• Course Overview

    Please note that Careers/ICT is a graduation requirement that must be passed to fulfill on classes for graduation. We will focus on 4 major areas of study. Microsoft Office (Word, Sway, PowerPoint & Excel), College, Careers & Digital Citizenship. In our college unit, we will explore the different types of colleges available today along with the associated cost, specifics of what to expect academically, probably work/study, lifestyle, etc.  We will also be researching different careers that are related to each student based upon personality and work habit assessments. Digital citizenship will deal with appropriate web postings, language, pictures, etc. As well as consequences for these behaviors



    5 Objectives in ICT this semester
    1. Exploration of colleges including college curriculum expectations, costs, acceptance requirements, etc
    2. Exploration of various careers
    3. Goals for understanding Microsoft office 2016. Products to include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneDrive storage. 
    4. Organizational requirements in terms of the written components of classwork: notes, reflections, final thoughts, tables charts, etc.
    5. Goals for typing speeds of 45 wpm and the acceptable requirements for business, 2020.



Last Modified on February 28, 2021