• Computers ICT - Syllabus



    I want to welcome you and your parents to Computer/ICT.  Please read through the course information.  This semester will be filled with new learning opportunities. We can all make this a successful year for everyone.


    Course Overview:

     In the Computers ICT (Information and Communications Technology) course, students will gain the knowledge necessary to research future careers and types of higher learning opportunities (Junior colleges, Colleges and Universities, trade schools, and the Military  .).  Students not only learn about careers and colleges, but learn basic operations in Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, SWAY and PowerPoint), how to effectively use the Internet and other programs necessary for future achievement.  Computers ICT is a semester course and must be passed for the high school graduation requirement.


    $5 lab donation for printing in class and worksheets


    Course Requirements:

    • Students must demonstrate mastery of skills covered in Computers and Careers.
    • Students should be present and on time. (In the assigned seat, and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.) 
    • Students must complete classwork, projects, quizzes, and tests on time. 
    • Students will type 10 to 15 minutes daily/nightly from typingweb.com during the week  ( one hour a week is required)
    • Smile and have a positive attitude.

    Mandatory Classroom Materials

    • Spiral notebook – all work will be complete in notebook and/or glued in on the pages


    • Flash Drive - minimum 1 GB (You can purchase these or check out a flash drive from the school library)


    • Pencil and pen (All work is to be completed in pencil, blue, or black pen) 
    • Highlighter and glue stick


    Your success in this course will be in direct proportion to the time and effort you spend studying and practicing with the concepts and techniques presented. Your grade will be based upon the effort and accuracy of your performance in completing the tasks assigned. It is important you attend every day and are on task for the entire class.

    Student grades will be determined by the completion of daily work, typing, class projects, tests and quizzes on a standard percentage scale.  Grading policies are described in the assignment section.


    Computer Lab Rules and Classroom Standards


    In order to foster an environment where all students are respected and optimum learning takes place, the following Computer Lab and Classroom Standards will be utilized:

    NO food, candy, gum or drinks in the lab. It can damage the equipment. I will give detentions if you have it out. Keep the lab area clean and organized at all times (no writing on the equipment/books)

    Students will use correct opening and shut down procedures, only working at their assigned computer station.  NO logging off early.

    Inappropriate programs or web sites are prohibited. Students are not allowed to IM, use chat rooms, or watch any video sites.

    Students will use and open only those programs and files as directed by the teacher. No personal internet surfing. 

    Students are NOT allowed to download programs, non-approved games, inappropriate pictures and/or graphics. One may not transmit or receive any unauthorized material on the internet.

    Students may not change, add to, or remove anything on the desk-top or from the hard drives, programs, or files.

    Students will not listen to IPod’s and phones need to be turned your off.  Please place these items in backpacks. (Not on your body)

    Do not leave class without permission for any reason. When you leave take the pass and go to where you are supposed to go. Return promptly. Only 3 restroom passes will be given per semester. Use them wisely.  Check off your name on the board by period.

    Students will show respect to staff, students, and follow the VMHS school rules.



     Failure to follow these lab rules will result in an after school detention, suspension from the lab, or removal from class.  Parent notification will be used if continued violation of rules.  Students and parents will pay for damage resulting from misuse or theft of equipment, materials or supplies. Any disrespectful and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. VMHS discipline rules and guidelines are fully enforced in this course by the Dean of Discipline.



     Assignments will be given on a daily basis.  You must type every day when in class starts and every day when you are not in class.  Keyboarding is vital and important skill to have.  You must save you work daily.  We will be uploading work to GMAIL and Synergy online storage server.  In addition, assignments need to be saved on your flash drive as a back-up.  Please do not save on the desktop or my document folder.  Your work will be deleted.  If you lose your work, you will be required to redo the assignment or project.   If a student is absent it is their responsibility to get the assignments for the day or days you were absent, by checking to class website. If you have excused absences, you have ONE class period for each day absence to complete the missed assignment.  Excessive absences may result in the reduction of grade due to missed assignments. Assignments can be viewed and/or downloaded from my Haiku site.  INDEPENDENT ASSIGNMENTS MUST NOT BE TURNED INTO GROUP PROJECTS. This is violating Ms. MacLeod’s Classroom Standards and Vista Academic Policies. No credit will be given for the assignment and a referral will be written. 

     All assignments must be handed in on time.  Late homework is worth ½ credit and only accepted one day late. No exceptions. All test, quizzes or assignments must be made up as soon possible.  The cut off for make-up is one week after the unit is completed. 

     Notebook Checks:  Periodically your notebook will be checked for completeness and organization.  It is absolutely essential that you maintain your notebook.  Not only is it part of your grade, but success will be difficult without a complete notebook.

     It is important to know that I will make every effort to help a student pass, but ultimately the students are responsible for doing their work and getting it turned in on time. Any student who needs extra lab time needs to make arrangements with the teacher so that all work can be made up on time.

     Home and School Communication:

     If there are any questions or concerns, please email me at jmacleod@murrieta.k12.ca.us.  I can also be reached at 951-894-5750 ext 6564. I prefer e-mail because it is the quickest means of contact.  

     After reading this syllabus, please refer to the syllabus assignment, and fill in all information IN PEN.  Students return it to class for points.

     Thank you,

     Ms. MacLeod





Last Modified on February 28, 2021