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    Sp I: Week #8: May 25-29, '20 - ¡Cambios! ¿Vas a cambiar o no?

    Sp I: Week #8: assignment #1 - ¿Cómo estás si vas a la playa?

    ¿Cómo estás este día?  Wishing you were somehow here again♫ (Phantom of the Opera)  

    The goal is still to use these ideas to write (talk to people) in Spanish.  Please watch a short

    video about Day of the Dead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlRzfL1BGbI  ¿Qué pasa

    a la chica? ¿Cómo está ella?  She starts sad and ends happy.  What changes?  How is this like

    Corona-virus?  What good can you see coming out of this?


    Sp I Week #8: Assignment #2 - Review (Goal = half p of work / 10 sentences)

    Review U2E3: What are people GOING to do (p. 149)? Let the activities on p 149-150 in the

    text and p 53 in the Más Práctica help you decide what you would like to say/write about.

    Connect your sentences so they have a common theme.  Your brain will remember these

    connections easier.  EX: Yo voy a hacer ejercicio, pero mi hermano va a ver la tele, etc. Add

    when, where why and with whom for variety.  See U2E3 notes from Sr, C: 

    https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/18307 and / or watch Señor Jordan's ideas:

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwre7GpYzLY.  Or, watch and comment on Julieta

    Villegas' song. "Me voy"♫ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8rBC6GCUjg .  Pick what

    you like & let it guide your writing☺!


    Week #8: Assignment #3 - Current work (Goal=half pg of work / 10 sent)

    Here a re lots of ideas!  Current work from U3E3: Using Direct Object Pronouns (DOP's) to

    keep from repeating the DO's.  See the notes on p 224 and examples in Sr. C's notes on DOP's

    - U3E3 Apuntes: https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/18307:  Try this stuff out using the

    acts in the text on p 225 and in Más Práctica p 79 to give you ideas.  Señor Jordan has his

    ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVXSusr9nTg  Check out the Gipsy Kings song,

    Escúchame to see a DOP used a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8j9eVJg6tY.

    How about the Present Progressive?  It comes in pretty handy.  See text p 227 and the MP p 80.  

    Watch Enrique Iglesias' "Bailando"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUsoVlDFqZg (2.8

    billion views.  Dancing, running, singing, playing music...This is the present progressive tense☺  

    It describes what is happening with no other translation! Voy = I go AND I am going). 

    Week #8: Assignment #4 - Buena Gente S3E5 Goal= half p. or 10 sent) 

    Enjoy watching the last episodio of temporada 3 of Buena Gente: 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaTnAW_xi7s .  Alejandro is ready to leave

    for Madrid today, but Sandra has a problem.  Find out what it is and how they make the

    best of a tough situation...Much like we do everyday during corona-virus cuarantina.  

    Describe the action as best you can (Are you using Spanish or English subtitles?).  Are you

    good at resolving problems?  Give some examples...en Español.  If you don't know the word

    or phrase, use English so you can keep writing in Español. Te gustaría viajar?  Es posible

    estar en tu casa en la mañana y estar MUY lejos en la tarde / noche???  ¿Adónde quieres ir?  

    ¡Qué divertido pensar en eso! ¡Nos vemos! 


    Sp I: Week #7: May 18-22, '20 - It's a Cinderella story (Cenicienta)


    Sp I: Week #7: assignment #1 ¿Cómo está Becky G?

     ¿Cómo estás este día / semana?  I am still missing you and wishing you well.  The goal is to

    write (talk to people) in Spanish.  Is anything different going on that is effecting your feelings/

    mood?  ¿Qué pasa?  ¿Conocen a Becky G?  Ella es una cantante.  Watch this video "Muchacha"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPZE34y3JTM  (a Cinderella story) and describe how she

    is feeling before, during and after the party.   ¿Qué piensas de una mujer mecánica? 1/2 page/

    10 sentences of good stuff☺


    Week #7: Assignment #2 - Review (Goal = half p of work / 10 sentences) 

     Review U2E2: Interrogative words (p. 131). Let the activities on p 132-133 (acts 15-18) in the

    text and p 48 in the Más Práctica help you decide what you would like to say/write about. Write

    2-3+ sentences that have a common theme.  Your brain will remember these connections easier.

     EX: ¿Qué haces hoy?  Cuándo vas al parque?  ¿Cuál es tu parque favorito?  Also, check out what

    Señor Jordan has to say about the differences between "Qué and Cuál": 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKzj-PWEiBA   Finally, Play Quizizz for a good, fun review.  

    The link should have been sent to you or you can use the code on my "Class page" -

    https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/9336.  PS ¿Cómo es Estadio Azteca (text p 132) con much

    gente? check it out!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egUEf5Xcgac 


    Week #7: Assignment #3 - Current work (Goal=half pg of work / 10 sent)

    Current work from U3E3: El tiempo en el Yunque (rain forest in Puerto Rico:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMPt8Cvq254 ).  Check out the weather note on p 220.

     Read p 214-215.  Look over text acts on  p 221-222 and Más Práctica p 76-77.  All these things

    will give you ideas for writing and talking to family and friends in Spanish☺.  Sr. Jordan may be

    helpful with weather: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdMQROm3qXs .  Also, see p 223 to

    begin learning "Tener expressions."  Practice on p 223-224 and MP p 78.  Describe how people

    feel?  Lucky? Right? Cold? Hot? Afraid? etc.  In Spanish,  use "tener" instead of "to be"...Example

    Tengo suerte (I have luck) makes sense in Spanish☺.  Check out some students who had fun with

    tener phrases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzHZw4aXGY4  (Hilarious! Start here☺) 


    Week #7: Assignment #4 - Buena Gente S3E3 Goal= half p. or 30 min)

    Watch Buena Gente S3E4 (7 min): Watch with Spanish subtitles (English subs are also available,

    if needed☺): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEEyRZM3hlc  Remember the big goal is to

    connect sentences about stuff you see and what it makes you think about.  These questions may

    help you get the ball rolling: ¿Quíen es la mujer que visita a Alejandro?  Ella le da a Alejandro un

    paraguas rojo o negro?  ¿Por qué Sandra es tan emocionada?  Va a jugar al futbol o al voleibol?  

    ¿Qué tiempo va a hacer in Madrid?  Va a llover?  ¿Escuchas de los vecinos otra vez?  ¿Cómo son

    ellos?  ¿Te gusta el pelo de Alejandro? ¿Cómo es?


    Sp I: Week #6: May 11-15, '20 - Distance Learning...¡El día de las madres!

    Week #6; Assignment #1 - Greetings and warm-up (Half page / 5-10 sentences)

    ¿Cómo está tu madre hoy?  ¿

    Qué pasa con ella ahora?  Watch this tender video about an

    abuela waiting for her family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhTCfZSXrSQ.  ¿Que

    piensas?  ¿Por qué es importante recordar a las madres?  ¿Está emocionada la abuela de

    ver a su famila?  ¿Cómo sabes?  ¿Cómo estan ellos?  Describe el día de las madres para tu


    Week #6 Assignment #2 - Review (Goal = half pg+ of work or 5-10 sentences)

    Review U2E2: Telling Time (p. 128).  After checking out the notes on Time (Telling time vs.

    saying AT what time something is), Let the activities on p 109 in the text and p 46 in the Más

    Práctica help you decide what you would like to say/write about. Or, say what time your Mom

    does things: eats, works, talks to you plays games with you, swims, etc  Ex: A las doce, mi

    Mamá almuerza conmigo.  Son las 8 y mi Mamá corre en el parque..  Watch one of Señor

    Jordan's lessons on Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvPh6-9BgQU.  ¿Qué piensas

    de su camiseta?


    Week #6: Assignment #3 - Current work (Goal=half page or 5-10 sentences)

    From U3E2: Comparisons (notes on p 202 or Sr. C's web-page...click on U3E2, then scroll

    down: https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/18307).  Check out the acts in the Text (p 203-

    204) and Más Práctica (p. 72) for writing ideas.  Is your Mom taller than you?  Who is smarter☺?

     Who is stronger?  Who is older, your Mom or your Dad?  Who is younger, your Mom or her

    siblings? Etc  Check out Sr. Jordan's video on comparisons:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHYUjQZhtSk  and see if the alligators will help you to

    make comparisons.

