• Introduction to German/Spanish

    Frau Erbel – Room 675

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    To provide students with information, resources, and strategies to help them become acquainted in reading, writing, and speaking in German and Spanish.



    Be on time

    Listen when others are speaking

    Have a good attitude

    Be on task



    Your grade will be based on the following percentage of total points within a given grading period:


    A =  90 -100%

    B =   80 - 89%

    C =   70 – 79%

    D =   60 – 69%


    Grading Components

    Homework/Class work          25% of grade

    Exams/Quizzes/Projects                45% of grade

    Participation                          20% of grade

    Final Exam                              10% of grade


    *Points are awarded for volunteering to answer, read, and perform board work.  Oral practice is the key to learning how to speak a foreign language.


    Class Work

    The majority of work in done in class.  Students will not have homework unless they fail to complete work done in class on a timely basis.  The curriculum is designed to help the student achieve success so that he/she may pass the foreign language requirement.  Students are therefore encouraged to put forth their best effort so that they may achieve this goal.  I am available for tutoring after school from 2:30 – 3:15 p.m.


    Make-up policy


    It is the student’s responsibility to turn in any class work due to absence.  It is also their responsibility to get any worksheets that they have missed.  Students have the number of days of the absence to make up the work.  Example:  If you are absent one class period, you have one class period after you return to turn in absent work.


    Materials-Semester I


    A 3-ring binder with 3 dividers labeled as follows:

                    Aufgaben Tabelle  (Assignment Log)

                    Auf Deutsch          (in German)

                    Notizen                  (Notes)


    Final Words


    I am looking forward to introducing you to both the language and culture of the German speaking countries.  If you have any questions for concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at 696-1408, Ext. 8675, or e-mail me @cerbel@murrieta.k12.ca.us.


    I have read and discussed the above syllabus with my son/daughter.


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    Parent/Guardian                                   Student

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