• These are the Assignments, Labs, Homework Packets, Problem Sets and Handouts for all of the Units we will cover this semester. SCROLLING DOWN ALLOWS YOU TO SEE CURRENT UNITS AND ASSIGNMENTS!!! Future Units, Assignment Dates and Due Dates will be filled in as the year progresses. Some assignments may be modified/updated from the previous year, so do not print them out until you see an assignment date from the current school year. 
    Assignments, Labs and Handouts for the 1st Semester 
    Assignment (Word)
    Date Assigned
    Date Due
    Net Force Flowchart discussion1/14/141/14/14notes
    Restoring Force (Forces in Springs)1/14/141/14/14notes
    Data Table 6-11/14/141/15/14Labyes
    Force Tutorial 1 (Freebody Diagrams for a Rock)1/15/141/17/14QC10ayes
    Force Multitasking Discussion (Fundementals combined with complexity levels)1/15/141/15/14notes
    Review problems 3 and 8 on page 98 (Force Problem Set 1)1/15/141/15/14reviewyes
    Hookes Law Lab data1/15/141/15/14Labyes
    Graph 6-1 Demo1/15/141/15/14Labyes
    Excel Graph 6-11/15/141/17/14Labyes
    Graphical Analysis Graph 6-11/17/141/17/14Labyes
    Hookes Law Lab Final Requirements1/17/141/28/14Labyes
    FRQ 2009 (goes with Hookes law Lab)1/17/141/28/14Labyes
    Force Tutorial 1 Whiteboard Activity1/17/141/17/14QC10byes
    Force Problem Set 1 Whiteboard Activity (1 problem per group)1/17/141/22/14QC10cyes
    Simple Harmonic Motion Demo and Discussion 1/22/141/22/14Notes
    Springs and Pendulums (Frequency and Period Equations)1/22/141/22/14Notes
    SHM FRQ Set 1 (Springs)1/22/141/22/14FRQyes
    Force Problem Set 1 Whiteboard Activity Presentations (Topics Covered - Elevators (Tension and Normal), Terminal Velocity and Maximizing Effectiveness of Tension)1/22/141/22/14QC10dyes
    Force Problem Set 1 1/22/141/24/14PSyes
    Friction Lab Data Tables1/22/141/24/14Labyes
    Help with FRQ 2009 (Intro PE and Conservation of Energy)1/24/141/24/14Labyes
    Friction Lab Procedure Design1/24/141/24/14Labyes
    Friction Lab Data1/24/141/24/14Labyes
    Excel Graph 5-11/24/141/28/14Labyes
    Excel Graph 5-21/24/141/28/14Labyes
    Excel Graph 5-31/24/141/28/14Labyes
    Force Problem Set 2   printout1/24/141/28/14QC10eyes
    Graphical Analysis Friction Lab1/28/141/28/14Labyes
    Friction Lab Final Requirements1/28/141/30/14Labyes

    Do problem 36 on page 101
    (Force Problem Set 2)

