These are the Assignments, Labs, Notes, Homework and Quick Checks (QC), Problem Sets(PS), Quizzes, Exams, and Handouts for the Electrostatics, and Electricity Unit. Future Assignment Dates and Due Dates will be filled in as the year progresses. Some assingments may be modified/updated from the previous year, so do not print them out until you see an assignment date from the current school year.  To see if an assignment has been collected, look to the far right of the Information Table (Depending on your internet browser, you may need to scroll over to view this)
    Assignment (Word)
    Date Assigned
    Date Due
    Electric Field Computer Lab  printout only4/28/144/30/14QC20dyes
    EM Field Lab Stamp Sheet and Data Table 4/28/144/30/14QC20eyes
    Bring a Flashdrive to class the next few classes!!! 4/28/14 4/30/14  reminder 
    Force Field/Electric Field Notes continued4/30/144/30/14QC20cyes
    Electric Field Computer Lab Data Part A Started4/30/144/30/14Labyes
    Concept Development 33-25/2/145/6/14Concept Development Packet 
    Static Electricity notes5/2/145/2/14notes
     Electroscope Demonstration
    Force Field Notes continued
    (Potential and Equipotential)
    Finish EM Field Computer Lab Part A data 5/2/14 5/2/14 Lab yes
    Printout Computer Lab Picture # 6   5/2/145/6/14 QC21b yes 
    RCN pages 563-571 in red textbook5/2/14 5/6/14 QC21c yes
    EM Field Lab Part B data5/6/14 5/6/14 Lab yes
    Printout Computer Lab 3D Surface Graph 5/6/14 5/8/14 QC21d yes
    Force Box notes  printout5/6/14 5/8/14 QC21e yes
    Voltage, Energy, Potential video notes 5/6/14 5/6/14 QC22b yes 
    Connection Discussion for Conclusion of EM Field Computer Lab 5/8/14 5/8/14 Lab yes
    Printout Topographical Map 5/8/14 5/12/14 Lab yes
    Force Box Equation Generating Quiz 5/8/14 5/8/14 Quiz yes 
    Force Box Problem Set 1  Printout only 5/8/14 5/12/14 QC22a yes
    Finish Force Field notes 5/12/14 5/12/14 QC20c yes
    EM Field Computer Lab Final Requirements 5/12/145/16/14 Lab yes
    Force Box Problem Set 1 5/12/14  5/16/14PS yes
    Static Electricity video notes 5/12/14 5/14/14 QC22cyes 
    Circuit Lab printout5/12/145/14/14Labyes
    Ohms Law notes 5/14/14 5/14/14 notes  
    Concept Development 34-1 5/14/14 5/16/14 CD Packet  yes
    Introduction to Circuits notes5/14/145/14/14notes
    Circuit Lab Data (series)5/14/145/14/14Labyes
    Circuit Lab Questions Data Table 5/14/14 5/16/14 Lab yes
    Force Box Quiz 1 5/16/14 5/16/14 Quiz  yes
     RCN pages 591-600 in the red textbook5/16/14 5/20/14 QC22d yes
    Finish Circuit Lab Data 5/16/14 5/16/14 Lab yes
    Electricity Problem Set 1  Printout Only5/16/14 5/20/14 PS yes
    Circuits Tool Box (Circuit Lab Conclusion Notes) print out 2 sets5/16/145/20/14QC23ayes
    Circuit Lab Data Connections and Patterns 5/20/14 5/20/14 Warm Up 
    Finish Circuit Lab Data 5/20/14  5/20/14Lab yes
    Equivalent Resistance notes 5/20/14 5/20/14 notes  
    Reducing Complex Circuits group activity 5/20/14 5/20/14 notes  
    Concept Development 35-1 (Series)5/20/145/22/14CD Packetyes
    Concept Development 35-2 (Parallel)5/20/145/22/14CD Packetyes
    Electricity Problem Set 15/22/145/22/14PSyes
    Tesla Master of Lightning video notes 5/22/14 5/22/14 QC22e yes 
    Final Extra Credit Opportunity5/22/146/5/14Extra Credit?
    All Extra Credit (Except for Bathroom Passes) is due by 6/5/145/22/146/5/14Extra Credit?
    Circuit Tool Box discussion5/27/145/27/14notes
    Circuit Puzzle Practice group activity5/27/145/27/14notes
    Concept Development 34-2  5/27/145/29/14 CD Packetyes
    Circuit Lab Final Requirements5/27/145/29/14Labyes
    Circuit Puzzles (front side)5/27/145/29/14QC23byes
    Circuit Puzzles (back side) 5/27/14 6/2/14 QC23c yes
    Concept Development Packet Final Requirements5/27/146/2/14Labyes
    Bathroom Passes5/27/146/9/14Extra Creditno

    Final Exam Review

    5/29/146/2/144 PS grades!!!!!!yes
    End of Course Final Exam (Don't forget your 3 x 5 LIWPMO Card - Each side ,Front and Back, will get a grade)6/2/146/2/14Testyes
    Final RCN pages 671-678 in the textbook6/2/146/5/14QC23dyes
     3x5 LIWPMO Card6/2/146/2/14QC23eyes
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