These are the Assignments, Labs, Lessons, Homework, Problem Sets and Handouts for the Alchemy Unit. SCROLLING DOWN ALLOWS YOU TO SEE CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS!!! Future Assignment Dates and Due Dates will be filled in as the year progresses. Some assingments may be modified/updated from the previous year, so do not print them out until you see an assignment date from the current school year. 
    Assignment (Word)Date AssignedDate Due
    Packet #
    Student CLASS SurveyQC1a
    1st Semester Bathroom Pass SlipsExtra Credit
    Introduction to LBC Lesson FormatNotes
    Class Syllabus

    Elementary Knowledge Sheet
    Safety ContractQC1b
    Conversion SheetQC1d
    Periodic TableQC1e
    RCN Chapter 1QC2a
    Chemistry Lab Donation SheetQC2b
    Lab Donation Link


    Lab Donation Sheet with parent signatureQC3a
    Penny for your Thoughts ActivityLBC Lesson
    Whatsa Matter LessonLBC Lesson
    Temperature and its MeasurmentNon LBC Intro Lesson a  
    Significant Digit and Scientific Notation TutorialsQC3b & c
    Matter-Substances vs. Mixtures practiceNon LBC Intro Lesson b
    Physical vs. Chemical Changes practice Non LBC Intro Lesson c
    Physical vs. Chemical Properties practiceNon LBC Intro lesson d
    Whatsa Matter Check-inCheck-in
    Whatsa Matter HomeworkLBC Lesson
    Elementary Knowledge Test 1Test
    RCN pages 55 - 64 in textbookQC2c
    All That Glitters Lab/LessonLBC Lesson
    All That Glitters Data TableLBC Lesson
    How to Properly Measure NotesNotes
    All That Glitters Check-inCheck-in
    All That Glitters HomeworkLBC Lesson

    Table of Contents Title Sheet

    Bi-Weekly Grade Reports printoutQC2e
    A New Language Lesson Data TableLBC Lesson
    A New Language dataLBC Lesson
    A New Language HomeworkLBC Lesson
    A New Language Check InCheck-in
    Density Problem Set Non LBC Density Lesson a
    Measuring Practice with Graduated Cylinders 
    Non LBC Density Lesson b

     % Error practice sheet

    Non LBC Density Lesson c

    % Error Data Table for Density Lesson
    Non LBC Density Lesson d

    RCN pages 25-35 in textbook
    Non LBC Density Lesson e
    Non LBC Density Lesson a, b, c, d, eNon LBC Density Lesson
    Create a Table Lesson Data

    LBC Lesson

    Create a Table Check-in
    Create a Table HomeworkLBC Lesson
    Significant Figures practice 2Non LBC Intro Lesson e
    Non LBC Intro Lesson a, b, c, d, eNon LBC Intro lesson
    Intro Quiz 1Quiz
    Chapter 3 Problem Set 1Non LBC Review 1 Lesson a
    Week 4 Bi- Weekly Grade CheckQC3d
    Breaking the Code activityLBC Lesson
    Breaking the Code Check inCheck in
    Breaking the Code HomeworkLBC Lesson
    Unit 1 Mid Unit Exam Test ReviewNon LBC Review 1 Lesson b, c, d, e
    UA I3 L2 Data Table printoutQC3e
    Non LBC Lesson Alchemy Review 1Non LBC Review Lesson 1
    Elementary Knowledge Test 2Test
    Time in class to work on Alchemy Review 1Non LBC Review Lesson 1
    Mid Unit ExamTest
    Building Atoms Activity
    LBC Lesson
    Chem Catalyst Notes UA I3 L2LBC Lesson
    RCN pages 151-158 in textbookQC4a
    Building Atoms Homework

    Building Atoms Check-in

    Parts of an Atom Data Table Lesson

    AS1 None LBC Lesson 1 a

    Life on the Edge ActivityLBC Lesson
    Elementary Knowledge Test 3Test
    RCN pages 127-134 in textbookQC4b
    Life on the Edge Check-inCheck-in
    Life on the Edge HomeworkLBC Lesson
    1st Semester Bathroom PassesExtra Credit
    Atomic Structure Quiz 1Quiz
    Atomic Structure Crossword Handout

