Educational Services Administration

Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services
  • The Educational Services team is lead by Assistant Superintendent Mary Walters (pictured left). The department is comprised of six divisions: Elementary Education, Family Services, Professional Development for teachers and school staff, Secondary Education, Special Education, and Student Support. Jointly, the divisions provide instructional policy and support to 21 schools from grades TK-12 including but not limited to curriculum, library services, educational technology tools, career technical education, visual performing arts, athletics, counseling and health services. 

  • Educational Services Administration Contact 

    Mary Walters- Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, phone 696-1600 ext: 1026

    Faythe Mutchnick-Jayx- Executive Director of Elementary Instruction, phone 696-1600 ext: 1178

    Jennifer Schriver- Executive Director of Secondary Education, phone 696-1600 ext: 1018

    Rhonda LaVigne- Assistant Superintendent's Secretary, phone 696-1600 ext: 1026

    Tami Slagill- Secretary Elementary Education, phone 696-1600 ext: 1178

    Sheri Calderon- Secretary Secondary Education, phone 696-1600 ext: 1018

    Sean McCarthy- Coordinator Instructional Support, Professional Development, Induction, phone 696-1600 ext: 1280

    John Fox- Coordinator of Ed Technology, ITL/ITC and Computer Science (K-8), phone 696-1600 ext: 1176

    Bob McGonigal- Coordinator K12, Assessment and Data, AP meetings, High School Counseling Programs, phone 696-1600 ext: 1057

    Erica Franklin- Secretary Instructional Support/Professional Development/Induction/Ed Tech and Assessment, phone 696-1600 ext: 1028

    Joe Parla- Coordinator for Elementary, Counseling, Assistant Principals, Coaching & Support, phone 696-1600 ext: 1184

    Valerie Backus- CTE Coordinator, phone 696-1600 ext: 1264

    Chris Shore- Coordinator for Secondary ELA, Math,and Science; Textbook Piloting/Adoption, Work Teams, DSLI MS/HS, phone 696-1600 ext: 1261

    Mick Wager- Coordinator, Grant Plans, Secondary VPA/Competitions, MS Transformation, MS Counseling, Male Mentoring, phone 696-1600 ext: 1048

    - Coordinator for Elementary EL, ELPAC, phone 696-1600 ext: 1007

    Sam Jones- Accounting Specialist, phone 696-1600 ext: 1036

    Shannon Lopez- District Librarian, phone 696-1600 ext: 1225

    Tamara Gogos- Instructional Materials Technician, phone 696-1600 ext: 1226
Last Modified on January 24, 2022