    Week #6: Assignment #4 - Buena Gente S3E2 Goal= half p. or 5-10 sentences)

    Watch Buena Gente S3E3 (8 min): Watch with Spanish subtitles (English subs are also available,

    if needed☺): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXvNT-1jA0I&t=44s   Remember the big goal

    is to connect sentences about stuff you see and what it makes you think about.  These questions

    may help you get the ball rolling.  ¿Qué compra Sandra? ¿Por qué?  ¿Es bueno comprar comida en

    un aeropuerto? ¿Por qué?  ¿Dónde necesitas pesos? ¿Euros?  ¿Si hace sol, es necesario llevar un

    paraguas? ¿Alejandro quiere ser demasiado preparado?  ¿Los vecinos hace mucho ruido (noise)?

    ¿Cómo?  Es cómico que Alejandro se olvida muchas cosas?  ¿Esto ocurre a ti, a veces?  Mira un

    video de La Oreja de VanGogh durante la cuanantina:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tomkCbTwE9E.   Es un grupo MUY popular en España,

    donde va Alejandro.  ¿Qué piensas?  ¿Te gusta o no?

    Sp I: Week #5: May 4-8, '20 - Distance Learning...¡El cinco de mayo!

    Pick and choose in each section to write half a page, or so.  What interests you?


    Week #5; Assignment #1 - Greetings and warm-up (Half page / 30 min)

    ¿Cómo estás hoy?  ¿Qué pasa contigo ahora? Watch a music video and learn about "el

    cinco de mayo.  Share your comments.  Where is your favorite place for Mexican food?

    Luis Miguel “México en la piel" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C816JkS-hLw

    El cinco de mayo : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinco_de_Mayo


    Week #5: Assignment #2 - Review (Goal = half pg+ of work or 30 min)

    From U2E2: Un horario dificil - Talk / write about where you go on a daily basis...and

    where other people go to celebrate el 5 de mayo (use "ir" notes: text p 126.)  See the 

    acts on text pages 126-7 and Más Práctica p 45 for ideas for writing topics.  More notes

    at:https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/18307 .  Listen to Señor Jordan for even more

    ideas to write about: https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/18307.  Ready to sing "Hip

    HOP??? Try this out & write about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDHg_gpIqKM


     Week #5: Assignment #3 - Current work (Goal=half page of work or 30)

    From U3E2: Current Work: The overall topic is "Deportes para todos," so thinking about

    Sports is a good start.  Use saber and conocer (notes p 201) to talk about what you know

    how to play (saber) and what people you are familiar with (conocer).  Writing idea will 

    come from text p 201-2 and MP p 71.  Check out Señor Jordan for a tutorial: 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjcLJDIgTV8.  My notes may also be helpful:   https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/18307


    Week #5: Assignment #4 - Buena Gente S3E2 Goal= half p. or 30 min)

    Watch Buena Gente Season 3 Episode 2(6+ min): Watch with Spanish subtitles (English subs are

    also available, if needed☺): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxHqnpOTiw0 .  Remember

    the big goal is to write about stuff.  Do you recognize Gabriel from earlier episodes?  Would you

    change to a smaller suitcase (maleta más pequeña).  Google "Touring Madrid" and see what 

    these places are like (Palacio Nacional, Museo del Prado, the dish Paella).  What do you "saber"

    about your neighbors?  ¿Te gustan galletas (cookie)?  Cuales so tus favoritas?  Write half a

    page about what interests you.  Plan a trip to Spain.  How much is the flight? 




    Week #4 - April 27 - May 1, 2020 - Distance Learning...¡Jugamos!

    Week #4; Assignment #1 - Greetings and warm-up (Half page / 30 min)

    ¡Bienvenido /-a a semana #4!  ¿Cómo estás hoy?  ¿Qué pasa contigo?  ¿Juegas

    deportes? ¿Fútbol? ¿Kubb☺? ¿Golf de Disco? ¿Natación? ¿Baloncesto?  ¿Otros?  Spend time

    thinking and writing about sports you like or don't like.  ¿Juegas a juegos or video juegos?  

    Board games?  Which ones?  The goal here is to "flow" your Español.  IF you don't know a

    word, use the English.  Use as much Spanish as possible.  Then, when done, look up a few

    word & write them down to practice them☺!

    Week #4: Assignment #2 - Review (Goal = half pg+ of work or 30 min) 

    Review U2E1: Conjugating -ar verbs.  Write, say and draw about things that interest you...

    using the verbs on p. 105.  See notes on page 105 and activities 7-10 to give you ideas.  

    Look at Más Práctica pages 37-38 for more ideas about what to write about.  This is a

    "School" section, but I invite you to use your imagination to say things that happen around

    your house with family and friends.  Goal: create with -ar verbs...saying things that are true

    or silly.  Ex: Mi madre (no) me enseña preparar comida mucho.  For more support and a fun

    "ar song,, check out Señor Jordan:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoJmchlWJks Enjoy☺

     Week #4: Assignment #3 - Current work (Goal=half page of work or 30)

    Current work: U3E2 - Using stem-changing verbs to talk about Playing sports, "planning" to

    play sport and other things: Jugar, pensar, empezar and others (see page 198-199 and acts

    5- 11 for ideas to write and draw things).  For more ideas, check out Más Práctica pages 67-

    70.  Although sports are the topic in U3E2, I invite you to be creative and write and draw

    about things you prefer, plan or want to do this summer.  Goal=write half a page about what

    is going on in your life (use verbs on page 198-199).  Check out Señor Jordan for support on

    stem-changing verbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18zgcTNvQ5I  Remember talk to

    family and friends to practice what you are learning☺

    Also, go for a high score on Quizizz and see how this practice will help☺! 

    Week #4: Assignment #4 - Buena Gente S3E1 Goal= half p. or 30 min)

    Watch Buena Gente Season 3 Episode 1 (6+ min): Watch with Spanish subtitles (English subs are

    also available, if needed☺)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUy1O8k4TA8&t=104s.   and do

    your best to figure out was is going on with these two cousins (Sandra y Alejandro).  ¿Qué

    deporte juega Sandra?  ¿Y tú, tu familia y tus amigos?  ¿Qué juegan Uds? ¿Adónde va Alejandro en

    unos días?  Write about their interests and what Alejandro is taking on his trip.  How much stuff

    do you need for a week long trip  Do you agree with Alejandro's selections?  How about the

    neighbors that play loud music?  Have you ever had trouble getting along with your "vecinos?"  

    Explain  Goal=write half a p. of work or 30 min.  Feel free to google "Madrid" and find out what a

    touring would want to see☺!  Look up some words you don't know and write them down☺!



    Week # 3 - April 20-24, 2020 - Distance Learning...¡Muévense!

    Week #3! Assignment #1 - Greeting/Warm-up (30 min of work/half page+)

    ¿Cómo estás hoy?  Comment on how you want (quiero...) to spend your free time today / this week.

     ¿Qué acabas de hacer?  ¿Cómo te gusta la actividad?  ¿De dónde vienes?  ¿Qué hacen tus amigos?  

      What are their families doing?

    Week #3 Assignment #2: Review (30 minutes of work / half page+)

    Review U1E3 - 2 ways to show possession and "Hay" (there is... / there are...).  

       1st. See p 78 to show possession with "de." See acts 10-12 for practice ideas

       2nd See p 80 to show possession with adjectives. See act 13-15 for practice ideas

      *Comment on people and their belongings:  Maria es mi amiga. Su pelo es largo.  Tomás y yo tenemos

         bicicletas. Nuestras bicicletas son rojas. etc

      *Hay una chica en el parque.  Ella es alta y se llama Maria.  Hay dos bicicletas nuevas. Son rojas. 

     Check out "Señor Jordan's" YouTube lesson on possessive adjectives (4+ min):


    Week #3: Assignments #3 - Current Work (30 min of work / half page+)

     ¡Me Gusta el Tiempo Libre! U3E1 - Practice extending invitations, Accepting / Declining invitations,

      Saying what people just did, Say where people are coming from, Say how people feel.

     1st - See page 186-187 (Repaso) for ideas to write about

     2nd - See Más Práctica pages 61-64 for more ideas to write about

     Check out a 4-minute YouTube video from "Señor Jordan" about "acabar + de + infinitive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BZalafcGNk

      *Remember, the text and MP are there to support your ideas...Not to be your ideas. It is best to

        write about YOUR family and friends.  Practice your Spanish on them!  Sharing is caring☺!

    Week #3: Assignments #4 - 30 minutes / half page (+) of work

    Watch Buena Gente: Season 2, Episode 5 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sUCTBVoFso :

    Comment on the cousins. ¿Qué llevan?  Use as much Spanish a you can.  Look up some words

      you don't know.  Write them is the margin. 

     What the cousins (Alejandro and Pamela) do and say.  Whose birthday is being celebrated?  

      How is it being celebrated?  What is wrong with the cake (pastel)? 

