• These are the Assignments, Labs, Homework Packets, Problem Sets and Handouts for all of the Units we will cover this year.  Future Units, Assignment Dates and Due Dates will be filled in as the year progresses. Some assingments may be modified/updated from the previous year, so do not print them out until you see an assignment date from the current school year. 
    Assignments, Labs and Handouts for the Optics (only because we are starting with Optics) and Kinematics Unit
    Assignment (Word)
    Date Assigned
    Date Due
    1st Semester Bathroom Passes8/14/13MidtermExtra Credit yes
    RCN pages 615-623 in the textbook8/14/138/15/13QC1a yes
    Student Class Survey8/15/138/19/13QC1b yes
    Reflection Lab 1 printout8/14/138/15/13Lab 
    Intro Science Ideas and Reflection Lab Design8/15/138/15/13notes 
    Reflection Lab 18/15/138/21/13Lab yes
    Reflection Lab 1 Questions Class Discussion8/21/138/21/13Lab yes
    Reflection Lab Final Requirements8/21/138/23/13Lab yes
    Ray Diagrams for Curved Mirrors notes8/21/138/21/13notes 
    RCN pages 632-637 in the textbook8/21/138/23/13QC1c
    Reflection Lab 2 Data Table 23-1 printout8/21/138/23/13Lab 
    Reflection Lab 28/23/138/2713Labyes
    Optics Problem Set 1 printout8/23/138/27/13PS
    RCN pages 638-6428/23/138/27/13QC1dyes
    Create a Pin Hole camera (instructions on board or on Google)8/23/139/3/13Labyes
    Reflection Lab 2 (Calculated Values)8/27/138/27/13Labyes
    Optics Problem Set 18/27/139/9/13PSyes
    Refraction Lab 1 printout8/27/138/29/13Lab 
    Refraction Lab 1 Data Tables 23-2 & 23-38/27/138/29/13Lab 
    Start Refraction Lab 18/29/138/29/13Labyes
     Finish Refllection Lab 28/29/139/3/13Labyes
    Physics Lab Donation (Student Form)8/29/139/13/13QC2byes
    Physics Lab Donation Link8/29/139/13/13Optional
    Test out/Discuss Pin Hole cameras9/3/139/3/13Labyes
    Example Optics Multiple Choice Questions9/3/139/3/13notes
    Discuss highlighted problems from Optics Problem Set 19/3/139/3/13PSyes
    Analysis of Errors Tutorial9/3/139/3/13Notes
    Finish Refraction Lab 2 (Questions)9/3/139/5/13Labyes
    Refraction Lab Final Requirements9/3/139/5/13Lab yes
    Refraction Lab 2 Data Table 23-4 printout9/3/139/5/13Lab yes
    Converging vs Diverging Optical devices notes9/5/139/5/13notes
    Start Refraction Lab 29/5/139/11/13Labyes
    Finish Optics Problem Set 19/5/139/9/13PSyes
    Image Formation of Lenses review9/9/139/9/13notes 
    Optics FRQ Set 1 (2008 Q5)9/9/139/9/13FRQ yes
    Optics FRQ Quiz 19/9/139/9/13Quiz yes
    Optics FRQ set 1 (2002 Q4)9/9/139/13/13FRQyes
    Multiple Choice Whiteboard Practice (Optics)9/9/139/9/13notes
    Finish Refraction Lab 29/9/139/11/13Labyes
    Total Internal Reflection notes9/11/13


    Scoring Guide Activity Optics FRQ 19/11/13

    Optics Multiple Choice Quiz9/11/139/11/13Quizyes
    Optics FRQ Set 2 (2006 Q4, 2006 Form B Q4)9/13/139/17/13FRQ
    Wave Characteristics and Young's Double Slit Experiment discussion9/13/139/13/13notes
    How to Read Graphs in AP B discussion9/13/139/13/13notes
    Example Graph Reading (Slope) - 2006 Q49/13/139/13/13notes
    Relative motion, Frame of Reference, Uniform Motion Discussion
    9/17/13QC1e yes
    Data Table 1-1 Rough Draft9/17/139/19/13QC1eyes
    RCN pages 726-731 in the textbook9/17/139/19/13QC2ayes
    Data Galileo Lab Part I9/19/139/19/13Lab yes
    Graph 1-1 (graph paper) - Linear9/19/139/23/13QC2cyes

