• Student Created Video Games - Video Game Design 1 and 2vid

    websites:video gaming one:  http://vmhsvideogaming.weebly.com 

    video gaming 2:    vmhsgaming2.weebly.com   and   
    video gaming 2:    vmhsgaming2.weebly.com
    Students are immediately attracted and engaged with video games.  The fastest growing segment of the entertainment market.  The students worked hard on these games and learned a lot about programming.
    Video Games: Games created by students
    These files are exe files. You will need to download them to your computer before viewing. They are safe. They might take a little time to load.
    Video Game student now host there own website that support their classwork, artwork, and video games.  Listed below are the link the the website.  Please feel free to explore the creativity of the projects of my students.
    Screenshot_1.pngHelp Super-Mega-Millionare Bill Gates take out the competition! The evil Steve jobs is trying to take over the world with his Apple™ IOS softwear and nobody will stop him! Its up to Bill Gates to stop this reign of terror before its too late!  play the page

    Halloween - Spooky Games

    Period 2 Outstanding Students
    Escape the Hunters  by Milan Kankrlik  zombie attack by Eric Gonzalez
    maze of zombie By Dillion Brown   die before you sleep  by R. Clark
    pumpkin catch by   Sam  Carlier
    Period 4 Outstanding Students
    CandyRun by Evan OKeefe     the graveyard  Lathan McGhee 
    maze game jesse pfau            block defender game 
     Rainbow reef  and  Catch the bubble  by Jake Carter  Shadow Castor  by Jessica Casillas  
    Chibi Hunter's Great Escape  by Tiffany Reed

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