      *Describe the last party you remember.  What made it good or not so good?

    Thank you for your effort this week #3!  There should be about 2 pages of work to show that

    your Spanish is getting better.  It is also there to review and build upon☺! Submit your word doc

    through TEAMS.  Yea!!!



    Week # 2 - April 13-17, 2020 - Distance Learning...¡Vámonos☺!

    #1 of Week 2 - Greetings / warm-ups: 2 lessons: 10 min each (a and b)

       Write for 10 minutes (half page or so of writing each):   *Use as much Spanish as possible.  Look up a few words that you don't know in Spanish.  Write them down and build your vocabulary☺!

       a -¿Cómo estás?  ¿Por qué? Discuss upcoming b-days. How to celebrate?  What they want / need? Family b-days? Friend's b-days? Google it☺ "April Birthdays". 

       b - ¿Cómo estás? ¿Por qué? What do people like to do (me gusta... le gusta... nos gusta...) during the COVID-19 quarantining??? Look at verbs lists for ideas... page 139, 163, etc.

     #2 of Week #2: Review: 2 lessons (15 minutes each: a and b)

    The general goal is to write a half page or more.  Draw pictures in the margins.  Personalize it to your life and what you know.

    a  Review "fechas importantes" (see p 82-87)  Write important dates (birthdays and others - El cumpleaños de mi hermana es el dos de junio)

    b.  Review Using -ar verbs to say what people do (p. 105).  Say when, where and with whom for variety.  (Mi madre me ayuda a mí mucho) 

    #3 of Week #2: Current Work: 2 lessons (15 minutes each: a and b) 


     Complete half a page of work for each lesson (a and b).  Draw pictures in the margins and share what you are doing with family and friends☺!

       a.  Current Work: Look at "Gustar+ infinitive" on page 181 of the textbook.  See that it is calling for the Indirect Object (IO) with the "IO pronoun?"  This is create "emphasis" and "clarity."  Example:  A Juan le gusta jugar.

            See acts 15 to 17 (p 181-182) for ideas to say / write what people like and don't like to do.  Example: A Juan no le gusta estar en casa todo el día.

       b.  Current Work:  Look at phone vocabulary on page 182.  Now look at acts 19 and 20 on p 183 to give you ideas of what to create to use this vocab.

    #4 of Week #2: Buena Gente: 2 lessons (15 minutes each: a and b)

    Watch Episodes 3 and 4 this week and write half a page to discuss what you  saw, liked, didn't like, learned.  Describe the characters.  What is with English AND Spanish subtitles

        a.  Watch season 2, Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y77EpOxYfvk. Has do you like the trabalengua? (Tres tigres trites...?  Mateo mentions Frida Khalo's Blue house. https://www.museofridakahlo.org.mx/en/the-blue-house/multimedia/  What is not working now?  There always seems to be some problem.  How sad.  How about your house???

        b.  Watch season 2 episode 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfw-Q66Anzg .  Qué pasa con el refriador?  Qué pasa en este episodio? ¿Cual es el nuevo trabalenguas?  ¿Cómo juegas Pirinola? ¿Te gusta?



    Español I - Assignment  for April 8/9, 2020.  ¿Listos?  ¿Todos listos?

    This lesson could be less than 60 minutes, but no longer than 90 minutes.  Complete it by noon, Friday.  Report back by emailing what percentage of this WEEKS assignments you have completed: more than 90%...more than 75%...more than 50%.  Do not send pics of your work at this time.  Nighthawk integrity in action!  Your participation may earn you points on your final grade: 90% = 10 points, 75% = 6 points and more than 50% = 3 points.  This is subject to approval.  May your Spanish knowledge keep growing as you prepare for the future! 


    Primero: Lee las instruciones (1st: Read the instructions☺) 

    5-10 min       1.  Greeting / getting warmed up: ¿Cómo estás hoy? ¿Por qué?  Oye!  ¿Tienes una

                               mascota?  Tell me about tu perro / gato / pájaro?  ¿Cómo se llama (-n)  ¿Cómo

                               es? ¿Your pet's "appearance / look? ¿Cuál es su personalidad?  ¿Que hace todos

                               los días? Te gusta tu mascota mucho o poco?  No tienes una mascota? Inventa

                               una mascota.  Escribe por 5-10 minutos.  Dibuja tu con tu mascota☺

    10-15 min.   2.  a. Review Numbers 0 to 100: Find Number 0-10 on p. 21 and 11-100 on page 91

                              of the text.  Create 10 sentences telling 5 people's birthday's and their ages 

                              b. Now, play "Spanish #'s from 0 to 100 in  "Quizizz."  You have unlimited

                              opportunities, so go for your highest score and most knowledge!

                              Feel free to take notes on things you want to remember or build on.  What did

                              this game make you think about?  How does this info apply to you and things

                              you want to do or say?


    10-15 min  3. a.  Continue from Monday's U3E1 assignment and read the notes on "venir de"

                               (text 179).  Apply this knowledge to activities 12 and 14 to say where a variety

                              of people are coming from and what they just did (see "acabar de" on page 178)  

                               Ex:Mi Mamá viene del supermercado.  Ella acaba de comprar fruta / toilet paper.


                            b.  Now, play "Reg/Irreg verbs "" in Quizizz.  Same as #2a: use as many

                                 attempts as you like to get your highest score  and learn the most. 


    10 min       4.  Watch season 2 episode 2 of "Buena Gente"

                           (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SeIcxKcPgY). Write a brief summary of                             

                            what  you liked, what you think of Tenochitlan, or of what you need at the

                            ferretería.  Do you know any tongue twisters?  How old are the cousins?


    Buen hecho!  Congratulations!  When you have finished, send me a short email telling

    me what percentage of the assignments you completed this week (más que 50%, mas de

    75% o más de 90%).  When are you thinking about Spanish as you go through your day? 

    Look for opportunities to learn more and share your interests and idea☺!  Remeber to

    write down words and phrase you look up or want to know.  Yea for building your Spanish

    vocabulary, knowledge and use!


    Español I - Assignment  for April 6/7, 2020.  Welcome back! I missed you☺!

    These should take about 60 minutes.  We will be using "Quizizz" so please register to do so☺.  I also 

    hope to be using flipgrid, but the learning curve is sharper than anticipated to get it just right.

    Here we go:

    1. (5-10 min);  ¿Cómo estás?  Write down what is occupying your thoughts.  What have you been doing the last 3 weeks?

    Wrtie the highlights, the lowlights and your hope for today.  Use as much Spanish as you know.  Look up a few words☺!


    2.  (5-10) How well do you know how to defend against COVID-19?  Take the quiz on "Quizizz" to find out.  100% is the goal.


    3.  (5-10) Take the "ropa" quiz on "Quizizz"  & play until you get it 100%.  Write down 5-10 words/phrases.  Now describe 

    somebody's outfit at home☺.  ¿Qué llevas?  ¿Qué lleva un hermano, papá o mamá?


    4.  (5-10) Review work: Look at page 67 in the text and draw/create 5 different people.  Include appearence, personality

    and their clothing with color.  Read p. 48-49 for support.


    5.  (5-10) New work (U3E1):  Read about "acabar de + infinitve" on p. 178.  Using activites on p 189 and p 163, write 10 things that

    just happened (yo acabo de ir al cine).  Now look at p 176 and say how a person feels after doing these 10 activities (Estoy contento).


    6.  (5-10) Watch episode 1, season 2 of "Buena Gente" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QsR3eAcDlY )  Write your comments on

    the characters, the mouse, world travel, Tenochitlan.  Write for 5 minutes.  Like #1, write as much as you can in Spanish.  After 5 minutes, look up a few words you didn't know☺


    Let me know what you think and how this first lesson went.  We are still a class and we will be seeing each other soon☺!   


    Español I - Assignments for Mar 26-27 (We are just getting the Spanish ball

    rolling.  Find your interests and learn more about them in Spanish. Share☺! 

    #1. Compare your notes with the notes of Sr. C: What did you write and talk about?

              1a.  Nice lady speaks from home about corona-virus and painting rocks☺

              1b.  The nice lady tells her cousin a story about a mouse she heard.

              1c.  The nice lady and the cousin prepare for a visit from Manuel. This

                     is a series called "Buena Gente." You saw season 2, episode 1.

    #2. Watch Buena Gente, Season 2, episode 2: preparing a fiesta for Manuel (6 min),

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SeIcxKcPgY .

               a. Watch with english subtitles, then with Spanish subs.  Write 5-10 prases

                    you hear.  They do a good jog a repeating, don't they

               b. Do a little reasearch where your interests lie. Pick 1 or 2 or all☺:

                   1. tongue twisters / trabalenguas - Search a few.  Write them. (Tres tristes tigres...)