    Review Example Problem Solution problem 36 on page 1011/28/141/28/14PSyes
    Discuss and show Example Problem Solution for Net Force is Friction problem1/28/141/28/14Notes
    Show Example Problem Solution for Incline Plane problem1/28/141/28/14Notes
    Start Force Problem Set 21/28/142/3/14PSyes
    More Work on Force Problem Set 21/30/142/3/14PSyes
    Force Problem Set 2 Review (Featured Solutions include Tightrope Walker and Modifired Atwood Machine)1/30/142/3/14PSyes
    Start AP Multiple Choice Group Whiteboard Quiz 1 Semester 2 1/30/14TBAQuizyes
    Tape and Desk Activity2/3/142/3/14demo
    Gravitational and Electrostatic Force Notes2/3/142/3/14notes
    Centripetal, Gravitational & Electrostatic Force Problem Set 12/3/14TBDPSyes
    Gravitational and Electrostatic Problems and Questions2/3/142/5/13PSyes
    Energy of a Pendulum Lab Data2/3/142/3/14Labyes
    Data table 6-1 (Energy of a Pendulum Lab)2/3/14TBDLabyes
    Excel Graph 6-1 (Polynomial)2/3/142/5/13Labyes
     Last Review of Force Problem Set 22/5/142/7/14PSyes
    Graphical Analysis Graph 6-12/5/142/5/14Labyes
    Calculations section for Pendulum Lab2/5/142/5/14Labyes
    Energy of a Pendulum Lab Final Requirements2/5/142/11/14Labyes
    Continue with AP Multiple Choice Group Whiteboard Quiz 1 Semester 22/5/142/5/14Quizyes
    Final Review for Gravitational and Electrostatic Problems on Problem Set (Concepts addresed - micro Coulombs, sign convention in numerator, Net Force on charges)2/7/142/19/14review
    Conservation of Energy discussion2/7/142/7/14notes
    "Ph"ocus on Physics Energy Problem Solving Techniques2/7/142/7/14notes
    Finish Conservation Boxes Problem Set 12/7/142/13/14PSyes
    Back Side of Ball and Clay FRQ 12/7/142/11/14FRQyes
    Hoop and Penny Inertia Demo2/11/142/11/14Demo
    Circular Motion and Centripetal Force/acceleration discussion2/11/142/11/14Notes
    Continue work on Simple Harmonic Motion FRQ Set 1 (Circular Motion on Back)2/11/142/19/14yes
    Last review for Conservation Problem Set 12/11/142/13/14yes
    Continue to Work on Gravitational, Electrostatic and Centripetal Force Problem Set2/11/142/19/14PSyes
    Force Benchmark Quiz 12/13/142/13/14Quizyes
    Entropy and Work notes 2/13/14 2/13/14 Notes  
    Finish SHM FRQ Set 1
    (Force-Distance FRQ 1997) 
    2/13/14 2/19/14 FRQ yes
    Car and Hanging Ball FRQ (1995)2/13/14 2/25/14 FRQ yes
    2nd Law Lab Instructions2/13/14 2/19/14 Lab 
    2nd Law Lab Computer Procedures2/13/14 2/19/14 Lab 
    2nd Law Lab Data Table 4-1 2/13/14 2/19/14 Lab yes
    2nd Law Lab Data Table 4-22/13/14  2/19/14Lab yes
    Selected Solutions for G, E & C Force Problem Set2/19/142/21/14Problem Setyes
    2nd Law Lab Data Parts 1 and 22/19/142/19/14Labyes
    Excel Graph 4-1  
    Average Acceleration (y-axis) vs Inverse of Total mass (x-axis)
    2/19/14 2/21/14 QC11a yes
    Graphical Analysis Graph 4-12/21/14 2/21/14 Lab yes
    Demo Excel Graph 4-2 2/21/14  2/21/14Lab yes
    Graphical Analysis Graph 4-2 2/21/14 2/21/14 Lab yes
    2nd Law Lab Calculations and Error Sections 2/21/14 2/25/14 Lab yes
    Final Requirements 2nd Law Lab2/21/14 2/25/14 Lab yes
    Fluids Notes 1 (Buoyancy Force)2/25/142/25/14Notes
    Fluids FRQ Set 1 - FRQ 5 (2009)2/25/142/27/14FRQyes
    Continue with MC Group Whiteboard Quiz 1 2/25/14 2/25/14 Quiz yes
    Fluids Problem Set 1  Printout2/25/14 2/27/14 QC11b yes
    Fluids Notes 2 (Density, Pressure)2/27/142/27/14notes
    continue work on Fluids Problem Set 12/27/143/13/14PSyes
    AP Multiple Choice Exam 1 Semester 22/27/14 2/27/14 Testyes 
    Fluids Notes 3 (Volume Flow rate, Bernoulli) 3/3/14 3/3/14 notes  
    Fluids Demonstrations 3/3/14 3/3/14 Demo  
    Finish AP Multiple Choice Group Whiteboard Quiz 1 3/3/14 3/3/14 Quiz yes 
    Fluids Notes 4 (Bernoulli Boxes) 3/5/14 3/5/14 notes  
    Fluids FRQ Set 1 4(2008) & 4(2007)3/5/143/7/14FRQyes
    Force Benchmark Quiz 23/5/143/5/14Quizyes
    Fluids FRQ Set 1 Scoring Guide Activity3/5/143/5/14FRQyes
    Force Boxes Notes printout3/7/143/11/14QC11cyes
    Force Boxes Problem Set 1  printout only3/7/143/11/14QC11dyes
    AP FRQ Test - Atwood Machine 3/7/14 3/7/14 Test yes
    RCN Pages 272-279 in the textbook 3/7/14 3/11/14 QC11e yes
