• Lunch Time Activities

    WOOOHOOOOO jump rope

    Lunch Time Activities are an essential element of the P.L.U.S. Program. The goal of the PLUS activities is not to create separation, but to create unity and teamwork. The students participating in the activity will find themselves working with complete strangers towards the goal of engaging with a variety of people of different backgrounds. Our intention of lunch time activities is to create the idea that strangers are just friends that you have not met yet. Most school lunch time activities have individuals competing one-on-one whereas PLUS Lunch Time Activities have many people working as a team.

    Some examples of these activities are:

    *Journey of Choices

    *Hula Hoop Relay

                *Team Jump Rope                                                           

                *Foam Football Water Bucket Relay

                *Connect the Dots

                *Get in the Box

                *. . . and Much more!


Last Modified on April 17, 2017