                   2.  Manuel sends a pic of Tenochitlan.  What is it? Who lived there?

                        What happened to them?  Search it and find out☺

                   3.  The cousins want to have a fun party for Manuel.  What is needed?

                   4.  What's in a ferretería? Search "ferretería."  What do you want???

    #3.  Share with a few people what you did / learned and record their reactions / comments.  Enjoy!  Complete by Friday to give your life some Spanish structure☺

    #4 Rememer Selena Quintanilla Perez (Mar 29, 1995 she passed away) by watching "La Llamada" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om3KWmuFRAA - with Spanish words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fEJI626s8k.  We will study U3E1 "Mi Tiempo Libre" after break and the phone is a big part of inviting people to do things, however limited during these Corona-virus times.  I am wishing you the best. Take care!  

     Español I - Assignments for Mar 23 - 25 (Combating Coronavirus

    with el Español.  A little a day keeps the doctor away☺
    #1. Watch a 6 minute video: Learn Spanish, Stay healthy, Niños en casa (English subtiles).  Write 5 to 10 things the lady (Pamela) says.
    #2.  Watch a past tense story twice- "Un ratón en the casa" (with English subtitles anfd then with Spanish subtiltles (2min 30 sec). Write 5-10 phrases you understand.
    #3.  Finally, watch season 2 episode 1 of "Buena Gente."  Watch with English subtitles and then Spanish subs.  Write 5-10 phrases you understand.
    #4.  Share with a few people what you did / learned and record their reactions / comments.  Enjoy!  Complete by Thursday to be ready to continue☺
    Español I (2020): Tarea #2.3 - Invite amigos y familia to go places
    & do things with you!  Leave messages.  Follow-up. Plan your fun!
    #      Date             Homework
    1.  3/4 of Mar     Look at the U3E1 vocab on page 189.  Copy every
                              other word/phrase.  Also, Read p 168-171 and copy 
                               5 interesting phrases.  Go to Puerto Rico☺!
    2.  5/6 of Mar     Write 10 sentences or questions from the new vocab
                               (tarea #1) and draw them.  Also, read p. 172-3 and 
                                 copy 5 phrases to study and practice.
    3.  11/12 of Mar   Copy every other word/phrase from U3E1 (Draw as
                                  many definitions as possible). Read p 184-5 and copy
                                  5 phrases onto #3 vocab list.
    Español I (2020): Tarea #2.2 - Share (compartir) your favorite
                   activities...Talk to anyone "en Español" about them☺!
    #      Date             Homework
    1. 4/5 of Feb       Copy every other word from U2E3 (p. 163). Draw 
                                 or translate the vocab.  Turn in 3x5 card☺.
    2. 6/7 of Feb       Write 10+ Q's and A's (and draw scene) of U2E3
                                 vocab (from Tarea #3).  Also, read p 142-3 and 
                                 copy 5 phrases. Ex ¿Qué hace Tony Stark? Él 
                                 cuida el pez.
    3. 10/11 of Feb    Copy 2nd set of U2E3 vocab (p. 163)...every other 
                                  word.  Read p. 144-5 and copy 5 phrases.
    4. 12/13 of Feb     Use Hmwk #2 as a model: Write 10 Q and A's to
                        go with 10 pics. (¿Dónde? ¿Qué? ¿Quién? ¿A qué hora?)
    5.  18/19 of Feb     Complete 1/3 of Más Práctica p 51, 53 and 55 (all
                                   of the acts).  Read p 156-7 and copy 5 phrases (into
                                   Más práctica p 51).
    6.  20/21 of Feb     Complete 1/3 of Más Práctica p 52, 54 and 56 (all
                                    of the acts.  158-9 and copy 5 phrases
    Español I (2020): Tarea #2.1 - Practice doesn't make perfect,
    but perfect practice makes perfect☺.  Talk to someone☺!
    #      Date                  Homework
    1.  14/15 of Jan     *Write half a page based on the handout of
                                 ideas to have Spanish activities over break.
                            Create a rough draft of things you did, then write.
                     *Get a 70-page Spiral (college ruled) for 2nd semester.
    2.  16/17 of Jan     Copy (every other word) half of U2E2 vocab on
                              page 139 AND read p 118-121 and copy 5 phrases.
    3.  21/22 of Jan      Copy (every other word) the other half of the 
                              U2E2 vocab AND read p 122-123 and copy 5 phrases.
    4. 23/24 of Jan       Complete both sides of the handout "Time
                              Expressions" & Más Prática p 43-46 (half of the probs)
    5. 27/28 of Jan       Complete half of Más Práctica p 47-48.  Also, read
                                p 134-135 and copy 5 phrases onto p MP 47.
    Announcements:      1. U2E2 Exam = 31 of Jan / 3 of Feb
                                     2. Class and Homework #2.1 = 4/5 of Feb
                                      3. celebration = 12/13 of Feb
    6.  29/30 of Jan     There are 2 options: #1 Complete half of the U2E2
                                   Repaso on p. 136-7.  #2 Write one page based on 
                                   your studies for U2E2.
    Tarea #2.1 is due el 4/5 de febrero for full credit☺.
    Sp I: Tarea Log - U3E3: Homework is like the weather:
    If you are prepared, you won't get wet or sunburned☺!!
    #      Date                  Homework
    1. 25/26 of April      Look at and read U3E3 (p.212-235) and
                                      write 20 good phrases to share in class.
    2. 29/30 of April      Read page 212-215 and copy 5 phrases.
                                      Also, copy the U3E3 vocab (p. 235)
    3. 1/2 of May            Read p. 216-217 and copy 5 phrase onto
                                     MP p. 75. Also, complete MP p 75-76 
    annuncio: Cinco de mayo celebration = Tues/Wed (el 7/8 de mayo)
    4. 3/6 of May           Read U3E3 orange boxes (p. 218, 222, 224) 
                                 and write 5 facts. Also, complete half MP p 77-78
    5. 7/8 of May          Read p. 228-229 and write 5 phrases. Also,
                                   Complete MP p. 79-80
    6.  9/10 of May       Complete half of acts 1-4 of The U3E3 Repaso
                                     on p. 232-233.
    7.  13/14 of May     Write a U3E3 Exam: include 16 Multiple Choice
                                     16 MC Q's (4 for weather, Tener phrases,
                                     DOP's, -ING's.  Include 2 paragraph Q's.
    Tarea Log U3E3 is due May 15/16 for full credit.

    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.4: Homework is like practicing sports:

                                         You get "out" what you put "in"☺!!

    #      Date                  Homework

    1. 27/28 of March     Preview U3E2.  Write 20 words / phrases
                                       and use these as talking points☺.
    2.  29 of March /       Copy all of the U3E2 vocab (p 211) and read
          8 of April              p. 190-193 and copy 5 phrases onto the 
                                       U3E2 vocab list.
    3. 9/10 of April          Read p. 194-195 and copy 5 phrases onto
                                        MP . p 67.  Also, complete MP p. 67-68.
    4. 11/12 of April        Read the "nota culturales" (p.201, 203) and 
                                        "También se dice" (p. 197) and copy 5 facts
                                        on p. 67 of MP.  Complete MP p 69-70
    5. 15/16 of April       Read p. 206-207 and write 5 facts.  Also,
                                       Complete MP p 71-72
    6. 17/18 of April       Complete more than 3 / 4 page from the U3E2
                                       Repaso on pages 208-209. 
    7. 19/22 of April        Complete the worksheet: Cooperative Quizzes
                                        for U3E2.  Also, study for the U3E2 Exam☺
    Tarea Log #2.4 is due el 25/26 de abril for full credit.
    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.3: Homework is like catching a leprechaun:
                                           It will take you to a pot of gold☺!
    #      Date            Homework
    1. 5/6 of March  Look at / "Read" U3E1 (p 166-189) and write
                                20 interesting things.  Draw pics to help.
    2.  7/8 of March   Read p 166-171 and copy 5 phrases; also,
                                      copy the U3E1 vocab (p. 189).  How are 
                                      you learning it? (¿Cómo lo aprendes?)
    3. 11/12 of March  Read p. 172-3 and copy 5 phrases onto MP
                                    p. 59-60.  Cumplir MP p 59-60. Share it☺!
    4.  13/14 of Mar     Read p. 184-5 and copy 5 phrases onto MP
                                     p. 61.  Complete MP p 61-62.  Share it!
    5.  15/18 of Mar     Read "Tambien se dice" on p. 175 and 183 AND
                                     "nota cultural" on p 179 and 180 and write 5
                                    phrases. Complete MP p. 63-64.
    6.  19/20 of Mar     Complete half of the problems from the U3E1
                                    Repaso on p 186-7: acts 1-4, sentences, pics☺
    7.  21/22 of Mar      Complete the U3E1 Test Rehearsal (handout)
                                     in preparation for the Exam    
    Tarea Log #2.3 is due March 27/28 for full credit.
    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.2: Homework is like water, drink it in 
                                    to help everything else work better☺!
    #      Date          Homework
    1.  7/8 of Feb   Preview U2E3 (p. 140-167) and write a list
                        of 20 words / phrases that catch your attention.
    2. 11/12 of Feb  1. Copy U2E3 Vocab (page 163)  2.  Read p. 142-3

                             and copy 5 phrases 3.  Create 5 simple Valentines

                           to give away Feb 13/14.  4. Bring something to share

                           for Valentine's celebration FEb 13/14.