    Crushing Can demo 3/7/14 3/7/14 demo  
    Forces Review FRQ Set 3/7/14 3/13/14 FRQ yes
    The Millikan Experiment Video notes 3/7/14 3/7/14 QC12a yes
    Final Help with Fluids Problem Set 1 3/11/14 3/13/14 PS yes
    Force Box Equation Generation Quiz3/11/14 3/11/14 Quiz yes
    Electrostatic Problem Set 1 (Force Boxes)3/13/144/18/14Problem Setyes
    Force Field notes3/13/143/13/14notes
    Finish grading Force Box Equation Generating Quiz 3/13/14 3/13/14 Quiz yes 
    Concept Development 33-2 3/13/14 3/17/14 CD Packet 1ayes
    EM Field Computer Lab3/13/143/17/14Lab
    EM Field Computer Lab Data Sheet3/13/14 3/17/14 Lab yes
    EM Field Computer Lab (part A)3/17/14 3/19/14 Lab yes
    Force Box FRQ Set (2006 and 1998)3/17/143/19/14FRQyes
    Display AP Multiple Choice Exam information sheet 3/17/14 3/17/14 
      Electroscope Demonstration3/17/14 3/17/14 Demo  
    Electrostatic notes (Uniform Field, Movement due to Potential, Ohm's Law) 3/19/14 3/19/14 notes  
     AP Multiple Choice Forces Unit Exam 23/19/14 3/19/14 Test yes
    EM Field Computer Lab Data Part B 3/19/14 3/19/14 lab yes 
    Final Requirements EM Field Computer Lab3/19/14 4/16/14 lab yes
    Sound Lab Data Tables3/19/14 3/21/14 lab yes
    Concept Development 34-1 Ohms law 3/19/14 3/21/14 CD Packet 1b yes
    delayed due date because period 4 did not receive Requirement 5 
    3/21/14 4/14/14 lab yes
     Sound Videos3/21/14 3/21/14 demo  
    Electric Circuit Lab printout only3/21/144/8/14Labyes
     Heat Problem Set3/21/14 4/10/14 PS yes
    Reviewed Open vs Closed Pipe Wave Resonance 4/8/14 4/8/14 notes  
    Phase Diagram notes 4/8/14 4/8/14 notes  
    Circuit Lab data 4/8/14 4/8/14 lab yes
    Circuit Lab Conclusion Data Table4/8/144/10/14notes
    FRQ #6 (2012) 4/8/14 4/14/14 lab yes
    Circuit Tool box notes4/10/144/10/14Notes
    Compound Circuits notes4/10/144/10/14notes
    Concept Development 35-1 Series Circuits4/10/144/14/14CD Packet 1cyes
    Concept Development 35-2 Parallel Circuits4/10/144/14/14CD Packet 1dyes
    Circuit Puzzles4/10/144/14/14Labyes
    Finalize EM Field Computer Lab 4/14/144/16/14labyes
    Adding Electric Fields vs Electric Work notes4/14/144/14/14notes
    Force Box FRQ Set (Q3 2005) 4/14/14 4/18/14 FRQ yes
    Circuit Lab Questions Data Table4/14/14 4/16/14 Lab yes
    Circuit Lab Final Requirements4/14/144/18/14Labyes
    SMOOP Link 4/16/14 4/16/14 Web Link  
    AP Preregistration discussion4/16/14 4/16/14   
    Capacitors notes 4/16/14 4/16/14 notes  
    Circuits FRQ Set 1 4/16/14 4/22/14 FRQ yes
    Electricity Problem Set 14/16/144/22/14Problem Setyes
    Finish Circuits Lab 4/16/14 4/18/14 Lab yes
    Concept Development 34-2 4/18/14 4/18/14 CDPacket1e yes
    Kirchoffs Laws4/18/144/18/14notes
    Finish Circuits FRQ Set 14/18/144/22/14FRQyes
    Review Student Solutions
    FRQ 2 and 4 (1998)
    Scoring Guide Activity for
    Circuits FRQ Set 1 
    4/18/14 4/18/14 FRQ yes
    Electricity Problem Set 24/18/144/24/14Problem Setno
     Circuit Puzzle Quiz 14/22/14 4/22/14 Quiz yes
    AP B Multiple Choice Review 14/22/14 4/22/14 Review  
    Introduction to Magnetism Tool Box notes 4/22/14 4/22/14 notes  
    printout only
    4/22/144/24/14Extra credit?
    Review Optics unit   4/22/14 4/24/14 Review  
    Magnetism Tool Box notes for Magnetism Problem Set 1 4/24/144/24/14   
    Magnetism Problem Set 1 4/24/14 4/30/14 Extra credit?
     Magnetism FRQ Set 1 Q3 (2009),
    Q7 (2000)
    4/24/14 4/30/14 Extra credit ?
     AP B Multiple Choice Review 24/24/14 4/24/14 Review 
     Magnetism Tool Box notes 3 (Transformers and Energy Transmission)4/28/14 4/28/14 notes 
    AP B Multiple Choice Review 2 4/28/14 4/28/14 Review  
    Magnetism Problem Set 24/28/145/2/14Extra credit?
    AP B Multiple Choice Review Exam Answer Sheet4/28/144/30/14QC12byes
    AP B Multiple Choice Final
    (Either 1998 or 2004) 
    4/30/14 4/30/14 Test yes
    AP B Multiple Choice Group Final
    AP B Multiple Choice Solution Activity
    5/6/145/6/14 Exam ReviewYes
    Sign Up for AP Physics SMOOP Class
    (I will receive an e-mail confirming you have done this) 
    5/6/14 5/8/14 Review
    SHMOOP Session 1 5/6/14 5/6/14 Exam Review  
    Review This List 

