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    Welcome to Art 2 (Advanced Drawing and Painting)
    Course # 6030 - Grade Level: 10-12                                                                                                    
    Prerequisite: Art 1 - Length: Year

    This course meets UC/CSU and District graduation requirement for Visual and Performing Arts and incorporates the National Core Art Standards. Art 2 is the second pathway of the fine arts program which builds and expands the experiences of Art I and Design.  Students will continue to create original works of art while exploring a variety of materials and techniques and investigate art movements, cultures, artists, and historical periods to understand the influences they have on art.  Students will develop personal goals and philosophies through the flexibility and creativity of projects and art mediums with an emphasis on portfolio development. Students will maintain an art journal that shows the processes and planning of assignments and projects including: sketches, notes, critiques, reflections and samples as well as participate in written and oral critiques, presentations and self-evaluations
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