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    Welcome to Computer Programming and Game Design - This course is a UC approved VPA elective. Students will be required to stay in at lunch some days to finish work or to have tutoring opportunities with the teacher/study group. Please read through the course information. This semester will be filled with new learning opportunities. Together, we can all make this a successful year for everyone.

    Course Description:

    This course introduces students to video game design and creation through computer hardware and software. Fundamentals of computer programming will be introduced with Python that allows students to read and write code. Student with create 2D video games with GameMaker Studio. This course material is an introductory level course that engages students with project-based learning. Students will learn programming through object orientated software, easy-to-follow material will take students from simple "drag-n-drop" programming to actually writing code and developing original computer games! Students will begin to build real working games. They see results right away and along the way, they learn the math and physics concepts used in game development, how the engineering cycle is used to design games, the components of a good game, color theory used in game design, how to create sprites and animation, and so much more. Plus. They will have a "hands on" opportunity to use other computer application programs such as word processing, audio editing and development, presentation software and animation software.

    Industry - Information and Communications Technology (ICT) 

    Information and Communications Technology (ICT) gives students an opportunity to specialize, gain qualifications, and plan a career pathway in various areas of the Information and Communications Technology sectors while still in high school. ICT includes both the hardware and information technology skills, as well as the creative, communications and graphic arts expertise. 

    Pathway - Games and Simulation Pathway 

    Students in the Game and Simulation pathway learn relevant technical knowledge and skills to prepare for further education and careers such as Game/Simulation Designer, Game Programmer, and Game Software Developer. Game and simulation design requires that students have a solid foundational understanding of game design, hardware, graphics, and animation. Persons with expertise in game and simulation design have had practical experiences in game/simulation conceptualization, design, storyboarding, development methodologies, essential programming techniques, working with a team, and implementation issues.  

    Sample occupations and pay associated with this pathway:  
    ¨Game/Simulation Designer $49,288 to $102,913 
    ¨Game Programmer $45,000 to $102,913 
    ¨Game Software Developer $45,000 to $102,913 
    ¨Game Producer $45,320 to $129,700. 
    ¨Multimedia Artist and Animator 


    Learn Coding, Create Games and Game Art! 

    Programming Languages

    As a student in our Game Development program, you'll start by learning the fundamentals with application development using game engines and coding languages to make the magic happen. 

    Interactive Development 

    Classes detailing software engineering practices and 3D content creation provide the knowledge to build the art pipeline and tools every game team needs, enabling designers and artists to create more detailed and lifelike gaming experiences. 

    If you love games and want to learn the coding that brings them to life, VMHS's Game Development Pathway program can help you build a set skills to get started. Using the same techniques used by programmers and designers in the industry, you will learn the foundations of computer programming, create your video games, and create game art and animation from start to finish 


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