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    New Lab Groups 
    Fall Final Exam Group RetakeTest 
    Race for Absolute Zero video notes (period 5 and 6 only)QC7b 
    RCN pages 277-283 in the textbookQC7c 
    Half Life of Radioactive Isotopes activityExtra Credit 
    Conservation of Mass discussionnotes 
    Types of Reactions Notesnotes 
    Classification of Chemical Reactions activity Consevation of Mass Lesson 1c (Non LBC)82 
    Writing Formulas from Names PracticeConservation of Mass Lesson 1d (Non LBC)82 
    Mixed Reaction Types activityConsevation of Mass Lesson 1e (Non LBC)83 
    Balancing Equation Lesson 1 (# 1-5)Conservation of Mass Lesson 1a,b (Non LBC) 81
    Balancing Equations Lesson (#6-21)Consevation of Mass Lesson 1a,b (Non LBC)81 
    Scrub the Air lessonLBC Lesson84-87 
    Balancing Equations Quiz 1Quiz 
    RCN pages 284-291 in textbookQC7d 
    Scrub the Air lesson (continued)LBC Lesson84-87 
    Scrub the Air Homework LBC Lesson 87
    Scrub the Air Check InCheck In 
    Finish Mixed Reaction Types activityConsevation of Mass lesson 1e (Non LBC)83 
    Toxins at Work lesson (Activity only)QC8a 88
    Toxins at Work Check InCheck In 
    Word equations/Predicting Products of Chemical Reactions activityExtra Credit (Both sides-All answers correct) 
    Non LBC Lesson Conservation of Mass 1Conservation of Mass Lesson 1 a-e (Non LBC)81-83 
    Elementary Knowledge test 4 (100 or 0)Test 
    RCN pages 292-298 in the textbookQC8b 
     Lethal Dose LessonLBC Lesson89-92 
    Lethal Dose HomeworkLBCLesson92 
    Check In Lethal DoseCheck In 
    Introduce the concept of "The Mole"Notes 
    Molar Mass NotesNotes 
    Molar Mass Data Table activityNon LBC Mole Lesson 1 a93 
    Molar Mass Practice activityNon LBC Mole Lesson 1 b93 
    Mole Bridges Notes 1Non LBC Mole Lesson 1 c94 
    Molar Mass Conversions activity (Moles to Grams and back)Non LBC Mole Lesson 1 d95 
    Page 346 in textbook Problems 89-93Non LBC Mole Lesson 1 e96 
    RCN Pages 309-319 in the textbookQC8c 
    Calculator CheckQC8d 

    Grams to Numbers and back practice

    (Molar Mass Calculations con't)
    Non LBC Mole Lesson 2 a 101
    Finding Solutions lessonLBC Lesson 97-100
    Finding Solutions Data Table 1LBC Lesson98 
    Finding Solutions Data Table 2LBC Lesson98 
    Non LBC Mole Lesson 1Non LBC Mole Lesson 193-96 
    Molarity Tool Box notesNon LBC Mole Lesson 2 b 102
    Finding Solutions activityLBC Lesson98 
    Finding Solutions Check InCheck In 
    Finding Solutions HomeworkLBC Lesson100 
    RCN Pages 453-462 in the textbookQC9a 
    Holey Moley Data Table part 1Non LBC Mole Lesson 2 d 104 
    Holey Moley Data Table Part 2
    Non LBC Mole Lesson 2  e104 
    Molarity CalculationsNon LBC Mole Lesson 2 c103 
    Stoichiometry Practice printout only
    Mole Island NotesNotes 

    Stoichiometry Practice Mapping Practice

    (Mole to Mole and Mass to Mass)
    Non LBC Mole Lesson 3 a,b105 
    Mole Island Maps Whiteboard activitypractice 

    Maps to Bridges practice

    (Mole to Mole and Mass to Mass)
    Non LBC Mole Lesson 3a,b105 
    Mole island Maps (Molarity)Non LBC Mole Lesson 3 c105 
    Stoichiometry LabPrintout onlyLab 
    Stoichiometry Prelab Map and BridgeLab 
    Stoichiometry Lab Data and QuestionsLab 
    Notebook Table of Contents (up to date)
    Stoichiometry Practice (Molarity)Non LBC Mole Lesson 3 c105
    Stoichiometry Practice (mixed)Non LBC Mole Lesson 3 d105
    RCN Pages 364-373 in the textbookNon LBC Mole Lesson 3106
    Non LBC Mole Lesson 2Non LBC Mole lesson 2101-104
    Non LBC Mole Lesson 3Non LBC Mole lesson 3105-106
     Stoiciometry Quiz 1Quiz 
    Finish Stoiciometery practiceNon LBC LMole lesson 3a-d105
    RCN pages 595-600 in the text bookQC9b
    Solutions CrosswordNon LBC Mole lesson 4 a107
    Solubility CurvesNon LBC Mole lesson 4 b107
    More Mixed Stoichiometry problemsNon LBC Mole Lesson 4 c108
    Liter to Particle Practice problemsNon LBC Mole Lesson 4d108
    Stoichiometery Mole Island Mapping ReviewNon LBC Mole Lesson 4 e109
    Stoichiometry Quiz 2Quiz
    RCN Pages 663-669 in the textbookQC9c
    Acid and Base CrosswordNon LBC Acid/Base Lesson 1 b110
    Hydrolysis of Salts Non LBC Acid/Base Lesson 1 b110
    Acid and Base notes 1 (Neutralization Reactions)notes
    Neutralization Reactions practiceNon LBC Acid/Base Lesson 1 e112
    Acid and Base Notes 2notes
    Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases practiceNon LBC Acid/Base lesson 1c111
    Conjugates Acid Base Pairs practiceNon LBC Acid/Base Lesson 1 d111
    Acid Base notesQC9d
    Acid and Base Information Data Tables             QC9e
    Acid and Base notes 3(Characteristics and pH)notes
    RCN pages 600-613 in the textbookNon LBC Acid/Base Lesson 2 d113

    Page 631-632 in the textbook

    Do problems 88, 90, 87 & 89
    Non LBC Acid/Base Lesson 2 a114
    Acid/Base Practice Data TableNon LBC Acid/Base Lesson 2 b114

    Acid/Base final practice

    Non LBC Acid/Base Lesson 2 c115
    Non LBC Mole Lesson 4Non LBC Mole Lesson 4107-109
    Tritration LabLab
    Toxins Unit Exam Reviewstudy guide
    Toxins Unit ExamTest
    RCN pages 617-625 in the textbookQC10a
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