• BusinessLetter Sample

    1234Any Street (Your street address)

    Hometown,OH 45764 (City, State ZIP)


    July12, 2007 (Current Date)


    Ms.Sandra Garcia (Name of recipient)

    AnyCompany (Business/Institution name, if applicable)

    5678Not Here Avenue (Street Address)

    AnotherTown, NY 10012 (City, State ZIP)


    DearMs. Garcia: (Notice the use of a colon after the greeting)


    IntroductoryParagraph: Use this paragraph to explain your purpose for writing. Thisparagraph should probably include three or four sentences.


    SecondParagraph: Notice the spacing and lack of indentations in this format. Thismodern business letter style is called blockformat. Use single-spacing for paragraphs, and leave an extra space betweenparagraphs. This second paragraph can include supporting details or additionalinformation about why you are writing. A length of 3–5 sentences is a goodguide for a second paragraph.


    Concluding Paragraph: Summarize yourearlier statements. Provide any additional contact information. Thank therecipient for his or her time. Two to three sentences is a good length for aconcluding paragraph.

    Sincerely, (Other possible closingsinclude, Respectfully or Truly Yours)

    (Leave 3–4 spaces so you have room tosign your name)


    Any Student (Type your name)

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