    Excel Graph 1-1 - Linear

    9/19/139/23/13QC2d yes
    Graphical Analysis Graph 1-19/19/139/19/13Lab yes
    Data Galileo Lab Part 29/19/139/19/13Lab yes
    Graph 1-2 (graph paper) - parabola9/19/139/23/13QC2eyes
    Excel Graph 1-2 - Polynomial9/19/139/23/13QC3a yes
    Scalar vs Vectors9/23/199/23/19notes
    Motion Detector demonstration9/23/199/23/19demo
    Graphical Analysis Graph 1-29/23/1910/3/13Lab yes
    Instantaneous vs Average Velocity9/23/199/23/19notes
    Motion Problem Set 1 / Velocity Tutorial9/23/19TBDPS yes
    Motion problem set 1 #s 1,2,39/23/199/25/13PSyes
    Significant Figures (Digits) Tutorial printout9/23/139/25/13QC3byes
    Scientific Notation Tutorial printout9/23/139/25/13QC3cyes
    Velocity Tutorial review9/25/139/25/13QC5eyes
    Precision of Tools and Significant Figure (Digits) discussion9/25/139/25/13notes
    Significant Figures (Digits) and Scientific Notation tutorials9/25/139/27/13QC3d & eyes
    Motion Problem Set 1 problems 4, 5, 69/25/139/27/13PSyes
    utube video and Bike -Bee Problem9/27/139/27/13notes
    GLX Practice9/27/139/27/13notes 
    Data Galileo Lab Part 39/27/1310/3/13labyes
    Graph 1-3 on graph paper with slope calculated in TSF (Linear)9/27/1310/1/13QC4ayes
    Excel Graph 1-3 (Linear)9/27/1310/1/13QC4b yes
    dt(pt)-Graph Whiteboard review activity10/1/1310/1/13notes
    Graphical Analysis Graph 1-310/1/1310/1/13Lab yes
    vt-graph practice (whiteboards)10/1/1310/1/13notes 
    Motion Graph Tutorial10/1/1310/7/13QC4cyes
    Galileo Lab Questions Part 310/1/1310/3/13labyes
    Final Requirements for Galileo Lab10/1/1310/3/13labyes
    Finish and Review Motion graph Tutorial (A-F)10/3/1310/3/13QC4cyes
    Phocus on Physics Motion Problem Solving Technique10/3/1310/3/13notes
    Finish and Review Motion Graph Tutorial (G, H, I)10/3/1310/3/13QC4cyes
    Start Motion FRQ Set 1 (except part e)10/3/1310/11/13FRQyes
    Draw vt-graphs for problems # 1, 2, 3, 7, 8,10, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19 on page 39 and 40 of the textbook (Motion Problem Set 2 - Summer Assignment)10/3/1310/7/13QC4dyes
    Review vt-graphs from homework10/7/1310/7/13review
    vt-graphs to Kinematic Equations notes10/7/1310/7/13notes
    Triangles from Rest notes10/7/1310/7/13notes
    Skateboard Ramp and Terminal Velocity discussion10/7/1310/7/13
    Finish and Review Motion FRQ Set 110/7/1310/9/13reviewyes
    Period 2 - DO NOT start Motion Problem Set 3 yet. Period 4 did not get to that. 10/7/13
    dt and vt-Graph Review Quiz10/9/1310/9/13Quizyes
    RCN pages 45-52 in the textbook10/9/1310/11/13QC4eyes
    Vectors notes10/9/1310/9/13notes
    Vectors Video notes10/9/1310/9/13QC5ayes
    Vector Simulation Activity Instructions10/9/1310/11/13QC5b yes
    to Vectors activity link
    10/11/13QC5b yes
    Motion Problem Set 3 Printout10/9/1310/11/13 
    Motion Vector Tutorial   Printout10/9/1310/11/13QC5cyes
    Review Motion Graph Tutorial (G, H, I)10/11/1310/15/13QC4cyes
    Review vt-graphs for Motion Problem Set 110/11/1310/11/13PSyes
    Finish Motion Problem Set 110/11/1310/15/13PSyes
    Motion Vector Tutorial10/11/1310/11/13QC5cyes
    Red Car/Blue Car Race10/15/1310/15/13notes
    Kinematics FRQ Quiz 110/15/1310/15/13Quizyes
    Finish Motion Problem Set 310/15/1310/17/13PSyes
    g-Lab Data Table 3-1510/15/1310/17/13QC5dyes
    Final help with motion Problem Set 310/17/1310/17/13PSyes
    Intro to Freefall notes10/17/1310/17/13Notes 
    g-Lab Data &Graphical Analysis10/17/1310/17/13Lab yes
    Excel Graph 3-1510/17/1310/21/13Lab yes
    Final Requirements for the g-Lab10/17/1310/21/13Lab yes
    Patterns Seen for Displacement vs.Time for Freefall 10/21/1310/21/13Notes 
    Rock and Cliff Problem Data Table10/21/1311/7/13QC6cyes
    Projectile Motion Problem Solving Techniques10/21/1310/21/13Notes 
    Motion Problem Set 410/21/1310/25/13PS yes
    Final Help with Motion Problem Set 410/23/1310/25/13PSyes
    Motion Problem Set 510/23/1310/31/13PSyes
    Finish Motion Problem Set 510/23/1310/31/13PSyes
    Projectile Motion Test (FRQ 1994)10/25/1310/25/13Testyes
    RCN Section 26-4 in the textbook10/25/1310/29/13QC6byes
    Law of Falling Bodies video notes10/25/1310/25/13QC6ayes
    Final help with Motion Problem Set 510/29/1310/31/13PSyes
    Reaction Time Lab10/29/1311/14/13Lab yes
    Final Requirements for the Reaction Time Lab11/5/1311/14/13Lab yes
    Motion Graph Lab10/31/1310/31/13Lab yes
    Motion Graph Lab Quiz (vt-Graphs)10/31/1310/31/13Quiz yes
    Motion Graph Lab Quiz (dt-Graphs)10/31/1310/31/13Quizyes
    Motion Graph Lab Quiz (at-graphs)10/31/1310/31/13Quizyes
    Please notes changes to 11/7 and 11/12 classes!!!11/5/1311/5/13
    Collision Lab11/5/1311/7/13QC6dyes
    Collision Lab Data Tables11/5/1311/7/13QC6eyes
    Collision Lab Data11/7/1311/7/13Labyes
    Egg Drop Project requirements and rubric11/5/1312/5/13Labyes
    Egg Drop Project Initial Design11/12/1311/12/13QC7ayes
    Nuclear FRQ Set 111/12/1311/22/13FRQno
    Nuclear Problem Set 111/12/1311/22/13PSyes
    Inetia Video notes11/12/1311/12/13QC7byes
    Ball and Clay FRQ11/12/1311/18/13FRQno
    Motion and Optics Test (Multiple Choice)11/14/1311/14/13Testyes
    Ball and Clay FRQ hint11/18/1311/18/13FRQno
    Rock and Cliff activity review11/18/1311/18/13reviewyes
    Collsion Lab (Finish Data Tables 4, 5, 6)11/18/1311/18/13labyes
    Collison Lab (Finish data Tables (7, 8)11/18/1311/18/13labyes
    Collision Lab (Develop Mathematical Relationship)11/18/1311/20/13labyes
    Law of Conservation of momentum notes11/20/1311/20/13notes
    Collision Lab Final Requirements11/20/1311/22/13Labyes
    "Ph"ocus on Physics momentum Problem Solving Techniques  printout11/20/1311/20/13notes
    Conservation Boxes Problem Set 1  printout11/20/1311/20/13PS

