 Lab yes
     Work on Energy Problem Set 2 (#1-5)4/18/14 4/22/14 PS yes
    Eureka Video notes (Work, PE, KE) 4/18/14 4/18/14 QC19ayes
    Work and Power  Problem Set 1 
    printout only
    California Screamin Warm up 4/22/14 4/22/14 Warm up no 
    Entropy/Work -Energy Theorem/Power notes4/22/14 4/22/14 QC19c  yes
    Eureka Video notes (Simple Machines)4/22/144/22/14QC19ayes
    Finish Energy Problem Set 24/22/144/24/14Problem Setyes
    Falling Elevator warm up  4/24/14 4/24/14 Warm up no 
     RCN pages 266-273 in Red textbook4/24/14 4/28/14 QC19d yes
    Work and Power Problem Set 1 4/24/14 4/30/14 PS yes
    Keplers Laws Video notes 4/28/14 4/28/14 QC19e yes
    Help with Energy Problem Sets 4/28/14 4/28/14 Problem Set yes
    Force Field Notes 4/28/14 4/28/14 QC20c no 
    4/28/14 4/30/14 QC20d no 
    EM Field Lab Data Sheet4/28/14 4/30/14 QC20e no 
    Work and Energy Quiz 14/30/144/30/14Quizno
    RCN Pages 541 - 545 in the textbook4/30/145/2/14QC21ano
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