• Effective January 9, 2011, the following changes go into effect for drivers dropping off students at MVHS.

    CHANGE: From Fullerton, there will be no drop-off or pick-up for cars in front of the World Language Building.  All traffic entering the school from Fullerton must drive straight through the gate and drop off airport style in the administration loop one way, and then continue driving to exit onto Nighthawk Way (right hand turn only).  While in the loop, students may be dropped off at the 600 hallway, the front lobby, or by the pool. Please do not stop by the first gate or traffic will back up.
    Reason: Our buses that used to drop off on Washington have been converted to drop off in front of the World Languages Building.  Between staff parking and bus drops-offs, we cannot accommodate parent drop off or pick-up. Traffic cones will indicate that traffic will proceed straight through the gate.
    CHANGE:  There will be no entry to the lower parking lots off Fullerton/Douglas. Where Fullerton becomes Douglas in the curve, we have an EXIT from the lower parking lots.  Please do not use the EXIT as an entrance. Cones will indicate that traffic cannot enter. Please use Hayes Street to enter the lower student parking lot and EXIT onto Fullerton or Douglas.
    Reason: When the buses exit from their new drop-off zone, they need lots of space to round the curve. We cannot accommodate incoming traffic where the buses are exiting.
    To review, we now have five drop off/pick-up locations:
    Download the Traffic Flow Map

    1. Along Washington Street there is a special drop off zone; students walk through the turn stile and cross the fields. This is a great way to avoid traffic!

    2. Enter Nighthawk Way and drop off in the front by the arch or in any of the four lanes. Please do not cut across lanes to get to the exit faster. You endanger students and staff parking their cars.

    3. Enter Nighthawk Way and drop off in the lower student parking lot. That entrance is next to Thompson.

    4. Drive to Vineyard, turn on Hayes and drive into the lower student parking lot by Creekside. Cars can then exit onto Fullerton/Douglas or to Nighthawk Way.

    5. Enter Fullerton, turn right, drive through the gate and drop off airport style in the “Administration loop”; all cars exit to Nighthawk Way, making a right hand turn only. Traffic is one way only during peak times (7:00 to7:45 AM and 2:15 to 2:45 PM)

Last Modified on December 28, 2011