• UT QUEST Homework Service
    Follow the instructions to register.
    1. Get an EID
    a. Click on the link: UT EID
    b. Click "Get a UT EID"
    c. Click "Continue"
    d. Select "no" for the 4 questions on the next page, then click "continue"
    e. Fill out the forms. Use your real name. Leave the "UT Austin ID Card Number" blank
    f. Answer the 3 reset questions with something you will remember
    g. Make a password and password hint
    h. Confirm the settings and click "Create my UT EID"
    i. Write down your UT EID (save it in your wallet). You will use this to log on to the service.
    j. IF it asks you do you want to login, don't. Login to UT Quest using the link below.
    2. Go to UT Quest
    Click on this link:
    a. Login with your EID and password
    c. Click on the Enroll in New Course
    d. Enter the Unique # as below, then click "Lookup Course Info"
    e. Click "Request Enrollment"
    f. Now you have to wait for me to approve you as a student.
    Physics Period 2 = MurrayPhysP2
    Physics Period 4 = MurrayPhysP4
    Physics Period 3 = MurrayPhysP3
    Physics Period 5 = MurrayPhysP5
    Physics Period 6 = MurrayPhysP6
    AP Physics = Murray7APB
    Click the following link for Frequently Asked Quest Questions: http://web4.cns.utexas.edu/quest/support/student/index.htm
    If you ever encounter a problem with Quest (such as log in errors, etc.) the email address for Quest Help is: quest-help@utlists.utexas.edu
Last Modified on September 25, 2012