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    About My Classes:
        I teach FOUR levels of ART here at VMHS. ALL of my classes are year-long and fall under the Visual Arts category for graduation requirements.  Students should plan to take all four in consecutive years, however, I have made exceptions for many gifted artists. I will always happily review your portfolio to determine the best placement. 
    I am also the club advisor for the BUTTON MAKING club where we produce, market and sell wearable art buttons.  
    Art & Design 1, is a beginning course where students will be exposed to a variety of drawing and painting fundamentals. Primary focus is on design basics and the elements and principles of art. Study of a variety of artists throughout history will also be shared as we work our way through an overview of ART.  Students will develop and build upon skills from assignment to assignment, growth is likely and very individual.
    Advanced Drawing & Painting is the second year of study, and is made up generally of those students who found great success and passion in their first year.  Here, we will build upon those skills and knowledge practiced in Art 1 by honing & improving. Projects and assignments at this level will challenge and force students to realize their own strengths and weaknesses.  Decision making and critical thinking skills become much more imparative.
    Studio Art is often thought of as "pre-AP" as students at this level are serious and intentional in their art-making.  The focus at this level is refining skills and building a solid, broad all-encompassing portfolio.  While prompts are still given, students have much more independance to find their style and practice new mediums learning what works best for them individually.
    AP studio Art is for serious student of art.  These students will likely seek a future career and higher education with emphasis in the arts.  Students must be self motivated and highly independant. The AP portfolio, which must be completed by the spring and submitted to College Board, should not be taken lightly.  Each is completley individual and requires up to 25-40 hours outside the regular classroom to produce the quality College Board is expecting.  The rigor of this course should not be ignored or shrugged off.  Most students are seniors, but need to have enough self-awareness to be able to manage & organize their personal & family commitments, other course work, work and the production work of this course.  Students will have very specified deadlines (set by college board), the inability to meet required time commitments will affect their overall grade & ultimately their portfolio.


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