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    Mrs. Simmons' First Grade Class 2017-2018
    • Welcome-
    • Mrs. Simmons, room E-2.
    • Buchanan web site/teachers/Simmons.  psimmons@murrieta.k12.ca.us
    • Extension 2722.
    • 24th year teaching/23 & 1/2 years teaching first grade.
    • First Grade Standards-
    • Not easy. A lot of new learning. Have a chat with your child about the importance of paying attention.
    • Common Core-proving answers verbally and with pictures, non-fiction passages, online learning.
    • Class size between 25-30
    • Need classroom/home support. Check backpacks daily. Need parent helpers for morning rotations.
    • Always check my web page for resources and check for emails for information. 
    • Common Core
    • Will be great for kids
    • MVUSD implementing slowly first with math then L/A and science.
    • Teaches strategies and helps students prove how they got answers verbally and with pictures and manipulatives.
    • Speaking and listening skills key to academic and real world success.  Listening for understanding, taking turns talking.
    • Works well with our P.B.I.S.-behavior support program
    • We will be using classroom dojo for classroom behavior positive reinforcements and concequnces.
    • Sent home on Friday due back signed on Monday.
    • Homework-
    • Daily Mon.-Th. 
    •  Reading and writing homework consists of your child practicing vocabulary, high frequency words, blending, nightly fluency reading and spelling. 
    • Math homework will be one sheet paper with skills we have practiced in class. Please work on it daily and send it back on Friday.  
    • Please check and help fix math homework problems!
    • Think Central
    • Use thinkcentral.com. to clarify assignments.  There is a link on my web page.
    • Use thinkcentral.com to play games reinforcing lessons on mega-math tab.  
    • All thinkcentral.com links are open for you to explore.
    • Spelling-
    • Spelling lists will go home the second week of school.
    • Spelling lists will go home on Fridays and the tests will be the following Friday.
    • Weekly lists will be posted on web page under spelling.
    • Web Page-
    • Has all information needed for classroom activities and homework.
    • Has many links to practice skills.
    • Check nightly for any changes.
    • Lunches/Snack-
    • The kids get hungry!  Please make sure you have a healthy snack and lunch for your child.
    • Separate the snack from the lunch in different paper bags as they get confused at first.
    • School breakfasts-please allow time to finish before class starts.
    • Rest-
    • First grade is a big transition.  
    • They are worked hard from start to finish.
    • Go to bed early (8:30 latest) and eat a nutritious breakfast.
    • Scholastic News-
    • Will be used weekly.
    • Covers science, social studies, elections, olympics, first grade skills.
    • Take home for entire family to enjoy.
    • New online version ready for you to enjoy. Link to games and online magazine on web page.


             Treasure box items can be gently used books or toys from home as well as items
             I will send out emails/dojos if school items are needed.  


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