    AS1 Non LBC Lesson  1 b
    Periodic table Riddles
    AS1 Non LBC  Lesson  1 c
    Periodic Table Worksheet
    AS1 Non LBC  Lesson  1 d
    Periodic Table Puzzle

    AS1 Non LBC Lesson 1 e
    Atomic Structure 1 Non LBC LessonAS1 Non LBC Lesson  
    Bohr Models Atomic # 1-20AS2 Non LBC Lesson  2 a
    Electron Configuration Level 1 practice

    AS2 Non LBC Lesson 2  b
    Electron Configuration Level 2 practice

    AS2 Non LBC Lesson  2 c
    Sublevels Discussion and Notes (Stupid Parrots Don't Fly)
    Blank Periodic Table Lesson- Group Names, Sublevels
    AS3 Non LBC Lesson 3 c
    Orbitals and Electron Spin Discussion and Notes
    Blank Periodic Table 1 - Last Filled Sublevel
     AS3 Non LBC Lesson 3 a
    Competition Activity (Electron Configurations, Sublevels, etc.)

    Possible extra credit
    Valence Electrons Practice

    AS2 Non LBC Lesson 2 d
    Lewis dot Structure Practice
    AS2 Non LBC Lesson 2 e
    Atomic Structure 2 Non LBC LessonAS2 Non LBC Lesson
    Atoms to Ions Explaination and notes

    Blank Periodic Table Lesson - Oxidation Number
    AS3 Non Lesson 3 c
    Nuclear Decay Discussionnotes
    Island of Stability GraphND1 Non LBC Lesson 1 a
    Island of Stability Questions 1-10ND1 Non LBC Lesson 1 b
    Its Greek to Me Data Table 1 and Questions 1 & 2ND1 Non LBC Lesson 1 c
    Its Greek to Me Questions 3 - 10ND1 Non LBC Lesson 1 d
    RCN pages 805-812 in textbookAS3  Non LBC Lesson 3 e 
    Nuclear Decay Non LBC Lesson 1ND1 Non LBC Lesson 1
    Bi- Weekly Grade Check (Week 10)QC4c
    Nuclear Decay PracticeND1 Non LBC Lesson 1 e

    Nuclear Chemistry Worksheet Questions


    ND2 Non LBC Lesson 2 a
    Nuclear Chemistry Worksheet Questions 16-26ND2 Non LBC Lesson 2 b
    Decay Scheme of U-238 Highlighted PathND2 Non LBC Lesson 2 c
    Decay Scheme of U-238 equationsND2 Non LBC Lesson 2 d
    Nuclear Equations Quiz 1Quiz

    Blank Periodic Table Lesson

    Individual Oxidation Numbers including Transition Metal Exceptions

    AS3 Non LBC lesson 3 b

    Blank Periodic Table Lesson

    Atomic Radii, First Ionization Energy, Electronegativity

    AS3 Non LBC Lesson 3 d
    Atomic Structure Non LBC Lesson 3AS3 Non LBC Lesson 3
    RCN pages 821-831 in the textbookND2 Non LBC Lesson 2 e
    Nuclear Decay Non LBC Lesson 2ND2 Non LBC lesson
    Ionic Bonding Discussion and Notes
    Ionic Bonding Lesson

    AS4 Non LBC Lesson 4 a
     Writing Formulas (Criss-Cross method)Lesson
    AS4 Non LBC lesson Lesson 4 b
    Naming Ionic Compounds LessonAS4 Non LBC Lesson 4 c
    RCN Pages 211-220 in textbookQC4d
    Electrolytes Data Table Lesson

    AS4 Non LBC Lesson 4 d
    Ionic Naming Lesson 2AS4 Non LBC Lesson 4 e
    Atomic Structure Non LBC Lesson 4AS4 Non LBC Lesson 4
    Alchemy Unit Exam Study Guide

    Alchemy Unit Exam
    RCN pages 241-247 in the textbookQC4e
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