    3. 13/14 of Feb  1. Read pages 142-3 and copy 5 frases onto Más

                                Práctica page 51. 2. Complete MP pages 51-52.


    4. 19/20 of Feb      1. Read pages 144-5 and copy 5 frases onto MP page 53. 

                                Complete MP pages 53-54. Share w/ others.

    5. 21/22 of Feb  1. Read p 158-9 and copy 5 phrases onto MP p 55.

                               2.  Complete MP p 55-56  3. Share it with someone☺


    6. 25/26 of Feb  1. Read p 158-9 and copy 5 phrases.  Then complete

                                half of the problems in Act 8 (p.150 of text) and half

                                of the problems in act 13 (p. 152)


    7. 27/28 of Feb   Complete acts 16, 17, 19 and 21 on pages 153-5.


    Tarea Log #2.2 is due March 5/6 for full credit.



     Sp I - Tarea Log #2.1: Homework is like medicine, it works                                      

    best when "taken" consistently☺!

    #      Date                Homework
    1.  15/16 of Jan   Preview U2E2 (p. 118-139) and write a list
                                  of 20 words / phrases that catch your attention.
    2.  17/18 of Jan   Copy and translate the U2E2 vocab on p. 139
                                   and read pages 120-121 and copy 5 phrases.
    3.  22/23 of Jan   Complete Más Práctica p. 43-44.  Also, read
                                  p 122-3 and copy 5 phrases onto MP p 43.
    4.  24/25 of Jan  Complete Más Práctica p. 45-46.  Also, read p.
                                 134-5 and copy 5 phrases onto p. 45 of MP.
    Anuncio: 1. Exam for U2E2 will be the 5/6 of February
                   2. Tarea Log #2.1 will be due 7/8 of February
                   3.  Spiral Work for U2E2 is due 7/8 of February

    5. 28/29 of Jan    Complete Más Práctica p. 47-48.  Also, read p.

                             120-1 again and copy 5 phrases onto p. 48 of MP.

    6. 30/31 of Jan    Prepare a 45-second presentation with 3 class-

                                 mates about your school schedule. Present in pairs. 

                            Ask and share info. Prep 5-10 Q and A's (over prepare☺)

    7.  1/2 of Feb    Complete 1 page min. of sentences, paragraphs, pics from

                               U2E2 (Text p 118-139). **See "Repaso" (p 136-8).

                               Study tarea and spiral.  Speak to people in Spanish☺!

    End Tarea Log #2.1:  Due el 7/8 of Feb (Thurs/Fri) for full credit.




    Sp I - Work / Study by Choice: Prep for Finals (M.C., Speaking
                          and Writing Finals) and, most importantly,
                          using Spanish with family, friends and others☺♥!
    #      Date            Not Homework, just good suggestions
    1. 30/31 of May   7 sets of Mini-d's are due next class,
                                 Sp. Exps and Calentamiento V = 90% next class,
                                 Read 3-4 "Lecturas" (readings on the MC Final)
    anuncios:  6 Sp. Exps for U3E3 and Calentamientos V = May 30/31
                      Diario Log #2.3 - due June 5/6
                      Writing Final - June 7/8
                       Speaking Final - begins June 7/8
                       Multiple Choice Final = last day of class, of June 13>15.
                       All Make-up work due = June 5/6
    2. 1/4 of June     a. Finish reading the 6 "lecturas" on the MC Final
                                b. Pre-Write the Final essay
                                c. Prepare the Speaking Final (describe the pics +
                                    material from Sp I semester 2 (U2E2>U3E3)
    3. 5/6 of June     Writing Final and Speaking Final are Thrus / Fri.
                                  a. Prep 2 Speaking Finals (one pic from Sr. C and 
                                     one of your choice. I 15-30 seconds talking
                                     about you with your Etapa. II Describe the pic
                                     include name, age, likes what they are doing,
                                     III using your etapa, talk about what you and
                                     that person do on a given day (Monday /
                                     Saturday...pick a day and say what you two do)
                                  b. Prep the the Writing Final. Bring questions to
                                      class Thursday / Friday.
                                  c.  Complete two 3x5 cards with the questions you
                                       want to be asked for the Speaking Final.
    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.7 - Homework is a great place to

                    doodle and dream! Share it with someone☺!

    #      Date           Homework

    1.   11/14 of May   Read p 228-9 and copy 5 phrases; Complete 3 

                                   problems from acts 11, 12 and 13 (p. 233-4)

    *Extra Credit continues: 4 mini-dialogues with pics from U1E2.  See pages 46-67

    anuncios     Vocab Quiz U3E3 = 23/24 of May

                        6 Sp Exp / Cal V = 30/31 of May                   

                        U3E3 Exam = 30/31 of May                   

                        *Grade Bump mini-D's (7+) = June 1/4

    2.  15/16 of May         Read pages 230-1 and copy 3 phrases; Write brief notes (p 224);

                                        Complete half of the acts 14, 15 and 18 (p. 225-6).

    *Extra Credit continues: 4 mini-dialogues with pics from U1E2.  See pages 68-91

    *    17/18 of May        Catch-up on mini-dialogues with pics: EP > U2E1

    3.   21/22 of May        Read p. 212-215 and copy 3 phrases;  Write brief notes (p. 226);

                                        Complete 10 problems from acts 19-21 (p. 227)

    Extra credit / grade bump with better Final = Mini-D's for U2E2 on p. 118-139.

    4.   23/24 of May      Read pages 216-217 and copy 3 phrses; Complete 2+ problems

                                         for each act (5-14) of MP pages 75-78. 

    Extra credit (3% max overall if Final is low): Mimi-d's for U2E3 (pages 140-163)    

    5.  25/29 of May         Read the orange box on p. 179 and look up "Hurricane Maria,

                                         before and after and write 3+ facts; Complete 3 problems

                                         for each act (15-19) of MP pages 79-80.

    Extra Credit (3% max if Final is low): Mini-D's for U3E1 (see pages 168 - 189)

                                                                 : Mini-D's for U3E2 (see pages 190 - 211)

                                                                 : Mini-D's for U3E3 (see pages 212 - 235) 

    Homework Log #2.7 is due Wed / Thurs, el 30/31 de mayo.  If it scores

    40/50 or better, it can improve a low Tarea Log to 75%. Tell Sr. C☺!  


    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.6 - May I used my Homework to

                                          help me start conversations? Yes, you May!

    #      Date            Homework

    1. 25/26 of April   Read p. 192-3 and copy 3 phases into MP;

                              Complete MP page 71-72 (3 probs each act)

    Anuncios: begin piñatas today - 25/26 of April

                    U3E2: 6 Sp. Exp / Cal IV = 1/2 of May

                    U3E2 Exam = the 1/2 of May

    2. 27/30 of April  Create 4 mini-dialogues from U3E2.  Mini-D's

                              are small dialogues with 2 Q's and 2 A's with


    3. 3/4 of May       Copy and Translate the U3E3 vocab on page

                              235 and make 20 flashcards.

    4.  7/8 of May      Read p. 212-215 and copy 5 phrases: Look at

                               acts 3 and 4 (p. 218-9) and draw 4 seasons

                               along with the weather and clothing that go with

                               it.  Make 20 more Flashcards (U3E3)

    5.  9/10 of May    Read p. 216-7 and copy 5 phrases; Look at acts

                              5-10 and complete 2 problems from each act (p.


    Tarea Log #2.6 is due next class: el 11/14 de mayo for full credit!


    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.5 - Homework is my springboard         

                                        for talking to people☺!  Dive in!!

