•  Third Grade Supply List           

                                                 Mrs. Soca

    Individual Students need:

    Six No. 2 pencils (yellow wood pencils)

    One pencil box

    Two highlights (Light colors)

    One Crayola box of crayons (24 or more colors)

    One heavy duty eraser

    One box of color pencils including skin colors ( 12 colors or more)

    A pair of headphones for computer lab 

    One three-ring binder (large rings perhaps 3 inch)

    6 pocket folders that are already hole punched for three ring binder

    Class Donations:

    Clorox wipes   

    Box of Tissues                                                             

    Copy paper                                                                            

    Yellow Wood No. 2 pencils

    Elmers glue                                                                  


Last Modified on August 13, 2018