    SHMOOP Session 2

     Any other input must be arranged to be done in S213 by 5/12!!!!!!

    5/8/145/8/14Exam Review
    AP B Exam Review  May 8th 3:45 - 6pm?
    Joint Review with MMHS AP B Students!!!!
    Location VMHS Room S213
    5/8/145/8/14Exam Review
    Complete and Review Solutions for SHMOOP Free Response Practice Exam 1  5/8/14 5/12/14 Exam Review  
    AP Exam Final Review Session 3 Bagelfest 
    PHOCUS: Equations given to you on FRQ Exam 
    5/12/14 5/12/14 Exam Review  

    AP B Physics Exam!!!! 5/12/14

    A-L Science Lecture Hall
    M-Z P118
    Set Calculator to Degrees Mode and remember How Wicked Smaahhht You Aaahhhh!!!! 
    5/12/145/12/14AP B Exam!!!!!
    Participation Grade 1 5/14/14 5/14/14 PS yes 
    Tesla vs Edison video5/22/145/22/14notesyes
    LJME Gate Student Lab day 5/27/14 5/27/14 Lab  yes
    Making Rockets day (Bring Tape)6/2/146/2/14Labyes
    Launching Rockets/Final Draft of Lab/Working on Bottle Cars6/4/146/4/14Labyes
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