    #      Date          Homework

    1.   11/12 de April        Read pages 194-5 and copy 5 phrases: write  some notes about jugar (p 198) and complete                                                 1/2 page minimum from acts 5-7.

    Anuncios:  U3E2 vocab quiz = the 19/20 of April            

    (practice quiz: https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/28352)                 

    Begin "5 de mayo" piñatas = the 23/24 of april                 

    6 Sp. Exps. from U3E2 = the 1/2 of May                 

    U3E2 Exam = the 1/2 of May 

    2.  13/16 of April         Write 10 quesions and answers with "jugar" and pictures /                                      

                                          illustrations.  Use a variety of subjects, places, etc. 

    3.  17/18 of April          Conjugate at least 20 stem-changing verbs on one side of the

                                          "battleship" handout.  There are 80 possibilties!

    4.  19/20 of April          Read p. 192-3 and copy 3 phrases; Complete half of the                                        

                                          problems from acts 15-17 (p 203-4).

    5.  23/24 of April           Read p. 194-5 and copy 3 phrases;  Complete MP pages                                        

                                            67-70 (2 problems from each act - 6-16)

    Homework Log #2.5 are due Wed / Thurs (April 25/26) for full credit   

    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.4 - It's not just homework, it's preparation

                                 for talking to people...which is not the same☺!

    #      Date                   Homework

    1.     12/13 of Mar         Read p 172-3 and copy 5 phrases; Write brief notes on a estar +

                                           feelings (p. 176) and acabar + de + infinitve (p 178);  complete 12

                                           problems...2 each from acts 6-11 (p 176-179)

    anuncios:     Vocab Quiz - 20/21 of March                     

                         Exam: U3E1 - it begins 20/21 of March                      

                         6 Sp Exps and Warm-ups - 22/23 of March

    2.   14/15 of Mar     Read p 184-185 and copy 3 phrases; Write notes (p. 179,181); and

                                     Complete 10+ sentneces from acts 12-20 (p 180-3)

    3.   16/19 of Mar     Complete the U3E1 Test Rehearsal in preparation for the U3E1                                  

                                     Vocab Quiz and Exam on Tuesday / Wednesday, March 20/21.

    4.  22/23 of Mar      Copy and Translate all of the vocabulary from U3E2 on page                                 

                                    211 and make 15-20 flashcards. 

    5.  9/10 of Apr         Make 15-20 Flashcards (U3E2 p. 211): Copy the Practice Quiz from                                 

                                     Sr. C's webpage: https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/28352.;                                  

                                     Read p 190-193 (copy 5 phrases) and complete the handout "U3E1                                 

                                     Co-op Quizzes. 

    Tarea Log #2.4 is due Wed / Thurs for full credit.   


    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.3 - It's not just homework, it's

                                         preparation for talking to people!

    #      Date                   Homework

    1.     20/21 of Feb       Read p. 156-7 and copy 3 phrses; Write some notes

                                     (p 153, 154); And complete a half page of work from

                                      acts 15 > 21 (page 153- 155).

     2.     22/23 of Feb       Compete half of all problems from Mas Practica pages

                                      51-54 (acts 7-16) AND read p 158-9 (copy 3 phrases).

     3.     26/27 of Feb    Compete half of all problems from Mas Practica pages

                                      55-56 (acts 17-21) AND read p 142-3 (copy 3

                                      phrases onto Mas Practica p 55 to save paper).

    4.     6/7 of Mar     Copy and Translate all of the U3E1 vocab on p. 189.                               Also, make 15-20 Flashcards.5.     8/9 of Mar      Make 15-20 more Flashcards from U3E1; Read pages                                170-1 and copy 5 phrses; and Complete 1/2 of the                                problems from acts 3 and 5 (p. 174-5) Tarea Log #2.3 is due March 12/13 for full credit☺!

    *remember "Gustar" works differently and the English phrase "I like..."

    (Indirect object) + Indirect Object Pronoun + gusta / gustan + verb / verbs (= subject)

       a mí                                me...                  gustan                  leer y escribir poemas

       a ti                                  te...

       a él / ella / Ud                  le...                     gusta                   tocar el piano

       a nosotros / -as                nos...

       a vosotros / -a                  os...

       a ellos / ellas / Uds            les...     


    Sp I - Tarea Log #2.2 - It's not just homework, it's

                                         preparation for talking to people!

    #      Date                   Homework

    1.   31 of Jan              Read pages 122-3 again and copy 3 phrases;

                                       Complete MP pages 47-48.

    2.   2/5 of Feb         Create 4 separate "mini-dialogues" based on
                                     U2E2 material.  Each mini-d needs 2 questions
                                     and 2 answers as well as pictures / stick figures
    *anuncios:            U2E2 Vocab Quiz = Feb 2 / Feb 5
     (note changes)    Sp Exps + Warm-ups due Feb 6/7
                                  U2E2 Exam = Feb 6/7
    3.   8/9 of Feb       Copy and  Translate U2E3 vocab (p. 163) and make
                                   20 Flashcards.  Talk about your favorite activities!
    4.  12/13 of Feb    Make 20 more Flashcards from U2E3; Read and Copy
                                   5 phrases from "En contexto" o npage 142-3; and
                                   complete 1/2 of the problems from acts 3 & 4 (p 147)
    5.  14/15 de Feb   Read (and copy 5 phrases) "En vivo" on pages 144-5;
                                  write some notes (p. 149 and 151) & complete acts 7,
                                  9, 12 & 13...1/3 of the problems (p. 149-151)
    Tarea Log #2.2 is due 20/21 of Feb for full credit.  


    Sp I (2018) - Homework Log #2.1 - Let tarea inspire our conversations☺!

    #      Date                   Homework

    1.    17/18 of Jan      Copy and Translate the U2E2 vocabulary on page

                        2018      139 AND make 20 Flashcards (draw as many 

                                      definitions as possible...better for the brain☺)

    anuncios:     U2E2 Vocab Quiz = Jan 31 / Feb 1

                       Sp Exps + Warm-ups due Feb 2/5

                        U2E2 Exam = Feb 2/5

    2.    19/22 of Jan       Make 20 more Flashcards (minimum), Read "En

                                     Contexto" and copy 5 phrases (page 120-121) 

                                   and do half of the problems from acts 3/4/5 (p124-5)

    3.   23/24 of Jan     Read and copy 5 phrases from "En vivio" ( p.122-3),

                                    Use notes (handout) to complete 3/4 p. from acts 

                                    6-11 (p. 126-9)

                                    Señor Jordan: Telling Time

    4.   25/26 of Jan    Read / copy 5 phrases (p. 134-5) and complete 3/4

                                    page from acts 12-20 (p. 126-9)

                                    Señor Jordan: ¿Qué? o ¿Cuál?

    5.   29/30 of Jan   Read / copy 3 phrases (p. 120-1) and complete MP p.

                                   43-46 (all acts, but only half of the problems)

    Tarea Log #2.1 is due 31 of Jan / 1 of Feb for full credit. 

    Sp I (2017)- Homework Log #2.7 - Finishing Tarea Strong

    (90% = +10 pts)☺!

    #      Date                   Homework

     1     1/2 of May          Read pages 228-229 and copy 5 phrases.  Also, complete M.P.

                                         pages 75-78 (half of the problems of all the activities).

    anuncios:  U3E3 Vocab Quiz = Tuesday / Wednesday, the 9 / 10 of May

                      "Cinco de mayo" celebration = Tuesday / Wednesday, the 9 / 10 of May 

                      6 Sp. Exps for U3E3 = Thurs / Fri, the 11 / 12 of May

                      U3E3 Exam = Thurs / Fri, the 11 / 12 of May 

    2.     3/4 of May         Read pages 214-215 again and write 5 phrases on p. 79 of MP.

                                       Also, complete MP pages 79-80 (all problems).

    3.     5/8 of May         Read pages 216-217 again and write 5 "life" applications (Q's

    and/or A's that are inspired from the reading). Complete half

    of the problems of acts 1-5 from U3E3 Repaso (p. 232-233)

    4.    9/10 of May         Using U3E3 vocab and grammar, create 4 mini-dialogues.

    Two Q's and 2 A's each.Include pictures and interesting

    people☺!  Weather, "tener" phrases, present progressive &

    using Direct Object Pronouns (DOP's) 

    5.    11/12 of May        Write rough drafts for the Speaking and Writing Finals. The

                                        Speaking Final will be May 17 > 22. The writing Final will be

                                        May 17/18

    Homework Log #2.7 is due Wednesday / Thursday, May 17/18 

    Sp I - Homework Log #2.6 - The Biggest Dreams include Tarea☺!

