• German II                                                                         Frau Erbel



    Course Overview


    Thisclass is designed to give the students increased proficiency and communicationsskills. German II intensifies the study of vocabulary and structuraldevelopment. A deeper exposure to culture examines customs, geography, andidiomatic expressions.


    Required Materials


    ·        Komm mit. Level 1 & II

    • Practice and Activity Workbook I and II
    ·        Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook I and II

    ·        Steno Notebook

    • A 3-ring notebook with 3  dividers labeled Aufgaben Tabelle, auf Deutsch, Notizen, and 2 pocket dividers labeled Practice & Activity, Grammar & Vocabulary.




    Myname is Frau Erbel. I will always call you by your German name.  I will always strive to treat you with theutmost respect, and I will expect it from you. 


    Classroom Expectations


    ·        All students should come prepared with their own paper, pens, Germannotebooks, workbooks, and a POSITIVEATTITUDE.


    ·        All students should be in their assigned seats when the last bell ringsand working on their assigned activity.


    ·        All students and staff should be treated with respect and courtesy.


    ·        All students should be respectful and courteous of the person who hasthe “floor”.


    ·        All students should be “on task” when given an assignment.


    Homework Policy


    Homeworkis assigned each time the class meets. It is extremely important that homework is done carefully and correctedduring the next class. Points will be earned for completing  the assignment. If you are unable to completean assignment you may turn it in LATE for half credit. 


    Make-up Policy


    Ifyou are absent, it is your responsibility to check the homework log and make-up any missed work in a timely fashion.







    Gradesare determined by the use of a computerized grading program, which totals thenumber of points earned for each 6-week grading period, and assigns a gradeaccordingly.  Points are awarded for thefollowing:


                A.  Homework             4– 10 points each

                B.  Quizzes                  20-50points each

                C.  Unit Exams           100 points each

                D.  Classwork              2points per activity

    E.     Oral Performance *


    *Points are awarded forvolunteering to answer, read, translate, and perform board work.  Oral practice is the key to learning how tospeak a foreign language.                  


    Weight Factors


    Homework/Classwork                                     25% of thegrade

    Exams/Quizzes/Projects           /Presentations                           45%of the grade

    Oral Performance                                            20%of the grade

    Final Exam                                                      l0% of yourclass grade


    Final Words


    Iam looking forward to an exiting year. I hope you are as anxious to learnGerman, as I am to teach you.


    Ifyou have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at696-1408 Ext 8675, or e-mail me @ cerbel@murrieta.k12.ca.us. 


    Ihave read and discussed the above syllabus with my son/daughter.





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