• Click on the link in any Daily Language/Vocab Assignment to open the complete list, to date, of all Daily Language exercises and Vocabulary Words, along with the dates assigned, dates collected and point value of each week's assignment. 
    For Example: If you were to open the Assignment for "Daily Language/Vocab Week 7" there will be a link entitled "Daily Language/Vocab Combined List Spring 2016" and that link will take you to the list of all warm-ups and Vocab for the semester to date.
    Daily Language and Vocabulary - Procedure
    Every day we begin class with a short warm-up emphasizing grammar, mechanics, spelling, usage, MLA format and/or new vocabulary words.
    Sometimes we will go over the work together, as a class, and sometimes students are on their own to apply the skills we have practiced.
    The vocabulary assignments include some homework--about 10-15 minutes a day--to find some professionally written examples of the vocabulary words "in action."  The instructions for the vocabulary work can be found on a paper I handed out the first week, or on the link below:

    Click on the link below to see the complete procedure for Vocabulary work, and a sample page.

    Vocabulary Procedure and Example

    You may also click on the link below to view the PowerPoint we saw in class:

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