Asset Building Support Groups

  • The group counseling staff at WSMS facilitates a series of groups designed to assist students with a variety of issues that may possibly impact a student's academic performance and social/emotional adjustment on our middle school campus. Meetings are not intended as therapy, but as a support group with an educational component. If you feel your child could benefit from joining one of our groups, please contact Student Services or send us an e-mail. A description of each group is listed below: 

    Friendship Crew

    This group provides students an opportunity to participate in a variety of skill building activities and work on specific social and interpersonal skills, practice leadership skills and learn how to make positive peer relationships. 

    Family Transitions/Changes

    This group offers students the opportunity to meet with others who share similar experiences. Students who participate in the group have parents/guardians who are separated, divorced, remarried, deployed, or those students who do not live with mom/dad. Often students feel that their situation is unique, that no one has felt the way that they do. The group provides opportunities for self-awareness, sharing with others, problem-solving and better communication skills. 

    Grief and Loss

    This group provides a support system for students who have experienced death of a parent or other family member/friend. Often students feel they are alone in this process. This group gives them the opportunity to share their fears and concerns with others that are living with a similar loss. The group will learn the stages of grief, how to cope, and how to continue with a healthy life through discussion and activities.


    This group provides at risk students an educational perspective to drug and alcohol use/abuse. Through interactive group meetings, students will have the opportunity to view their personal choices, consider the consequences of use and make decisions about continued use. Students will learn about how mood-altering substances affect their mental and physical health.


    This group will provide selected students the opportunity to redirect negative interpersonal behaviors and become a part of creating a productive and empowered culture on our campus. Students will learn to communicate effectively, build on personal leadership skills, make appropriate choices, and promote acceptance and value diversity.

    "Chill Out" Anger Management

    This is an eight week program designed to assist students who wrestle with responses to stress or who may respond aggressively to people and or situations they encounter as part of everyday life. In this group, we will cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to, creating a plan for anger control, changing the anger cycle, cognitive restructuring and conflict resolution. The group provides opportunities for self-awareness, sharing with others, problem-solving and better communication skills.

    Healthy Coping Skills

    This group provides students with emotional support and practical advice to help them cope with everyday stress and emotional stress, while avoiding self deleterious behaviors. Group setting reinforces for students that there are others who share similar concerns, so they don’t have to feel alone or “abnormal.” Strategies will be shared to provide students healthy outlets for stress and emotional pain.  

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