    #      Date                   Homework

    1.      13/14 of April    U3E2 Exam Prep: Complete half page minimum prepping

                                         for your "expert" presentation (either 1. jugar, 2. e > ie, 3.

                                         saber, or 4. comparisons.  Also, prepare half page from

    Repaso (p. 208-210) or notes or other activities. 

    anuncios:  U3E1 vocab quiz - Monday / Tuesday, April 17/18

                      6 Sp. Exps from U3E1 = Wed / Thurs, April 19/20

                      Exam for U3E2 = Wed / Thurs, April 19/20 

    2.    17/18 of April      To review for the U3E2 Exam, create a conversation with

                                        someone that will cover grammar and vocab from U3E2:

                                        jugar, e to ie verbs, saber and comparisons.  Read page 194-

     195 as a model.  Ask and answer 10 Q's and A's. 

    *Piñata Prep! - ¡Celebren el cinco de mayo!  

    bring the following:

      * good newspapers for paper mache     *a bottle of glue

       *Tissue paper, according to group plan   * cardboard / cups

    3.    21/24 of April    Copy and Translate the U3E3 vocabulary on page 235 and

                                       make at least 40 flashcards (60 words in U3E3)

    4.    25/26 of April      Read pages 212- 215 and copy 5 phrases.  Also, take notes on

                                        weather on p. 220 and "tener phrases" on p. 223.  Write 5-10

                                        examples of each (see acts 3-13, pages 218-224)

    5.   27/28 of April      Read pages 216-217 and copy 5 phrases.  Also, write notes for

                                        pages 224 and 226.  Write 5+ examples for each page.

    Please turn in tarea Log #2.6 the 1st / 2nd of May for full credit.

    Sp I - Homework Log #2.5 - April showers bring Tarea flowers☺!
    #      Date                   Homework


    1.     16/17 of March    Copy and Translate (English to Spanish) the U3E2 vocab
                                       (p. 211) make 40 Flashcards for the most difficult words☺
    2      3/4 of March       1st - Write 10 applications of your 2-week "break" to U3E2:
                                       2nd - Read pages 190-193 and copy 5 phrases: 3rd copy 
                                       notes on pages 198-199 and write 5 examples from each.
    3.   5/6 of March           1st - Read pages 194-195 and copy 5 phrases: 2nd write 5
                                        U3E2 applications to your life: and 3. write notes for pages
                                        201 and 202. Write 5 examples for each.
    4.   7/10 of April         Read pages 206-207 (write 5 phrases) and complete half of the
                                        problems (each act) of Mas Practica pages 67-70. 
    Anuncios: 1.  U3E2 Vocab Quiz = April 17/18
                     2.  6 Sp. Exps for U3E2 = April 19/20
                     3.  Exam for U3E2 = April 19/20
    5.  11/12 of April        Reread pages 190-193 and write 5 applications and Complete
                                        all of the problems from all of the acts on MP pages 71-72
    Tarea Log #2.5 is due April 12/13 (Thursday / Friday) for full credit.  
    Sp I - Homework Log #2.4♥ - Green is lucky and growing. Be green☺!
      #      Date                   Homework
    1.     28 of February /    Copy and Translate the U3E1 vocab on page 189 and choose
             1 of March           to make 30 flashcards OR 20 "picture / example" flashcards. 
    2.   2/3 of March           Finish U3E1 Flashcards, Read pages 168-171 (copy 5 phrases)
                                        and complete 10 problems from acts 5, 6 and / or 7 (p. 175-176)
    3.   6/7 of March          Read pages 172-173 (copy 5 phrases) and Write notes for p. 178
                                          (acabar + de + infinitive) and 179 (venir + de + the place.  Write
                                           5 examples for each.
    4.  8/9 of March             Read pages 184-185 (copy 5 phrases) and Write notes for p. 181
                                          (more info about "IOP + "IO" + gusta + inf). write 5 examples.
    5.  10/13 of March         Write a rough draft for the U3E1 Essay and complete 1-2 problems
                                        from each act of MP pages 59-64.  Sp Exp - ¿A quién le gusta ir a 
                                        conciertos? (To whom is it pleasing to go to concerts?)
    Extra Credit (5 pts)        After completing the Final Draft of the U3E1 Essay, Complete the
                                           Test Rehearsal for U3E1 (handout)  
    Since the U3E1 Exam is Thursday / Friday, Homework Log #2.4 will be due then (March 16/17) 
    anuncios:            U3E1 Vocab Quiz = the 21/22 of March
                               6 Sp. Exp from U3E1 = the 23/24 of March
                               U3E1 Exam (bring 3x5 card with apuntes) = the 23/24 
    Sp I - Homework Log #2.3 -When homework is lovely, it's all good♥☺  
     #      Date                   Homework
    1.     8/9 of Feb            Read p.142-143 & copy 5 phrases AND prepare for an open-
                                        note quiz on pages 153 & 154 (take notes☺) and write 5
                                        examples from each page.
    Mi librito project time-line:                                 in class                                at home 
    8/9 of Feb                                               title page + p. 1-2 rough draft          p. 1-2 final
    10/13 of Fed                                            p. 3-4 rough draft                             p. 3-4 final
    14/15 of Feb                                            p. 5-7 rough draft                             p. 5-7 final
     16-21 of Feb                                           p. 8-10 rough draft                         p. 8-10 final
    22-23 of Feb                                            Project due - rough and final 
    22-27 of Feb                                            Presentations w/ comprehension questions 
    3    14/15 of Feb            Read pages 156-157 and copy 5 phrases And complete 1/2 of the
                                         problem from each act of MP pages 51-52.
    4.  16/21 of Feb               Read pages 158-159 and copy 5 phrases AND complete 1/2 of the
                                          problems from each act of MP pages 53-54. Final Draft of Mi librito
                                          finish to page 7, minimum☺! 
    5.   22/23 of Feb            Complete Más Práctica pages 55-56, half of all problems☺.
    Homework Log #2.3 is due Friday / Monday (Feb 24/27) for full credit. 
    Sp I - Homework Log 2.2 - Making homework helpful.  Your welcome♫☺ 
     #      Date                   Homework