    Conservation Problem Set 1
    (problems on page 188 and 189 of textbook only)

    Rate of Change of Momentum notes11/20/1311/20/13notes
    Ball and Ramp Projectile Lab Quiz11/22/1311/22/13Quizyes
    Add Problems 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19 on pages 188 and 189 of textbook to your Conservation Boxes Problem Set 111/22/1312/9/13PSno
    Balloon Toss Lab Printout11/22/1312/3/13QC
    Egg and Sheet demonstration12/3/1312/3/13demo
    Balloon Toss Lab activity12/3/1312/3/13Labyes
    Egg Drop Video12/3/1312/3/13demo
    Egg Drop Physics discussion12/3/1312/3/13notes
    Balloon Toss Lab Data Table Calculations12/3/1312/3/13Labyes
    Balloon Toss Lab Report12/3/1312/5/13Labyes
    Egg Drop Project12/5/1312/5/13Labyes
    Egg Drop Tutorial  printout12/5/1312/9/13QC7cyes
    Impulse Notes  Printout12/5/1312/9/13QC7dyes

    Force Notes
    Print out page 1 only  !!!!1

    12/5/1312/9/13QC7e yes
    Velocity, Acceleration and Net Force Notes12/9/1312/11/13 

    Freebody Computer Lab Page 1 printout
    Printout Page 1 only !!!!!


    Freebody Computer Lab Page 2 printout
    Printout Page 1 only !!!!!!!!

    Freebody Computer Lab Reflection Sheet Page 1 printout12/9/1312/11/13 
    Freebody Computer Lab Reflection Sheet Page 2 printout12/9/1312/11/13 
    Create Impulse Tool Box12/9/1312/9/13Lab
    Impulse, Bouncing and 2 Dim Momentum notes12/9/1312/9/13notes
    Newton's 3 Laws of Motion notes12/9/1312/9/13notes
    Horse and buggy activity12/9/1312/9/13QC9b
    Egg Drop Tutorial (work outside of class)12/9/13Midterm ExamLabyes
    "Ph"ocus on Physics Force problem Solving Techniques printout12/9/1312/11/13 
    Force Problem Set 1 printout12/9/1312/11/13PS yes
    Force Topics 2 notes (Net Force, Newton's 2nd law, Balanced Forces vs. Newton's 3rd law)12/11/1312/11/13Notes 
    Force problem Set 1 (D Type problems only!!)12/11/13Midterm ExamPS yes
    Freebody Computer Lab12/11/13Midterm ExamLab yes
    Midterm Exam12/19/1312/19/13Testyes
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