• During this semester, you will be creating a variety of Personal Portfolio compositions. I will verify that you are completing these assignments regularly by collecting them after I have assigned THREE or FOUR. Once we have completed all the writing, you will organize them in a portfolio, according to the number given to each topic (NOTE: these topics will be assigned in random order.). Limit each response to one page. You may hand write or use a computer. Style is up to you (this is not required to be formatted in MLA Style).
    Friday January 25, 2013 (A) 
     Monday January 28, 2013 (B) 
     Topics 10, 2 & 9 are due today
      4. Likes / Dislikes List: Make two columns, one titled "Likes," the other "Dislikes," and list from ten to fifteen specific items in each column. Avoid naming specific classmates and teachers by generalizing. For example, "that mean teacher who's making me write an autobiography," not my name!

    Wednesday January 23, 2013 (A)
     Thursday January 24, 2013 (B) 
    9. Room Sweet Room: We are territorial animals, instinctively seeking a place we can call our own. The rooms we live in and how we decorate them are as revealing as our clothing. Examine your own room and all the things that make it uniquely yours. Describe the room, not just by listing the things in it, but by conveying the feelings you have for the room and the items in it.
    Friday January 18, 2013 (A)
     Tuesday January 22, 2013 (B) 
      2. What's in a Name? Names are an integral part of who we are. They shape our sense of who we are. Explore your feelings about "the unity between [your]self and [your] name." Are these the names you would have chosen for yourself? Surname, middle name, Christian name? Is there a story behind your naming? Someone famous, a family member, weird initials? Does your name have symbolic meaning? Is it ethnic or historic or literary? Did your parents consider other names? In short, how do you live with your name?
    Monday January 14, 2013 (A)
     Tuesday January 15, 2013 (B) 

    10. Personal Metaphors: Make a list of metaphorical comparisons. Think, "If I were an animal, what kind of animal would I be?" For each item, write the general label and then your specific comparison. Be realistic, be somewhat honest, and be able to explain your choices. Don't say you are a rose, if you're really a daisy.



    1. Animal
    2. Car
    3. Article of Clothing
    4. Day of the Week
    5. Food
    6. Color
    7. Movie
    8. Fragrance
    9. Type of Building
    10. Plant



    11. Musical Instrument
    12. Geometric Shape
    13. Piece of Furniture
    14. Song
    15. Season of the Year
    16. Television Character
    17. Cartoon or Comic Character
    18. Appliance or Machinery
    19. Natural Phenomenon
    20. Word



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