     1.     25/26 of Jan      Read (again) p.122-123 and copy 5 phrases AND Complete

                                        all problems in MP pages 47-48. 
    *Extra credit (10 pts)   Complete handout: U2E2 Test Rehearsal and 3 paragraphs
                                        of "fill-in" the answers.  
    2.     27/30 of Jan      Review U2E2: Make it 1 page minimum...games, mini-
                                     dialogues with pics, notes, acts (see p. 136-138). What do you
                                      need to apply U2E2 to your life? Be creative☺!
    3.    31 of January /   Using 4 mini-dialogues (2 questions and 2 answers with pics),
                                       reflect on what you have learned in U2E2☺. 
    4.  2/3 of Feb             Copy and Translate U2E3 vocab on page 163 and make 30
                                      Flashcards.  What activities do you enjoy? Solo o w/ amigos?
    6 Week Progress Reports! All work needs to be in by Feb 10 to be in Progress Report
    5.   6/7 of Feb         Finish the U2E3 Flashcards and prepare for an open-note quiz on 
                                    p. 149: "ir a + infinitive" and p. 151: "-er /-ir verbs."  Create 5
                                     examples for each set of notes. 
    Tarea Log #2.2 is due Wed. / Thurs for full credit☺ 
    Sp I - Homework Log - Bridging Schoolwork and Life☺ 
     #      Date                   Homework
    1     10/11 of Jan         Copy and Translate (Eng to Span) U2E2 vocab (p 139)
                                        and make 30 Flashcards. 
    2      12/13 of Jan         Finish U2E2 Flashcards; Read "En contexto" on p. 120-1;
                                        and complete 1/2 page from acts 3-5 on pages 124-125.
    Anuncios:      VQ for U2E2 due 27/30 of Jan.
                           9 Sp. Exps for U2E2 due Jan 31 / Feb 1
                           Exam U2E2 = Jan 31 / Feb 1
    3.  17/18 of Jan            Read p. 122-123 and write 5 phrases AND complete 3/4
                                        page from acts 6 > 11 (p. 126-129)
    4.  19/20 of Jan            Read p. 134-135 and copy 5 phrases AND create notes from
                                         p. 130 and p. 131 And complete 3/4 page from acts 12-20
                                        (p. 130 - 133) 
    5.   23/24 of Jan         Read, again, p. 120-121 and copy 5 phrases on MP p. 43;
                                       Complete 1/2 problems (all acts) from MP p. 43-46.
    Homework Log #2.1 is due Wed / Thurs, the 25/26 of January for full credit. 
    Sp I - Homework Log #2.7 - It's May, let's make hay...or tarea☺!
     #      Date                   Homework
     1.  6/9 of May            Read p.228-229 and copy 5 sentences. And complete 3/4
                                        page from acts 14-21 (p. 224-227)
     2. 10/11 of May         Complete 1/2 of the acts from Mas Practica pages 75-77.
                                        Begin studying for Finals...follow the schedule 
    3.  12/13 of May         Complete 1/2 of the acts from Mas Practica pages 78-80.
                                        "Final" study is U2E3...bring back ideas and questions☺. 
    4.  16/17 of May          Complete the U3E3 Repaso on pages 232-234: acts 1 - 8,
                                          1/2 of the problems (sentences).
                                         Also, work of Final study - U3E1.  Remember this stuff☺? 
    5.  18/19 of May       Create 4 mini-dialogues from U3E3 vocab and grammar. 
                                     Include drawings to go with 2 questions and 2 answers for each.
                                     Also, work on Final Study: U3E2.  A little study goes a long way☺
    Homework Log #2.7 is due 20/23 of May for full credit. 
    Sp I - Homework Log #2.6 - April showers bring completed tarea☺!
     #      Date                   Homework 
     1.   20/21 of April      Complete the U3E2 Repaso on pages 208-210, 1/2 of the 
                                        problems and all 7 activities. 
    2.  22/25 of April         Write 4 mini-dialogues (2 questions and 2 answers each)
                                         using vocab and grammar from U3E2.  Draw pictures
                                         for each mini-D , describing the action☺.
    3.  28/29 of April         Copy and Translate U3E3 Vocab (p. 235) and Make 30
                                         Flashcards from this list. 
    Piñata Prep: Bring good newspapers (we need quite a few for piñatas)
                        Bring cardboard and tissue paper
                        Donate 25 cents to cover the cost of liquid starch and materials.
    4.  2/3 of May            Finish U3E3 Flashcards, Read pages 212-215 and copy 5
                                       sentences AND complete 1/2 pg from acts 3-5 (p 218-220)
    anuncios: U3E3 Vocab Quiz = el 16/17 of May
                     9 Sp. Exps from U3E3 = el 18/19 of May
                      Exam U3E3 = el 18/19 of May 
    5.  4/5 of May            Read p. 216-217 and copy 5 sentences...AND complete 3/4
                                       page from acts 7-13 (p. 220-224)
    Homework Log #2.6 is due 6/9 of May for full credit 
    Sp I - Homework Log #2.5 - April showers bring completed tarea☺!
     #      Date                  Homework 
    1.   6/7 of April         Finish Flashcards for U3E2, Read pages 190-193 and copy
                                       5 sentences and complete 1/2 pg. from acts 3 & 4 (p. 197)
    2.  8/11 of April         Read p. 194-195 and copy 5 sentences.  And complete 3/4 page
                                       from acts 5-11 (p. 198-200) 
    anuncios:      Vocab Quiz: U3E2 = 22/25 of April (Practice Quiz is on this webpage)
                           9 Sp. Exps. for U3E2 (signed by classmate) = 26/27 of April
                           Exam for U3E2 = 26/27 of April 
    3.  12/ 13 of April      Read p. 206-207 and copy 5 sentences.  Also, complete 3/4 page
                                       from acts 12-19 )p. 201-203). 
    4. 14/15 of April        Complete 1/2 of the problems from all the acts on pages 67-69
                                        of Más Práctica (acts 6-13).
    5.  18/19 of April        Complete 1/2 of the problems from all acts (14-21) on pages
                                        70-72 of Más Práctica. 
    Homework Log #2.5 is due 20/21 of April for full credit☺! 
    Sp I - Homework Log #2.4 - Make your own luck, complete your Homework☺ 
     #      Date                        Homework
    1.   7/8 of March            Read p. 172-173 and copy 5 phrases. Also, complete 3/4 
                                           page from acts 6-11 (p. 176-179)
    2.   9/10 of March      Read pages 184-185 and copy 5 sentences.  Also, complete
                                      3/4 page from acts 12-20 (p. 179-183). Have some Sp Exps☺! 
    3.  11/14 of March    Complete 2 problems from each activity (7-19) from Más
                                       Práctica pages 59-64.  Have some fun Spanish Experiences☺! 
    4.  15/16 of March      Complete 3 problems / sentences from the U3E1 Repaso on
                                        pages 184-186.  9 Sp Exps from U3E1 are due Thurs / Fri☺.
    5.  4/5 of April            Copy & Translate the U3E2 vocab. (p. 211) and create 30 flashcards.
                                        Earn 2 pesos by having it completed at the beginning of class,
                                        April 4/5☺.  Do you like Sports? U3E2 is for you! 
    Homework Log #2.4 is due Wed / Thurs, 6/7 of April for full credit. 
    Sp I - Homework Log #2.3 - Be Presidential, complete your Homework☺
     #      Date                        Homework
     1.  16/17 of February       Complete 1/2 of all problems in acts 7-13 on pages
    2.  18/19 of February        Complete 1/2 of all problems in act 14- 21 on pages
                                              54-56 in Mas Practica. 
    3.  22/23 of February         U2E2 Repaso (p  160-162): Complete 1/2 problems from
                                              all activities (1 - 7). Use complete sentences.  Let these
                                              ideas help you with the "Mi librito" project☺ 
    (not #4 - Finish the "Mi librito" Project...10 pages of illustrations to go with
                    2 sentences per page (20 sentences total) from the U2E3 vocab and
    #4 1/2 of March                 Copy and Translate the U3E1 vocab on page 189.
                                               Leave 1/2 page for overview.  Also, create the first
                                               30 Flashcards from the list☺.
    5.    3/4 of March         Finish U3E1 flashcards. Read pages168-169 and copy
                                         5 phrases.  Completete 1/2 page from act 3 & 5 (p. 174-5) 
     Homework Log #2.3 is due 7/8 of March for full credit
    Sp I - Homework Log #2.2 - Valentine's Day = LOVE...and Tarea = LOVE, too☺! 
     #      Date                        Homework
    1.   27/28 of January      Complete the U2E2 Text Repaso: complete sentences, 1/2 of 
                                            the problems and activities 1-8.  (pages 136-138)
    2.  2/3 of February         Copy and translate the U2E3 vocab on page 163 (leave the 1st
                                           half open for  U2E3 overview) and create 30 Flashcards
    3.  4/5 of February          Finish the U2E3 Flashcards, Read pages 140-141 and write 5
                                            phrases.  Write 1/2 page from acts 3-6 (pages 1147-148)
    4.  8/9 of February         Complete 3/4 page from acts 7-14 (p. 149-152).  I suggest 2-3
                                           problems from each. Have some Spanish Experiences w/ these☺
    5. 10/11 of February      Read pages 153-154 and write / copy 5 phrases...also, complete
                                           3/4 page from act 15-21 (p. 153-155) 
    Tarea Log #2.2 is due 16/17 of February for full credit. 
    Sp I - Welcome 2016! - Homework Log #2.1 - Use the Force☺! 
     #      Date                        Homework
    1     12/13 of January      Copy and Translate the U2E2 vocabulary on page 139 in the text
                                            AND make 30 flashcards
    2.    14/15 of January      Finish Flashcards, Read pages 120-121 (& write 5 phrases) and
                                            complete 1/2 page (min) from acts 3, 4 & 5 (p. 124-125).
    *5 extra points - Prove that you explored "elmaeaglesspanish1" or www.spanish.cl/.
    It will help you learn Spanish, so check it out☺. Prove your visit to Sr. C! 
    Anuncios:   *CHANGE 1.  Vocab Quiz U2E2 NOT = 25/26 of January NOW Jan 27/28
                        2.  9 Sp. Exps. from U2E2 = 27/28 of January
                        3.  Exam - U2E2 = 27/28 of January
    3.   19/20 of January         Read p. 122-123 and copy 5 phrases...and complete 3/4 page
                                              from acts 6-11 (p. 126-129)
    4.  21/22 of January         Take notes: estar & question words...and complete 3/4 p. of
                                              acts 12-20 (p 130-133)
    5.  25/26 of January          Complete 1/3 of the problems from Mas Practica pages 43-48.
                                              Let this help you review for the U2E2 Exam on Jan 29/ Feb 1.
    *For 2 pesos, write the 6 conjugations of "ir" and "estar."  Also, write two times (one
    adding minutes and the other subtracting minutes. Finally, write 6 question words.
    Homework Log #2.1 is due on the day of the U2E2 Exam (Jan 29 / Feb 1) for full credit. 
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