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    CTE Digital Filmmaking: Mrs. Kristell

    Murrieta Mesa High School   •  951-677-0568 ext. 6109  •  tkristell@murrieta.k12.ca.us

    Filmmaking focuses on the aesthetic qualities of television and movie production and analyzes the impact of digital video technology as an alternate form of communication in today's society. This course meets UC/CSU (f) and MVUSD graduation requirements for Visual & Performing Arts or elective credit.
    Filmmaking is designed to give students the opportunity to create presentations using videography—the process of recording sound and visual images on electronic media. Fieldwork involving school activities and collaboration with classmates will provide students with experiences capturing video as well as interacting with others.
    Students develop skills in video production using the technologies of audio-video equipment and computer-based editing software, primarily Final Cut Pro X. These video basics are stressed: DV technology, the development and creative process, editing, production, effects and presentation.
    Opportunities for creativity, problem solving, individual and group interaction, and decision making are incorporated as 21st century job skills.  Instruction in the creative process that precedes any movie or television project including story boards, script writing, re-writing, collaboration, and more rewrites will be a main focus while presentation skills and presenting projects will also be a focal point. Students will learn the history of filmmaking and the technological advances in the art form while studying the impact of current digital video trends on our society from a social, economic, and political viewpoint. 

    All curriculum content for Filmmaking will be on the district's Haiku Website for students and Parents. Please see directions for making a student account or parent account.  

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