• Important Academic Facts About VMHS

    • To earn a Vista Murrieta High School Diploma, a student must earn 230 credits, pass all required subjects including Algebra 1, pass the California High School Exit Exam, Complete 40 hours of community service, and Complete the VMHS High School Exit Interview Process. 
    • We encourage all students to challenge themselves academically. Access to honors and Advanced Placement classes is open to all. Before enrolling in an advanced class please read the VMHS course catalog profiles on courses. Students wishing to enroll in AP classes should read the course profiles and talk to their current teacher about the decision. Other helpful information can be found at the College Board website
    • In order to proceed to the next level of a math or world language class, students must earn a "C" grade in the Spring Semester. Earning a grade lower than a C will necessitate repeating the class in summer school or the next school year if the student wishes to take higher level classes.  
    • Repeated Class: Some classes (certain electives) may be repeated for credit. If a student repeats a class for a higher grade (usually a required course) s/he will not receive credit again if the first grade was a D or higher. The lower grade is marked with an R (meaning repeated) on the transcript. All courses marked with an R are not counted in the grade point average and do not earn credit. The computer does not always do this correctly, therefore each time a student gets a transcript, s/he will need to check this. Students need to see their counselor if their transcript is incorrect. 
    • To be eligible to apply to most four-year colleges, students must complete the UC/CSU subject requirements (also known as "a-g" courses) with a C grade or higher. The UC/CSU systems and most other colleges/universities do not accept D or F grades 
    • There are ways to obtain additional class credit: 8th period adult school, CTE courses, community college courses, independent study academic courses, online coursework and private schools. Students should see their counselor before enrolling in any of these options as there are forms that need to be completed. Students may earn up to 30 credits in accredited off campus classes. (This limit does not apply to accredited off campus classes in world languages not offered at VMHS) 
    • We encourage students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades to take the PSAT in October and the PLAN in November each year. These tests can help you plan for post high school education and a career. If applying to four-year colleges, ACT and SAT I should initially be taken no later than the spring of 11th grade. Those students who are applying to highly selective colleges (UC's, etc) will need to possibly take the SAT II Subject Exams following completion of courses for which they wish to test. Register early before the deadlines 
    • There is some type of financial aid available for most students to attend any type of college, both 2 and 4 year colleges, technical and trade schools. Students should see their counselor for more details.  
Last Modified on November 30, 2016