• Why Online Learning?

    There is substantial research on the importance of providing students with online learning experiences.  While it is unlikely that more than 10% of any student population would ever desire or benefit from full time online learning, all students can benefit from at least some form of online learning experiences, whether through co-enrollment opportunities or through blended learning.  Co-enrollment means a student takes one or more online courses while enrolled in mostly face-to-face classes.  Blended learning is where the regular classroom teacher extends the classroom learning experience by providing online learning opportunities for the student.  Clayton Christensen, author of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation will Change the Way the World Learns, argues that by 2019, 50% of all students will be participating in some form of online learning.  Many observers now believe this change will come far sooner because of the increasing access to technology and the recognition of how online learning engages students and provides them more choices and opportunities.
    On June 4, 2012, the MVUSD high school staff attended a full day presentation on using online learning tools.  The Keynote speaker was John Kuglin, who demonstrated a wide variety of cloud-based digital tools.  Visit the Murrieta Valley Wiki to access all the resources he shared with staff member.  
    In the afternoon, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Guy Romero  delivered the following presentation on teaching in the 21st century:

    The session ended with a brief overview of online teaching and learning by Instructional Support Coordinator Sean McCarthy:

    More recently, the above presentation has been updated for a board presentation and presentation at the TiCal Leadership 3.0 Symposium.  The presentation is below:
    The following links provide additional research, resources, and information on why MVUSD believes it is essential that we develop and provide quality online learning experiences for students:
    Online Learning Presentation by Susan Patrick, President and CEO of iNACOL